Friday Night Funkin: Download Whitty and Carol Date Week FNF Mod (Link Inside)

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The Date Week (Whitty and Carol), a newly released mod for Friday Night Funkin’, will highlight the charming relationship between two of the game’s most famous Crazy Friends. One of the hottest mod to hit the market in recent months was the result of a collaborative effort between several game developers. Download the Whitty and Carol Friday Night Funkin’ mod now for free to try. It is one of the cutest mods ever, and a lot of FNF fans are absolutely in love with it.

The latest MOD, which adds three new game tracks, is an excellent piece of work done by FNF. We see Whitty as quite nervous and timid at first during the date between Carol and Whitty, which happens at three different locations (one location for each song), but he becomes more confident as the two proceed.

Here is a guide that will show you how to download & install Whitty and Carol Friday Night Funkin’ mod yourself.

Whitty and Carol Date Week FNF Mod (Demo): What are the new features in this mod

Even though its development dates back to Whitty’s MOD, FNF The Date is well-thought-out in many ways. This week’s MOD aims to offer us the best new experience to kick off this amazing new week.

Other characters from the game’s history will be featured as the background for each song. Identify them all, we challenge you. Players should take advantage of the mod’s extensive list of characters and special cameos, as it is one of the best mods out there.

  1. The game has a new full week (an extra special week).
  2. There are 3 new songs to be performed by Whitty and Carol in DUO.
  3. New backgrounds are available.
  4. There are several special characters and cameos.

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Guide: – How to Download Whitty & Carol Date Week FNF Mod

Please see below for guides on installing the latest Whitty and Carol date week fnf mod.

  1. To play Whitty & Carol, you must first download all necessary modded files & assets. Click here to download the files or search for the mod on Google.
  2. You will need to extract the .zip archive into a folder or onto your desktop once you have downloaded the files. In just a few minutes, you’ll have a folder stuffed full of modded files.
  3. Open the “Kade Engine” application from the directory. By developer Kade, this is a remake of the FNF game. Same functionality, but with improvements to the user experience.
  4. The game will load after some time. Now that the Whitty & Carol Date Week mod has been installed, you have access to the three new songs.

Those are the details about Whitty & Carol mod on FNF. Whitty’s departure will be greatly missed by the community. FNF’s community of modders is very active & supportive of each individual. Until next time, here’s to more amazing FNF mods.

Download Link for PC: – Whitty and Carol Date Week FNF Mod

Download FNF Whitty & Carol Date APK

A lot of well-known and popular MODs get an unofficial port for Android, and this wonderful MOD is no exception. Our Android mobile devices can now take part in the date between Whitty and Carol thanks to FNF The Date APK. This Android version of MOD is now available to download.

Whitty & Carol Date Week Android Port offers all of the fun features of FNF Mobile, so you can enjoy playing the game conveniently on your touchscreen device. If these small improvements weren’t made to the mobile version, it wouldn’t be very enjoyable or convenient to play.

Final Thoughts

That’s all it takes to play the Whitty & Carol FNF mod. Thanks for reading this guide. This guide will hopefully prove useful for you. Feel free to leave a comment below if you have questions or concerns.

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