What Do Horses Eat In Minecraft? Complete List of Good Horse Food

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There isn’t any question that Minecraft is an incredibly popular game in the gaming world, especially among fans of sandboxes. When Minecraft was first released in 2011, it just took a few months for it to go viral and become the biggest selling game. A multi-award-winning game, Minecraft has been called “the most influential game of all time”.

It has been also reported that the game has been used during graduation ceremonies, among other special occasions. As a part of deal Microsoft acquired Mojang and the Minecraft rights for $2.5 billion in 2014. It has grown in popularity ever since due to its diverse market, great community and annual events.

By 2020, the game had sold more than 180 million copies and boasted 112 million monthly players. The terrain of Minecraft is critical to many aspects of the game, including ranching. As we go through the essentials of the Minecraft world, we will discover ranching.

This guide will answer all the questions about “what do horses eat in Minecraft” that you may have as we all wonder what horses eat in the game. In this article, you will learn “what do horses eat in Minecraft”. Take a look at everything so you are a step ahead.

Ranching in Minecraft

It’s quite necessary to farm in Minecraft, also because it’s a good source of building materials, food, and companionship while exploring the world of blocks. Having built their bases, Minecraft players tend to construct farms and ranches as a way to secure a steady food supply. It is possible to tame wild animals or lease them to ranches with fences so that they can’t escape. For survival purposes, you can keep the following Minecraft mobs:

  • Cows: Provide raw beef and leather. In addition to milking and baking them, they can be used as antidotes.
  • Chickens: Provide the raw chicken, feathers, and eggs. There’s a 12.5% chance of creating a new chicken by throwing eggs on the ground.
  • Sheep: She delivers raw mutton chops and wool. Colors can be added to decorate it.
  • Rabbits: Provide rabbit hide, rabbit foot, and raw rabbit
  • Horses: Provide a fast mode of transportation on land.

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What Do Horses Eat In Minecraft?

The world of Minecraft is constantly expanding, requiring you to cover large distances to collect resources from one area to another. You can traverse the vast areas of Minecraft on foot, but a horse is a much more comfortable way of traveling.

Since Minecraft spawns you in a completely random world every time you play a new campaign, getting a horse to ride through this vast expanse will make sense.

Taming a horse in Minecraft can have its perks, but you will need to learn what horses eat in order to keep them at your side.

In Minecraft, horses are just like the real thing, and they will eat anything that they come across. There are many different foods to feed your horse to make it built for specific purposes, and each has its own buff, so you can choose depending on what you need.

You will get 0.5 health if you feed sugar to your horses, but grow time will be reduced by 30 seconds and temper will be enhanced by 3.

You can replenish a horse’s health by feeding his or her health wheat, but it will cut down on his/her growth by 20 seconds and increase his/her temper by 3.

Fruits such as apples are stable and predictable among other food items, which makes it a good choice for feeding. Apples can boost your health by as much as 3.

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In Minecraft, you can feed your horse apples that are higher quality. Providing your horse with a Golden Apple will instantly boost your health by 10 points. In addition, the growth reduction time increases to 4 minutes when tempers reach 10. By doing this, you will have access to the “Love Mode”.

The Golden Carrot is another option for enabling “Love Mode.” The second way is slightly more subtle but still effectively increases health by 4 points and reduces growth time by 1 minute. Golden Carrot has proven very popular among Minecraft players who use it to feed their horses. Additionally, the temper will increase by 5.

The last item is the Hay Bale, which in Minecraft gives you a health boost of 20 immediately and reduces the growth time by 3 minutes without a temper tantrum.

The following are the best food items for horses in Minecraft. Visit us here on themrpc.com to learn about the best Minecraft mods.

Good horse feed

To return to the main topic, what do horses eat in Minecraft? In a nutshell, a horse would eat anything they were normally used to in the real world. When horses are fed, their behavior can be altered, and even they can grow bigger. Here is a list of eligible foods for horses, as well as their effects:

  • Apple: Provide heals 3 health, reduces growth time by 1 minute, increases 3 tempers
  • Golden Apple: Increase heals 10 health, reduces growth time by 4 minutes, increases 10 tempers, enable “Love Mode”
  • Golden Carrot: Adds heals 4 health, reduces growth time by 1 minute, increases 5 tempers, enable “Love Mode”
  • Hay bale: Max heals 20 health, reduces growth time by 3 minutes.
  • Sugar: It heals 0.5 health, reduces growth time by 30 seconds, increases 3 tempers
  • Wheat: It heals 1 health, reduces growth time by 20 seconds, increases 3 tempers

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