V Rising Private Server Settings Editor To Make It More Enjoyable

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So you want to play on private server, but can never get your settings right. If you use a private server, then you’re probably looking for ways to make it more enjoyable. But there are so many small setting changes you could make, it’s hard to keep track of if they all work together. This might be a big help to those willing to learn to use it. Here is the quick guide on downloading and using V Rising private server settings editor. It is a program that helps you change settings on a private server and written in python, html, css, and JS. You can run it as a python program or with the binary on github. It is not finished yet, but I hope it helps.

You’ve got 2 options to work with here, the first being for the player hosting their own server using source codes or the second option use the executable file and run it.

Here is the Video Guide For V Rising Private Server Settings Editor

Download On GitHub

Download And Run The Source Code

Keep in mind you will need python installed on your computer to run the source code.

  • While on the page linked above, click the green “Code” button
  • Now click on “Download ZIP”
  • Unzip the file wherever you’d like
  • Now we need to get eel, open your CMD
  • run this command: “pip install eel”

Once that command finishes, you can run “main.py” and you’ve successfully ran this from source.

Download And Run The Executable

You do not need any extra software to run the executable.

  • While on the page linked above, click the “Releases” button on the right
  • Select the latest release ~ “Early Access with 50 dollars of DLC” at the time of writing this
  • select main.zip unless you’d prefer to run the source
  • Open up the zip that was downloaded, and drag the folder to a location of your choice

You can now run the exe file and start editing your server.


So there you have it, in a nutshell. You now have the power to edit and change your private server settings on V Rising. V Rising game Masters wishes you the best luck on your journey in the game. Go out there and have fun!

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