Oppo Mesh Talk, No Need of Mobile Network to Talk

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What is the basic need to make communication between two people those are distant from each other? A Phone, an internet connection, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth… Right? What if we tell you that you can communicate with those without the need of any Network. Oh Yeah..!!  It is Oppo Mesh Talk for you.

Oppo Mesh Talk

Oppo, Chinese consumer electronics and mobile communication company and also the subsidiary of BBK Electronics China come with a new technology called Mesh Talk that let people talk without the need of any mobile network. But, the requirement is that people have to be under 3 kilometers range. You do not require any kind of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi connection for it. You can also do a group chat with peoples by AD HOC Local area network. Users also can send texts, voice messages, etc.

Oppo introduces this technology Mobile World Congress MWC in Shanghai. According to the Oppo official blog post Mesh Talk uses a custom chip ” take advantage as of decentralization, greater speed, and lower power consumption”. The company claims that this app does not have how much effect on battery life and have a 72-hour standby mode. It will be very useful full in an emergency when their battery low on power.

Privacy On Oppo Mesh Talk

When it comes to privacy, Mesh Talk is also has a high level of privacy according to Oppo as it is able to bypass base station and service. The company says People have not to worry about their privacy, it will not compromise.

Conclusion: –

Suppose, you are traveling with your friends and some of them have lost their path. And also So you do not have any mobile network on your phone. So, in this case of emergency, this Mesh Talk will be very helpful to find them. Because, as it has a hardware component then it will be possible that Mesh Talk will be available to the users in upcoming Oppo’s smartphones.


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