THE FINALS Surpasses 10 Million Players Mark In Two Weeks Of Launch

The impressive player milestone shows strong early success, but maintaining momentum is key for live service games.

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Embark Studios’ new team-based action game The Finals has hit a massive milestone just two weeks after launch, accruing over 10 million players globally. The Stockholm-based developer shared the news in a celebratory thank you post on X on December 22, praising the community response and reception to their debut title.

While specific console numbers weren’t provided, Steam data shows The Finals has remained popular on PC. The average concurrent player count has consistently stayed above 100,000 players, peaking around 140,000 at times and cementing its position as a top 20 best-selling game on the platform. The Finals is standing strong beside juggernauts like The Sims 4 and The Elder Scrolls Online.

Quickly attracting millions demonstrates The Finals’ strengths.

Reaching 10 million players in such a short period indicates The Finals has successfully captured gamers’ attention with its stylish art direction, frenetic team-based gameplay and approachable crafting system. As an original IP, gaining this level of interest right off the bat is an impressive achievement for Embark and provides a solid foundation to build upon in 2024.

But maintaining engagement long-term poses challenges.

While celebrating the early success is warranted, the crucial next step is retaining players in the long run. Live service multiplayer titles often see sharp drop-offs in participation after the initial launch window ends. Without regular content updates and events, player interest can rapidly decline. So the question is: how will Embark keep The Finals feeling fresh in 2024?

So far, the studio has focused on post-launch patches to fix technical issues and improve matchmaking. New gameplay modes, maps, weapons or other substantial additions have yet to be detailed. According to creative director Gustav Tilleby, Embark is cautiously holding off on publicly committing to specific roadmap content to avoid disappointing players if plans change.

Careful content rollout will be key to sustaining popularity.

While this patient approach is understandable, introducing new features and events will be essential to keeping The Finals engaging long-term. The development team faces the challenging balancing act of crafting an alluring content roadmap while being realistic about timelines and scope. If Embark can consistently deliver fun new experiences that highlight the game’s strengths in 2024, The Finals has a good chance of maintaining its flourishing community.

With 10 million players under its belt, The Finals is off to an impressive start. But the hard work of retaining that audience and building on that foundation is just beginning. If Embark makes smart decisions in 2024, its fledgling franchise could become a multiplayer mainstay for years to come. The next few months will be crucial.

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