The Callisto Protocol Update 1.15 Brings New Dismemberment Feature- Check Out the Latest Update Details! April 18

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Gamers, rejoice! The popular horror game, The Callisto Protocol, has just released its latest update 1.15, version 5.01, which includes a highly anticipated feature called Dismemberment Mode. This gruesome addition allows players to dismember their enemies limb by limb, adding a new level of excitement and horror to the already terrifying gameplay.

The Callisto Protocol Update 1.15 Patch Notes [v. 5.01] Details, April 18:

Released on April 18, 2023, the update introduces the highly anticipated Dismemberment Mode to the game. This new feature allows players to experience the thrill of taking their enemies apart limb by limb, delivering a truly spine-chilling experience. However, it should be noted that players cannot earn campaign achievements or trophies while playing in Dismemberment Mode.

In addition to Dismemberment Mode, the update also includes a global feature that allows players to skip cutscenes. This is a welcome addition for gamers who prefer to jump straight into the action without having to sit through lengthy cutscenes.

While no bug fixes are mentioned in the patch notes, players can look forward to more exciting content coming their way. The Riot Bundle and new story content are set to launch later this year, adding even more excitement to the already popular game.

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