Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Path of Exile

Path of Exile Update 3.13.1d/1.75 released, Patch Notes on February 22

Path of Exile released a new update: 3.13.1d / 1.75 which brings some bugs fixes to the game. It is a small update and mainly focused to resolve bug issues that were affecting the performance and gameplay. The latest version...

Path of Exile Update 1.74 Patch Notes 3.13.1C is released on February 12

Path of Exile is pushing a new update version 1.74 on PS4 console February 12. According to the 3.13.1C patch notes, the new update version 1.74 comes with so many bug fixes alongside various improvements to the game. It...
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Latest News

What is the Max Level Cap in New World? Full Guide

What is the max level in New World? Is there an end to how much you can grown? You...
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