The Finals Tier List: All The Best Classes To Play

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The highly anticipated title The Finals from Embark Studios has finally launched, marking an exciting new contender in the competitive shooter genre. With three distinct classes to choose from – Heavy, Medium, and Light – players have been experimenting to determine which class gives them the best chance at securing victory. In this article, we will analyze each class’s unique abilities, weapon selection, and gadgets to provide a definitive tier list ranking of the strongest classes to play in The Finals.

The Finals Tier List: All The Best Classes To Play

Heavy Class – Balanced Build Potential

The Heavy class in The Finals is a tough contender, offering both durability and damage. With a range of abilities, weapons, and gadgets, players can customize their Heavy for frontline action or supporting the team.

Abilities like Charge’N’Slam deliver powerful melee hits, Goo Gun controls areas, and Mesh Shield provides survival. Heavy’s weapon options include shotguns, explosives, and other choices like the M60 and Flamethrower. Gadgets like Barricades, RPG-7 launchers, and C4 charges add extra impact. While well-balanced, Heavy doesn’t excel in any specific area.

This class is equipped with 3 special abilities, 6 weapons, and 12 gadgets. Let’s start by exploring the abilities:

1. Charge’N’Slam
2. Goo Gun
3. Mesh Shield

Regrettably, the Goo Gun doesn’t significantly impact your gameplay. It’s advisable to lean towards Mesh Shield for a defensive strategy or opt for Charge’N’Slam for a melee-focused approach.

Moving on to the weaponry at your disposal:

1. M60
2. Sledgehammer
3. Flamethrower
4. Lewis Gun
5. MGL32 (Grenade Launcher)
6. SA1216 (Shotgun)

With the exception of the Lewis Gun, all the weapons are effective, depending on your chosen playstyle.

Now, let’s delve into the gadget options you should consider:

1. Barricade
2. RPG-7
3. C4
4. Dome Shield

Selecting the right combination of abilities, weapons, and gadgets will enhance your overall performance.

Medium Class – The Flexible Swiss Army Knife

Moving up to the Medium class, players get a super adaptable kit in The Finals. With multi-use abilities and gadgets, Medium works great as a versatile team player.

For abilities, Medium uses a Healing Beam to help teammates, a Guardian Turret for defense, and Recon Senses for tracking enemies. The Healing Beam is crucial for keeping the offense going, and the Guardian Turret controls areas well. However, Recon Senses isn’t as impressive.

When it comes to weapons, Medium has practical choices like the AKM assault rifle, R.357 magnum pistol, FCAR submachine gun, Model 1887 shotgun, and a Riot Shield for protection. Unfortunately, the CL-40 grenade launcher isn’t as good as other options.

To round out their versatile gear, Medium uses handy gadgets like the Defibrillator for reviving, APS Sentry Turret for extra firepower, Sonar Grenades to track enemies, and Glitch Traps to mess with foes. All in all, Medium is the go-to flexible team player for squad support.

This class comes equipped with 3 unique abilities, 6 weapons, and an array of 15 gadgets. Let’s delve into the abilities first:

1. Healing Beam
2. Guardian Turret
3. Recon Senses

When it comes to Recon Senses, it falls short compared to the other two. Opting for Healing Beam leans towards a supportive role, while Guardian Turret gears you up for a more aggressive approach.

Now, let’s explore the weaponry available:

1. AKM
2. R.357 (Pistol Sniper)
3. CL-40 (Grenade Launcher)
5. Model 1887 (Shotgun)
6. Riot Shield

The CL-40 doesn’t synergize well with the class, so your best bet is any of the remaining five guns, depending on your preferred playstyle.

In the gadget department, it’s advisable to stick with the following:

1. Defibrillator
2. APS Turret
3. Sonar Grenade
4. Glitch Trap

These gadgets will prove to be the most effective choices for maximizing the potential of this class.

Light Class – S Tier for Lethality

Finally, let’s talk about the Light class. It’s super fast and hits hard, living up to its name. With moves that outsmart enemies and a bunch of powerful weapons like pistols, shotguns, and rifles, Lights are total game-changers in The Finals. They can quickly reposition with Evasive Dash, climb up with Grappling Hook, and go invisible with the Cloaking Device.

These moves work great together with Light’s focus on speed and stealth. Weapons like the M11 pistol, SH1900 shotgun, and more give them lots of ways to take down enemies before slipping away. And they’ve got gadgets like Breach Charges and Flashbangs to specialize their strategy. All in all, the Light class is top-tier thanks to its crazy speed, deadly weapons, and sneaky tricks.

This class boasts three impressive abilities, eight formidable weapons, and eleven versatile gadgets. Let’s delve into the capabilities starting with the unique skills:

1. Evasive Dash
2. Grappling Hook
3. Cloaking Device

These abilities are a game-changer, enhancing either mobility or the art of disappearing to gain a strategic advantage in tricky skirmishes.

Now, turning our attention to the arsenal at the class’s disposal:

1. M11
2. SH1900 (Sawed-Off Shotgun)
3. SR-84
4. Sword
5. Dagger
6. LH1
7. V9S
8. XP-54 (SMG)

Every weapon packs a punch, and your choice depends on the playstyle you fancy. The Light class excels at singling out targets, delivering a substantial amount of damage in a short span.

When it comes to gadgets, the following options are recommended, but keep in mind their suitability varies based on the map and opponents:

1. Breach Charge
2. Flashbang
3. Goo Grenade
4. Pyro Grenade
5. Glitch Grenade

These gadgets serve specific roles, offering flexibility depending on the battlefield and your adversary.

The Verdict: Prioritize Light and Medium

In The Finals, Light stands out as the top choice with superb mobility and damage. Medium follows closely, excelling in flexibility and team help. While Heavy has its merits, it struggles against the specialized Light and well-rounded Medium. Still, skill matters most, and Heavy isn’t useless. Ultimately, Light and Medium have unique advantages, so consider them for the best shot in the game.

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