Tribes of Midgard: How To Unlock All Hidden Classes | Complete Guide

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It’s pretty hard to find a multiplayer survival game like Tribes of Midgard among the dozens of other titles in this category. Gamers can explore the world in numerous different ways thanks to the different classes and playstyles available in the game.

At the start of the game, depending on your preferences, you can select either the Ranger class or the Warriors class. In long-range combat, the Ranger excels, while the Warrior is better at close-quarter engagements and has higher defense. Furthermore, there are six additional classes available in the game to choose from.

This survival ARPG has 6 hidden classes: Berserker, Guardian, Hunter, Seer, Sentinel, and Warden. Ranger and Warrior are unlocked as soon as you begin playing the game. This article explains how to unlock the six hidden classes in Tribes of Midgard for players who wish to complete the game completely.

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Tribes of Midgard: How To Unlock All Hidden Classes

The first thing you have to do is choose between the Ranger and the Warrior classes. This is how you can unlock the Berserker, Guardian, Hunter, Seer, Sentinel, and Warden classes.


Once you unlock the Berserker class in Tribes of Midgard, you will be able to deliver the greatest damage. As a Berserker, you have the ability to do heavy damage and stun your enemies. You can also resist slow and stun attack effects. In order to unlock the Berserker, you need to defeat 20 enemies within 10 seconds in a world. Our suggestion is to pull and group weak enemies, and then go to town.


The Guardian is the tank class in Tribes of Midgard, capable of blocking incoming attacks and supporting their teammates with boosted attack stats. The Guardian in Tribes of Midgard can be unlocked once three (3) Jötnar have been defeated.


If you want to unlock the Hunter class in your current game world, you will need to activate all Shrines in the world.

With the ability to set decoys and traps, the hunter has excellent versatility. Recall Totem, however, allows allies to respawn after death, which is the feature that makes it so useful.


It is a healer class, able to heal fallen allies and to set traps in order to control crowds. As soon as you defeat your first Jotun spawn, you will be able to use Bifröst in your town. Your glorious rewards can only be obtained when you return to Valhalla with the Bifröst. After you have completed this process 10 times in Tribes of Midgard, you can unlock the Seer class. If you use the Bifröst, the game will end.


Bringing along a few friends and doing a little practice may make it easier for you to unlock the Warden class as you only have to survive for 15 days.

Wardens aren’t amazing at combat but they can fast-travel to villages, trade souls, and do a lot more crafting than other Tribes of Midgard classes.


Players will need to block 25 attacks within 10 seconds in Tribes of Midgard to unlock the Sentinel class. Our suggestion is to pull a number of smaller, weaker enemies and use a shield to protect yourself from their attacks while you unlock the Sentinel class.

Sentinels are also tanks, but they have a unique ability to regenerate their health and can stun enemies to death.

That’s it. Now you know what you need to do to unlock each of the “hidden” classes in Tribes of Midgard. I wish you good luck, Vikings! Because some of these are quite challenging!

Tribes Of Midgard ClassUnlock RequirementsDescription
RangerIt has already been unlocked.Using their bows is a skill that only Rangers can master. The precision and speed are unbeatable.
WarriorIt has already been unlocked.These are highly skilled combatants. They possess the ability to cast spells and use melee weapons easily.
BerserkerTo unlock this class, defeat 20 enemy players in 10 seconds in World (Saga mode).This class is all about explosive fighters who are ready for any challenge they face. They won't let their opponents get away. When you have Berserker, you can inflict great damage on enemies, and stun enemies without being affected by their stun effects.
GuardianDefeat three Jotnar to unlock this class (in Saga mode).As defenders, they will protect their allies with due diligence, like a mother hen. It will be possible for you to block heavy attacks from your enemies.
HunterActivating all the Shrines in a World (Saga mode) is the key to unlocking the class of these cunning explorers.While being stealthy, you'll be able to track and trap your target with this class. As far as respawning is concerned, Recall Totems are another way for hunters to respawn after death.
SeerYou can unlock this class if you exit 10 Worlds with the Bifrost (Saga mode).Your allies will be stronger with this class and your enemies will be weakened.
SentinelTo unlock this class, you need to block 25 attacks within 10 seconds in a World (Saga Mode).Warriors known as Sentinels are masters of the shield. The skills they possess in blocking, parrying, and striking set them apart.
WardenIf you want to unlock this class, you should survive in a World (Saga mode) for longer than Day 15.Wardens are master navigators and travelers. It's great for trading, crafting, etc.

I hope that’s helped you find how to unlock Tribes of Midgard’s hidden classes. Berserker and Sentinel are most likely going to take the longest to unlock due to the requirements.

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