The Riftbreaker Game Pass Version Getting Auto Save Error 2147483647: How to fix it

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EXOR Studios isn’t afraid to take on new challenges. Their latest game, Riftbreaker, is an innovative survival game. The Rift Breaker is a newly released title from the developer EXOR Studios. Various genres and other gameplay elements combine in the game to create a unique mash-up. Furthermore, an appealing aspect of the game is the integration of Action-RPG elements. Various consoles, including Xbox Series X/S, Windows PC, and the PlayStation 5, are compatible with the game. Additionally, it is available via Xbox Game Pass. However, RiftBreaker Game Pass Version Auto Save Error 2147483647 Troubling Players. We are writing this article primarily for Xbox Game Pass members experiencing failures in their games, which ends with the error “name error -2147483647.”.

Brief Summary of The Riftbreaker

Meet Ashley S. Nowak, captain of the ship, The Riftbreaker, and elite scientist/commando. In The Riftbreaker, players engage in intense co-op battles to fight back enemies. So, in addition to being a scientist and a commando, you wear a powerful Mecha-Suit while taking on missions and waging battles. You also get powerful advantages and benefits from the Mecha-Suit. In the game, players can visit a one-way portal to the planet Galatea 37 in order to embark on missions.

There is a hostile planet called Galatea 37 located far to the far edge of the Milky Way Galaxy. On the same note, players are assigned a task on another planet. Player’s main task in the game is to expand colonization.

As part of the game, players must build a base that enables them to return to Earth. Through colonizing and fighting strategically, players progress through the story. Aside from that, the progression system and story of the game perfectly fit its RPG elements.

The Riftbreaker Game Pass Auto Save Error 2147483647

This article is primarily about the Xbox Game Pass issue where some fans are experiencing a game failure that ends with the error “name error -2147483647” in their game.

Players have complained about the following:

How To Fix The Auto Save Problem In Riftbreaker

Currently, the game’s developers are aware of the problem and are working on fixing it. In the meantime, some players have developed a workaround. Simply change the language in the settings to English.

Keep an eye on to find out when official patches and fixes are available.

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