Surgeon Simulator: How to Get the Pinky Swear Achievement

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If you enjoy playing Surgeon Simulator and are looking for something new to achieve, why not try going for the Pinky Swear Achievement? This guide will tell you everything you need to know about how to obtain it.

Guide: How to Obtain the Surgeon Simulator Pinky Swear Achievement


By default when you buy the game it will come with the content DLC of the A&E version or what is the same The content DLC of the anniversary version.

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How to Obtain the Achievement

First go to preferences Downloadable Content and uncheck the DLC (It should look like the image) now enter the game go to the heart transplant you don’t need to finish it just press all the keys that is, use the W E R and Space so you can leave alone the little finger stopped you pass it through the rib cage and that’s it you get the achievement.

PS: I do not know the reasons why the achievement does not jump when you have the DLC activated.

Well you’ve made it to the end of the game! We hope this guide helped you with that. Thanks for reading! Also if you would like to further explore the more then check out Surgeon Simulator guides/tutorials.

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