Will Pokemon Go Shutting Down in 2024? Details Inside

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Pokémon Go is a super popular mobile game where you catch, battle, and trade virtual creatures in the real world using your phone. It’s been downloaded over a billion times and made a ton of money for its creator, Niantic. The game has a big fan base, and people love exploring new places, meeting others, and joining events. But as it gets close to its eighth anniversary in 2024, some fans are worried it might end soon. They’re afraid Niantic might close the game, stop adding new stuff, or lose the right to use the Pokémon name. This worry isn’t baseless, as other games like Dr. Mario World and Plants vs. Zombies 2 got shut down due to similar issues. So, is Pokémon Go really ending in 2024? We’ll look into the rumors and tell you what might happen to the game and its fans.

Alert: Pokemon Go Ending in 2024 ?– Here’s What We Know

The Game is Still Alive: Pokemon Go was a huge success when it launched, but it is still going on. The game is earning a lot of money and people are still enjoying it. It is one of the best games on the Play Store and it has more players than other games. Pokemon Go is very valuable for Niantic, the company that developed it. It brings in more money than their other games.

The Game is Still Earning Money: The money that Pokemon Go brings in is a good reason why it will not shut down. The game has many fans who spend money on it. The game is ready to face the challenges of the next year, even the risk of 2024. It would be a silly thing for Niantic to stop the game that makes them so wealthy.

The Niantic Change: A Sign of Doubt

New Plan – A Surprise in the Story: But, something surprising happened on June 29, 2023, when Niantic said they had a big new plan. The boss of Niantic, John Hanke, said they were closing their LA office, and that meant two games had to stop: NBA All-World and Marvel: World of Heroes. This big decision made 230 Niantic workers lose their jobs, which was a lot of people who worked there.

Big Growth and Shrinkage: It was strange, because some games had to stop because of the sickness, but Pokemon Go made more money during that time. This made Niantic hire more people and make more games. But, after the sickness was over, they made less money, like before the sickness. This made Hanke change his plan.

Is Pokemon Go Shutting down in 2024?  Hanke’s Promise: Pokemon Go is Important

The short answer is: No, it won’t. Niantic, the company behind Pokemon Go, and its CEO, John Hanke, have made it clear that the game will continue beyond 2024. They’re dedicated to making Pokemon Go a “forever game,” always growing and getting better. Hanke emphasized this commitment in a recent update, stating

The main goal is to make Pokemon Go healthy and growing as a game that never ends. Even though we changed some things in the Pokemon Go team, we are still putting more money and people into the game and the team.

This shows that Niantic is still putting effort and people into Pokemon Go. Even though they closed their LA studio and let go of 230 employees in 2023, they haven’t reduced the Pokemon Go team’s size or budget. Instead, they’ve hired new team members, increased their global presence, and teamed up with groups like the United Nations and the Knight Foundation to use Pokemon Go for positive social impact.

Conclusion: Pokemon Go is Tough and Has a Bright Future

To end, Pokemon Go will not close in 2024. The game is still going strong and has a bright future. Niantic is committed to supporting and expanding Pokemon Go as a long-lasting game, with no plans to stop. There’s still a lot of potential for improvement, and Niantic has many ideas and projects in the works to make it even better. Pokemon Go has a large fan base and an active community of players who love the game. It’s not just a game; it’s a phenomenon that has changed the gaming world and beyond. As long as there are Pokemon fans and passionate Niantic employees, Pokemon Go will keep growing and bringing joy for years to come.

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