The Finals Update 1.3.0 (PS5 Version 1.000.004) Patch Notes Details: Explore What’s New

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The latest update, version 1.000.004, has been released for The Finals, marking the arrival of patch version 1.3.0—Season 1’s inaugural patch! This update brings with it a plethora of enhancements to improve your overall gaming experience and address various issues. Dive into the patch notes for The Finals update to discover the exciting changes and fixes introduced in this latest release.

The Finals Update 1.3.0 (PS5 Version 1.000.004) Patch Notes Details: Explore What’s New

Quality-of-Life Improvements

The essence of Finals Update 1.3.0 is all about making your gaming experience better with lots of improvements that make life in the game easier. One significant change that players are really happy about is the fix for a long-standing problem in Vegas – now, doors won’t play tricks on you by opening in the wrong direction. Just picture the annoyance of strolling through the vibrant streets and getting stuck because a door decided to be difficult. Now, that issue has been sorted out, and everyone is breathing a sigh of relief.

Size Matters: 1GB (PS5)

Before diving into the details of the patch notes, let’s pause for a second and recognize the significant scale of this update. It’s a massive 1GB for the PS5 version, highlighting the extensive improvements and optimizations included. This suggests a game-changing experience awaits players.

Leaderboard Visibility Enhancement

In response to player feedback, the update introduces a feature that has been long-awaited – the ability to view your actual position in the leaderboards after completing a ranked match. This seemingly small addition has a significant impact on the competitive aspect of the game, allowing players to gauge their performance and track their progress more effectively.

Unranked Tournament Tweaks

The requirements for participating in unranked tournaments have undergone a substantial adjustment, reducing the number of required matches from 12 to 6. This change streamlines the entry process, making it more accessible for players to engage in the thrill of unranked competitions. It’s a strategic move to balance the competitive landscape and encourage more widespread participation.

Social Screen Revitalization

Another noteworthy highlight of the update is the restoration of functionality to the Recent tab in the social screen. Players can now seamlessly access and navigate through recent activities, fostering a sense of community within the gaming environment. This enhancement contributes to a more social and interconnected gaming experience, a testament to the developers’ commitment to community-building.

Crash Instances Resolved

Technical stability is paramount in delivering an immersive gaming experience. The Finals Update 1.3.0 addresses this by rectifying several instances of crashes reported by players. The commitment to fixing these bugs demonstrates the developers’ dedication to ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted gaming experience for players, eliminating potential frustration points.

Refinement in Movement Animation

A key aspect of any gaming experience lies in the fluidity of character movement, and the Finals Update 1.3.0 introduces animation improvements to enhance the overall feel. These refinements bring the movement closer to the Obsidian Blade experience, aligning the game more closely with the developer’s vision. Players can expect a more immersive and responsive experience as they navigate through the dynamic landscapes of The Finals.

Doors of Vegas: A Sigh of Relief

In bustling Vegas, players used to get frustrated with confusing doors, but the latest update fixes that. Now, doors won’t throw players off by opening the wrong way, thanks to the developers’ careful work based on player feedback. It’s a smooth gaming experience without door dilemmas!

Hold Interactions Uninterrupted

Engaging in hold interactions while on the move has been a point of contention for players. The update addresses this concern by ensuring that hold interactions started while moving will no longer be prematurely interrupted. This seemingly subtle fix contributes to the overall fluidity of gameplay, allowing players to execute actions seamlessly, even in the midst of dynamic in-game scenarios.


In short, the Finals Update 1.3.0 (PS5 Version 1.000.004) showcases the developers’ dedication to enhancing the gaming experience. This patch brings a bunch of improvements, bug fixes, and new features to make The Finals even better. As you dive into Season 1, get ready for a more exciting and immersive gaming adventure. The update is here to make the Finals more thrilling than they’ve ever been. So, fellow gamers, buckle up for an even more exhilarating experience!

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