The Riftbreaker: Simple Guide To Upgrade Multiple Items At Once

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If you’re a fan of survival games and open-world RPGS, then Riftbreaker is a union of both styles for you to enjoy. With its seamless space exploration and strategic base building features, it’s a deep and engrossing experience that can be overwhelming for any new player. Luckily, guides and tips are available to help you along your journey.

The Riftbreaker advances an entirely new genre. The game features a crossover between a base-building survival game and a space exploration game with hack & slash RPG action elements. This game is a sci-fi strategy title developed and published by EXOR Studios. The game challenges players to expand and build colonies in a distant and hostile world. EXOR Studios have use used new Schmetterling 2.0 engine to enrich the graphics of this new strategy base-building survival game.

Ashley S. Nowak is known as the Riftbreaker, is a scientist/commando equipped with a powerful Mecha-Suit to allow her to perform difficult tasks with ease. Players choose from the advanced role of Ashley S. Nowak and her advanced Mecha-Suit. The suit enhances player skills and abilities, allowing players to perform better than without the suit.

The Mecha-suit is one of the main gameplay elements in The Riftbreaker. One-way portals lead players to the distant planet Galatea 37, where they can complete missions. This suits provide players with the ability to survive such harsh conditions.

Building Bases Is An Integral Part Of Riftbreaker’s Gameplay

The game also requires the player to build a base on distant planets. Bases are needed for colonizing planets and creating different technologies within the game. In the same way, technology bases enable players to create devices & technologies that allow them to return to Earth.

In this manner, the story progresses when the player visits distant planets and expands his colonies. Additionally, combat & strategic base management play a significant role in the core gameplay. In this way, the progression system and story are seamlessly integrated into the game’s RPG mechanics.

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Check Out Riftbreaker On GeForce Now

For people who have a low-end PC and want to become gamers, GeForce Now is the way to go. As a result, gamers with GeForce Now subscriptions are capable of running heavy games over the Internet at excellent frame rates.

Now that the game is available through GeForce Now, players can play The Riftbreaker over the cloud.

The Riftbreaker: How To Upgrade Multiple Buildings

If you are using a controller, press ‘UP’ on the D-Pad or ‘G’ on your keyboard. Once you choose multiple buildings that need upgrading, simply Click and Drag.

Currently, the game is available on a variety of platforms, including Xbox Series X/S, Windows PC, and PlayStation 5. Xbox Game Pass subscribers will also have access to the game on day one.

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