Warm Snow Update Patch Notes Details, November 23, 2022

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BadMudStudio has now released Warm Snow Update Patch Notes today and here is the complete list of what’s new!

This update includes a backup of save data which you can use to restore your game. Also, some bug fixes, experience adjustments and known issues.

The following sections cover all the relevant information regarding the Warm Snow patch notes for Update If you wish to download and install this patch immediately, you can do so directly from Steam.

Find the more details below, check it out.

Warm Snow Update Patch Notes Details, November 23, 2021

Here are the official patch notes for Warm Snow Update that is now rolling out to all the supported platforms of the game:

New Concent:
1. Added backup save data
Save data:C:\Users\name of computer\AppData\LocalLow\BadMudStudio\WarmSnow
Backup save data1:C:\Users\name of compute\AppData\LocalLow\BadMudStudio\WarmSnow\save_bak
Backup save data2:how to find it↓

We are trying to save the losing save data problem, sorry for the inconvenience, if there is still this kind of issues, please use the save data in Backup save data

Bug Fixes:

1. Fixed the issue of losing achievements.
2. Fixed the problem of stuck when using ThunderGod’s skill.
3. Fixed the problem that the Excalibur [anChuan (Impossible Excalibur)] will trigger Ice Blade continuously.
4. Fixed the problem that the Herbal would not be reset when you back to the temple.
5. Optimized Some performance.
6. Fixed the problem that players can steer by Consort Jade and go to the next room.
7. Fixed the problem that some relics and Excalibur can’t be picked up.
8. Fixed map display issues around Tiger’s Chapter boss.
9. Fixed an issue where installing a virtual controller would cause the start menu to keep flashing.

Experience Adjustments:

1. Blue souls can be picked up automatically.

Known problems

1. Losing save data after restarting the computer, red point suddenly disappear, old save click to start the game and enter the tutorial .
2. Some achievements are not available after completion.
3. Turtle chapter BOSS stage 2 has a chance to knock the player out of the map.
4.Players can only deal 1 damage, and can only deal high damage after hitting your opponent out of the “break” spell.
5. Some bosses can still receive Debuff damage even after they go underground.


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