35+ Best Live TV Android Apps to Stream TV for Free Online in 2020

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Nowadays, your Android smartphone is taking place of all the necessary things which entertain you at your spare time. Life becomes so busy that no-one has enough time for their entertainment. Nowadays, your smartphones are becoming your entertainment, whether it is online gaming, news or TV. All these things are now available on your smartphones. Here, we are coming with a 35+ free live TV app for android devices that you can use to watch and stream free live TV on your Android smartphone. Pick up the best free streaming apps as per your choice for Android devices from the list.

Most of the Apps in the list not only provide free streaming to the TV shows, but it also lets you search web directory to stream TV channels online as well. Check the list below and choose from some of the best Android apps to stream live TV online on your Android device.

Note: Before you go to the live TV and streaming android apps in the list, you need to be sure that “Enabled unknown sources” are enabled on your device. If you don’t know how, go to the settings of the device and follow the steps below.

Settings -> Security > Unknown sources.

Best free live TV Android apps

When you are home alone or with family and want some entertainment, the first thing comes in to the mind is Watching TV. Here, some of the best android apps to watch TV show online for free and can also stream your favorite channels. But some apps in the list come with some legal aspect while some are legitimate. With these applications, you can get to all top level live channels from over the globe.

Here are some of the best Android apps to stream internet TV and watch live TV Channels online without spending any cost. Now, let’s check it.

1). Mobdro

35+ Best Live TV Android Apps to Stream TV for Free Online in 2020 1

Mobdro is the most popular name for the purpose of free live TV on the Android device. This live TV app is categorized into different genres: Movies, Entertainment, Music, Tech, Sports, Animals, Gaming, Anime and Spiritual. There are mainly two types of contents in the Mobdro app. The first are those which come from free sources like YouTube and webcams, etc, and the second one are those which comes from various TV channels like ABC, CBC, CNN, and Cartoon Network. On this Mobdro app, you can download those popular TV shows and movies as well. Some of the best features of this app include streaming TV channels, movies, and much more.

Right now, Mobdro live TV feature is available in 10+ different languages which includes Arabic, Chinese, Czech, English, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish and from over 30 different countries. This app is very user-friendly, easy to use, and most importantly, you do not need to have any login account to access the content. The app has a wide range of content to browse.

Features of Mobdro

  • Appealing user interface.
  • You can share Video as well.
  • Explore tons of video streams of your choice.
  • Categories of channels, movies, sports and documentaries.

Disadvantages of Mobdro App

  • Annoying ads
  • Limited compatibility with major platforms except Android
  • Episode selection feature is unavailable
  • Chromecast compatibility is only offered in premium version

As per the Google Play Store policy, the app is not available on the Play Store but you can download the latest version of the Mobdro app Apk from its official website.

Download Mobdro | Free

2). Live NetTV

35+ Best Live TV Android Apps to Stream TV for Free Online in 2020 2

Live Net TV App is one of the most popular Live TV apps to watch tv shows online free. It is the best live tv streaming service that you can use to watch Sports, Movies and TV Show on your Android device.

This app is a super simple, easy, and fun app for streaming television over the Internet. LiveNetTV is a multimedia application which support 10+ languages and in this app you can browse more than 900+ channels from many countries that including UK, US, Middle Eastern Countries, India, Iran, Pakistan, Turkey and many more countries. However, the quality isn’t so great, but what’s more, it’s free and best app to watch and stream TV channels on your phone.

In the Live NetTV app, there are 9 main categories for the channels which is Sports, Entertainment, News, Movies, Documentary, Cooking Music, Kids. Religious.

Features of Live NetTV

  • High – quality Live TV stream support.
  • VOD for Movies
  • Chromecast support
  • More than 900+ live channels from various categories and genres.
  • Many External Video Player Support
  • Many links for channels, so if some link goes down, we can choose alternative links.
  • All the videos are absolutely free.
  • The interface is simple to use.
  • Filter the channels according to comfort.

Disadvantages of Live NetTV

  • Lots of buffering
  • No TV guide
  • Some channels are not available.
  • Lots of ads

Download Live NetTV | Free

3). Exodus Live TV App

35+ Best Live TV Android Apps to Stream TV for Free Online in 2020 3

Exodus Live TV App is another great app to watch live TV for free. The app’s UI is very simple and user-friendly. Exodus Live TV Apk hosts a large amount of contents from the USA & UK that is for without any subscription fee but contains Ads. There is also an Ad-free version if you are willing to pay some amount of money. In this free live tv streaming app, the contents are categories into Sports, Entertainment, News, Religious, Movies, etc. Most of the channels in this app run smoothly without any buffer.

Features of Exodus

  • A very low rate of buffering.
  • No sign-up needed.
  • Support HD quality contents.
  • Simple and user friendly UI and simple navigation.

Download Exodus Live TV App

4). Swift Streamz

Swift Streamz another great android app to watch live TV channels and streams over the internet. The app hosts over 700 channels from 30+ countries including India, USA, UK, Pakistan, Australia, France, Greece, Canada and other American, African and Asian countries. More channels get added daily and if your channel is not listed then you can recommend them to add.

Features of Swift Streamz

  • No Registration or Membership Required.
  • Free Live TV without any subscription.
  • Multiple Players Supported.
  • DLNA & Chromecast Supported.
  • Supports Android 2.2+
  • Smoothly Work’s on (Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G) networks.

Download Swift Streamz

5). RedBox TV 

35+ Best Live TV Android Apps to Stream TV for Free Online in 2020 4

RedBox TV is a free live streaming App and has 1000+ live channels from 15 unique nations. It has built-in support for all the popular media players. It supports android player, MX player, 321 player and Web Player. The application simple to utilize. Simply select your preferred channel to pick the media player and done.

RedBox TV is a free IPTV app which gives free live streaming of shows and sports games in SD and HD characteristics for free. The App offers sports channels, entertainment channels, science channels, Kids channels and so on from nations like Indian, Pakistani, Malaysian, German, and so on.

Features of RedBox TV App

  • The application gives more than 1000+ TV channels from 15 distinct nations and locales of the world.
  • These nations incorporate all the significant ones like India, United Kingdom, United States, Pakistan, Spain, France and some more.
  • You can browse 22 classifications of diversion. This is a not insignificant rundown of channels that can engage all gatherings of ages, from children to grown-ups.
  • There are numerous outer players that support the player. On the off chance that you don’t need your show to run on a specific player, at that point you generally have the choice to change to another player.
  • You can run the application on media players like MX Player, Web player, Lococast player, XYZ Player, Android player, Yes Player, XML player. You can likewise set your default client player.
  • The application has an incredible design with the pleasant user interface. Best of all, you don’t have to join to utilize the application. You should simply download the application, pick your preferred show and stream it.
  • On the off chance that you need to watch a specific channel on numerous occasions, at that point you can add the channel to the ‘favorite’ classification. Along these lines, you don’t need to use the rundown of the considerable number of procedures to reach to your preferred one.
  • With the assistance of “User Request Feature”, you can add new channels to the application.
  • You have the choice to pick a foreordained player and it will naturally be chosen each time you run the application.
  • The application streams recordings with no lags. The developers will fix the issue quick in the event that you report it to them.

Download RedBox TV

6). Sony Crackle – Free TV & Movies

35+ Best Live TV Android Apps to Stream TV for Free Online in 2020 5

Crackle is a free application accessible in the Google Play Store to stream TV shows and movies on the web. Sony Crackle lets you stream premium TV shows and movies from a full library of new and notorious hits on your preferred gadgets. Or on the other hand pick new gorge commendable Crackle Originals—all totally free. However, this app doesn’t have the transfer possibility which means this application doesn’t have the download option. Sony Crackle has a bunch of movies and has banded together with the quantity of enormous production houses.

Since you can stream the movies for nothing with no membership, the administration supports itself by running short pre-roll and mid-roll Ads from time to time. Given its wide scope of movies and the trust of Sony, this application is without a doubt one which you should attempt.

Features of Crackle

  • Fast loading.
  • Free account along with data storage
  • HD quality support and can also switch viewing resolution.
  • Use friendly UI and simple navigation.

Download Sony Crackle – Free TV & Movies  

7). e-Doctor IPTV App

e-Doctor IPTV is another good app for watching and streaming Live TV, P2P TV & Sports and listening Radio on any Android device without any cost. If we do not consider its UI, e-Doctor app does a very good job to provide free live tv streaming. e-Doctor IPTV gives it users to browse and watch over 1000+ Channels and even can listen to Radio just using your phone or tablet anywhere.

In the app, there is two options to browse content: by category or Country. The app hosts channels from the UK, US, Europe and Asian Countries, etc. This APP has simple interface, very easy to use so you should try it once if you are looking for a free IPTV app for streaming TV channels.

Download e-Doctor IPTV App

8). Torrent Free Controller IPTV

The quantity of utilizations for watching TV for free on Android is humongous. Bunches of them depend on the IPTV protocol, which offers channels straightforwardly or through records in the M3U format. But they’re not the sole apps around to watch free live tv streaming – there are additional applications which offer channels through Torrent connections, similar to the case with Torrent Stream Controller.

Torrent Free Controller IPTV is a straightforward, however amazing application to stream Live TV even on a moderate internet speed. The application is easy to use and has some gigantic measure of stations from over the globe with shifted classifications like anime, horror, documentaries, movies, Entertainment and so on.

One beneficial thing about the application is the majority of the channels run with no issues. Simply install the apk file and afterward search and snap on your preferred channel. The application may download a stream loader on your gadget if it is the first time.

A message springs up for the decision to choose Video Player. Ideally, pick MX Player or VLC Player. The video will go for Pre-Buffer and once stacked you can consistently appreciate Live TV with no issues from downpour locales.

Download Torrent Free Controller IPTV

9). TVCatchup

TVCatchup enables anybody to watch UK TV channels on your Android gadget for nothing out of pocket. At the point when you’re away from home yet can’t get to a TV to see that must see a scene of your preferred show just use TVCatchup to let you watch as though you were watching from home.

TVCatchup just offers UK TV channels to individuals inside the UK. You should have a valid TV license to use this application. The application is allowed to use, albeit Ads are rolled to support the developers. A standout amongst other applications to watch live TV content from the UK.

Download TVCatchup | Free

10). Kodi

35+ Best Live TV Android Apps to Stream TV for Free Online in 2020 6

Kodi is anything but a live streaming application in itself however is a media centre where you can include different media files storehouse and watch free TV, Movies, music and programming.This application plays the job of a satellite TV (cable TV). It is available on iOS, Windows, macOS, tvOS, Linux, FreeBSD, and Android. Although it is similar to a cable TV, it does not provide any channels. The users need to install the third-party plug-ins to help incorporate some TV channels and other streaming platforms. There is so many free IPTV add-ons and one of which is cCloud TV that you can install on Kodi.

The cCloud IPTV Addon can show you more than 1400+ TV channels. It is not so difficult to install the cCloud add-on on Kodi. You first need to download the Kodi App from Google Play Store and then install cCloud Add on Kodi.

Kodi app can even be controlled by a remote control. There are numerous advantages to having this application on a contraption, for example, easy to use, fitting phones and tables with” at least 5 inches, and without a doubt minimal effort since you didn’t pay for having it. Having this application is anything but an impractical notion. One beneficial thing about it is that it bolsters all sound and video positions.


  • Enable you to install a lot of add-ons and make alternate ways for them. In this way, you have numerous options of shows and motion pictures to watch on your advanced stages.
  • Easy to install.
  • Altered with many streaming add-ons. This facilitates clients to pick which channel to add on their application.


  • It requires boundless and ground-breaking internet speed, so a few people still incline toward having a satellite TV (cable TV) or downloading a specific show and watching it later on other media programming.

Download Kodi

11). TVTap Live TV (UK TV NOW)

TVTap Live TV app formely know as UK TV Now is the most popular app to stream and watch all your favorite TV shows, movies, and other media content online on your android phone and tablet. This app offers over 150 channels from countries like the UK, US and Indian Subcontinent and more European countries. TvTap (UKTV Now) is totally free to use. You do not need to pay a single penny to use this application enjoy seamless streaming on your device. You can browse your video contents by Genre, Year, Rating and type. The app doesn’t require you to have any login account.

As per the Google Play Store policy, this app is not available on Play Store, but you can download the latest Apk from their official website. The app is also works on FireStick and Android Box. You can watch stream and shows on TV through Chromecast as well. When you play any stream, you’ll see casting icon on the top of the player. Press it & stream will be casted to your TV.

Download TVTap Live TV (UK TV NOW)

12). Genius Stream | Live TV App

Genius Stream is an Android application to watch Live TV including sports, movies, Live TV from Countries like UK, US, France and so forth. Stream in excess of 700 hundred movies instantly. The greater part of the channels is accessible in HD. You can watch sports, movies and entertainment from nations like the UK, US, France, India and other European, Asian and American Countries. Its genres list includes Comedy, Romance, Family/Kids, Drama, Urban, Action/Thrillers, Horror, Espanol,Documentaries, Bollywood and a few more. No restriction on what number of movies can be seen.

Features of Genius Stream

  • Stream quite 700 hundred movies during a flash.
  • Different Players Supported.
  • Free Live TV with no membership.
  • Easily Work’s on (Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G) systems.
  • Channels from more than 10 nations with Bein Sports.
  • No Registration or Membership Required.
  • Backing HD quality.
  • Straightforward User-Interface and simple navigation.

Download Genius Stream | Free

13). Sports Angel | Live Sports App

Sports Angel is a one-stop goal for Live Sports Streaming. This free live TV APK offers you to watch free live sports channels on your Android gadget. You can watch Soccer, Cricket, Racing, Basketball and so on. You can watch a portion of the top class sports channels from Europe and North America, for example, ESPN, Sky Sports, Euro Sport, MUTV, Sky Sports, Fox Sports and then some. The Sports Angel Apk incorporates numerous video arrangements, for example, 480p, 720p, and 1080p. You can also watch the highlights of any live sports anytime on Android smartphones. The App is free yet contains Ads.

The application is has an extremely encouraging interface with an exceptionally straightforward navigation framework. In the event that you are searching for an App with strong streaming for Europe and North America sports then I prescribe you to go with Sports Angel.

Features of Sports Angel

  • Buffering rate is very low.
  • No sign-up needed to watch.
  • HD quality support.
  • Simple UI and easy navigation.

Download Sports Angel | Free

14). SPB TV

SPB TV lets you watch more than 150 TV channels from everywhere throughout the world, giving you both live and on-request video streams directly on your Android gadget. In any case, be cautioned: watching streaming video requires a solid Web association – ideally Wi-Fi or 4G— so in the event that you don’t have one, you may extremely disappointed.

During the video feed, you can pull up additional capacities by tapping the screen. You can change the volume, video quality, or angle proportion of a video, or there’s a catch to exit. There’s additionally a “Picture-in-picture” work which is somewhat misleading in light of the fact that it in reality just lets you look at see stills of different channels while you’re watching— no double streaming.

While SPB TV provides live and on-request video streams, similarly as it guarantees, regardless we think it has huge amounts of opportunity to get better. The video quality isn’t especially extraordinary, and the channel lineup, while broad, isn’t either. So it might demonstrate hard to find something worth watching. All things considered, in case you’re willing to filter through more than 100 for the most part cloud channels to find some possibly interesting video streams, SPB TV could at present be an advantageous download.


  • A good interface that is easy to follow.
  • A wholesome number of channels are available for viewers.
  • Varied content will keep you entertained for a long while.
  • Fairly fast streaming service that doesn’t let you wait long.

Download SPB TV | Free

15). Play Live TV APK

Play Live TV is another incredible Android APK for free live TV to hit the market as of late. It is stuffed with heaps of channels from everywhere throughout the world. With the Play Live TV app, you can watch Movies channels of numerous nations, for example, USA, UK, Russia, China, Korea, Arab, India and substantially more on your smartphone for free.

The interface is straightforward and you can watch live tv for free and from any nation on the planet. That, however it additionally gives you channel suggestions dependent on your watching interest.

Download Play Live TV latest APK

16). Mega IPTV 

Mega IPTV can put off the exertion of having numerous applications to watch live TV like sports, and movies, and so on. It has four areas of live TV and two segments of live sports you can browse. This builds the odds of having the stream on both of the segment.

This android application could b a decent decision for them as it contains a broad scope of various web TV stations including appears, movies, live sports and others.

Aside from this, you additionally can watch movies with this application. Simply select the TV channel and afterward pick the video player, most ideally select the MX Player for the low buffer.

Download Mega IPTV | Free

17). Yupp TV Live TV!

35+ Best Live TV Android Apps to Stream TV for Free Online in 2020 7

YuppTV is one of the biggest online TV stage with over 200+ Live Indian TV Channels, 7 days of catch-up TV, Latest Regional and Bollywood/Hindi Movies. Channels available on this app is in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Marathi, Bengali, Punjabi, Gujarati, Bangla, Oriya, Sinhala, English, Bhojpuri, Nepali, Urdu, and some more. Yupp TV is generally excellent contender to Jio TV with regards to offering live tv streaming and catch-up TV services.

Aside from streaming live tv channels , you can likewise record past scenes directly on your Android smartphone.

At first, you can enjoy live TV totally free because of the free sign-up reward and complimentary gifts. What’s more, can likewise exploit the referral program to keep the Yupp Wallet with money to appreciate TV Shows for nothing.

Download Yupp TV | Free

18). JioTV – LIVE Cricket, TV, Movies

35+ Best Live TV Android Apps to Stream TV for Free Online in 2020 8

This is one of the most popular and recommended Live TV app on Android with over 100 million download. JioTV offers 600+ TV channels, including 100+ HD channels in 15+ languages. It is a one-stop destination if you would like to look at Indian programming on your smartphone. JioTV is totally free, yet there is one hindrance to this magnificent App that is you have to utilize their SIM cards because this app is exclusively for Jio SIM users. In the event that you have a jio ID and password, at that point you can without much of a stretch watch your preferred channels.

Download JioTV App Latest Version

19). Hotstar

35+ Best Live TV Android Apps to Stream TV for Free Online in 2020 9

Hotstar is a live streaming application that lets you watch your preferred TV appears, movies, sports and live news in a hurry. It is the premium content supplier of nearby and global content in India. The App runs on a freemium-based model where it offers some free content with Ads and premium content with a membership. The App has a great deal of live shows and top movies from Bollywood and Hollywood.

Hotstar is India’s biggest streaming stage, bringing you over 60,000 hours of TV Shows and 2000+ movies in 9 dialects and inclusion of each major worldwide game. The application made a worldwide record for the most extreme quantities of concurrent watchers for an online occasion during Vivo IPL 2018.

Download Hotstar | Free

20). Ditto TV (Zee5)

Ditto TV is India’s first OTT TV service that offers Live TV channels, TV Shows, most recent Hindi and Regional movies and recordings right on your Android smartphone. Watch over 80+ Indian LIVE TV channels and Catch-Ups of TV shows whenever and from anyplace with the dittoTV application. Stream your preferred TV serials Live, watch Live News, Darshan, Kids programs, Movies, Lifestyle occasions online on your Android device. Ditto TV is owned by ZEE Entertainment.

Another great piece of the App is it gives catch-up content to 7 days, so on the off chance that in the event that you ever miss a scene or two you can legitimately stream in and make the most of your communication.

Ditto TV app let you access live TV from all the major networks, including Viacom 18, Sony, Zee (except Star).


  • Google Chromecast support to cast your favorite movies and live TV on your big screen.
  • 7 days catch-up content option for all live channels.
  • Multiple login support.
  • Streaming play according to your internet connection speed.
  • 24X7 Online Customer Support System.

Download Ditto TV | Free

21). SonyLiv

SonyLIV is one of the best app in the OTT space with Live streaming that ensures viewers get the best entertainment. This app is especially for Indian audience. It takes a shot at the equivalent freemium model by which it allows you to watch movies and TV Shows with commercials while all the more requesting content requires Liv Subscription.

The other beneficial thing about the Site is it offers premium sports programming like La Liga, NBA, Football WC, Serie An, EPL and other live sports for nothing yet with a 5 minutes postpone which could be cut-off in the event that you purchase a premium pack costing ∼ $4/Month. The Web has rights to every one of the Movies Distributed by Sony and gives Live TV streaming of Channels like Animax, Sony Movies and so forth.

With Live streaming, that offers watchers the chance to watch Live channels streaming, there is nothing superior to this. Along these lines, appreciate a plenty of SonyLIV firsts, Live TV appears, Live News, mainstream Indian TV appears, most recent movies, most recent tv appears, Hindi tv serials and watch movies.

Features of Sony Liv

  • Free sports broadcast.
  • Runs even on low internet speed.
  • Simple and easy-to-use navigation.

Download Sony Liv | Free

22). Airtel Xstream (Airtel TV): Live TV, Movies, Shows

Airtel Xstream (Airtel TV) is one of the main supplier for direct satellite streaming in India. It is the official live tv app that let their user watch live tv channels on their Android smartphones.

This app let you access and watch 350+ channels across News, Entertainment, Infotainment, Music, Movies, Devotional, Lifestyle, Kids, Sports across 15+ languages like English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Oriya, Assamese, Punjabi, Bhojpuri, Gujarati and Urdu.

In Airtel Xstream app, you can pause and play Live TV, can choose your video quality to save data or watch in high quality. We additionally have another improved live tv spine to ensure that you have an association in no buffering and no bugs.

With Airtel Xstream application, you can look out for 10000+ movies and 100s of TV appears from various accomplices. With only one Airtel Xstream (Airtel TV) application, watch movies and TV appears from different accomplice applications like ZEE5, Hungama, Eros Now, HOOQ, ShareIt, YouTube, Shemaroome, Ultra, Curiosity Stream.

In this app, you will get 7 days of live TV catch up. So, don’t worry if you miss any episode. The App is accessible for Airtel SIM user only however one beneficial thing about the App is, up to 5 gadgets can run on a single login. That way, anybody in your family can get to their preferred content.

Download Airtel Xstream (Airtel TV) | Free

23). TVPlayer

TV Player lets you watch more than 80 Live TV channels online with this mobile app on you smartphone, without any cost. You can watch 60+ free channels which you can watch with no compensation. The premium version ($9/mo) of the App supports more requested channels, which can be gotten to by paying some money. Currently, the service is available in UK only however the group is taking a shot at extending the system to the US, Canada and other European areas. You can enjoy live tv with catch-up and live recording feature make you worry free to watch your favorite show or any episode later when you want.

Features of TVPlayer App:

  • Watch popular TV channels from UK.
  • Live and Catch Up TV feature.
  • Record your favourite programmes to watch it on any time.
  • Use the up to 5 devices at one time with TVPlayer plus subscription.

 Download TVPlayer | Free

24). MX Player

The Times Internet Group has purchased the mainstream Android media player application, MX Player. As an OTT platform, the company is using this platform to offer Movies, Web-firsts, TV Shows, and that’s not all. The plan was to target the strong user base of India, who total approximately 400 million. As an OTT platform, the Time Internet will help you enjoy free premium movies, TV shows, web series, and original series with advertisements. Even though the service focuses on the Indian people, you can watch movies from Hollywood, Bollywood, South Indian languages, and other local content. Whatever the case, you can access more content for free by using a VPN. MX Player tries to take charge of a decent share of the web content development.

Goods About MX Player

  • Simple and clean user interface.
  • Number of Bollywood and Regional movies.
  • Premium movies and TV shows
  • Content from all languages
  • Web Originals
  • 180+ Live TV and More

Bads About MX Player

  • Only FTA Channels
  • Outside India VPN or Proxy Needed

Download MXPlayer | Free

25). ThopTV

With ThopTV live tv app, you won’t miss a single one of your favourite TV programs. ThopTV offers a big number of (5000+) channels for free and premium. You can access live stream for free without having any login account or subscription. The apps come with Live sports, movies, entertainment and so on..

The App has live tv channels from the US, UK, India, France, Germany, Canada, the Middle East and other European Countries. Along with the TV shows, you can enjoy so many movies of almost all genres. You can get to all the live sports and general entertainment channel from over the globe. In any case, a portion of the channels may not be working in your nation because of copyright reasons. All things considered, it’s prudent to utilize a VPN application to have the option to get to this application with an alternate IP address.

Download ThopTV | Free

26). You TV Player

With the free You TV Player, you can interact with thousands of channels broadcast via the Internet via online streaming. You can use your Android smartphone or tablet to access these channels. It allows you to watch live sports, movies, and other premium content from countries like Colombia, Chile, Mexico, Venezuela, Germany, Spain, France, and many more. There are a great deal of different genres organized as a way to make it easy to find the materials you need in certain unexpected moments: movies, news, sports, teen contents, culture, etc.

Live streaming is here for free, with many players supported, including advantage in case an encoder isn’t communicating properly. Additionally, you can manually add channels in the app if you are having trouble finding what you are searching for.

How to add new channels to You TV Player app

  1. Open option from the menu and tap on “Add”
  2. Type tutv in the Stream Name field.
  3. Type in tutvgratis.tv in the Video URL field.
  4. Choose manually the channels you want to add from the list.

You TV Player for PC

For now, its developers aren’t thinking about the launch of a version for Windows PCs, and neither for Apple mobile devices, however that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy every one of its channels on your PC. With an Android emulator like Nox Player or BlueStacks, you’ll have this application running on your PC in only minutes.

Besides, what’s considerably progressively significant, is that it’s compatible with Chromecast so you can send the sign from your Android gadget directly to your TV to have the option to take advantage of all the application’s HD contents on a huge TV screen and enjoy.

Features of You Player

  • Filter the contents by country.
  • Multiple format support: 3GP, FLV, AVI, M4V, MOV, MP4, WMV, etc.
  • Chromecast support.
  • Inbuilt updates no need to look for APK’s.

Download You Player | Free

27). HD Streamz

HD Streamz utilizes IPTV protocol to catch TV signals from around the world. The application approaches several TV channels and radio broadcasts free. You can peruse through its big no. of content by methods for classes and nations.

HD Streamz APK is an extremely great application to watch Live TV since it offers astonishing highlights. It will stream every one of the channels you need in High Definition, If you need every one of the channels to be a stream in HD, you should have a decent internet speed and high data transfer capacity to stream great recordings. The channels of the HD Streamz APK is from everywhere throughout the world comprising more than 600 channels.

The application houses movie channels, sports channels, news, entertainment. We’ll require a media player to play the streams as there is no in-fabricated player, MX Player, or VLC is a great idea to go with.

Features of HD Streamz

  • 600+ live TV channels.
  • Contents from countries like USA, Spain, France, Canada, Pakistan, Germany, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, etc.
  • Multiple streaming links for single channel.
  • Good user interface.
  • Free to use.

Download HD Streamz | Free

28). Pluto TV (live TV)

Viacom acquired Pluto TV in March 2019. It is a live-TV streaming service similar to a Sling TV and other similar services like DirecTV Now, Hulu+ Live TV, and so forth. The app offers 100 live TV channels and millions of movies that you can watch. Despite this, Pluto TV doesn’t offer free channels like those found on digital TV, but rather free content curated from existing material available online. In addition, the app offers Chromecast and apps for Android TV, but its UI lacks any special features. It works like Rabbit TV, but it costs $24 per year. Pluto TV launched in 2014 with decent streaming speeds. In November 2019, there were more than twenty million dynamic users, making it the most popular free TV streaming service in the United States.

If you don’t usually watch online videos, Pluto TV’s collection of content will likely enchant you, as well as contain content you may not even be aware existed. It is possible that even people who already pay for a live-TV streaming service will think it is worthwhile because of the curated design, however it will depend on personal preferences.

Download Pluto TV | Free

29). VRV: Different All Together

VRV is presumably the best streaming service for non-mainstream content, anime, and other abnormal kinds of TV. The service is a combination of different services. They incorporate Crunchyroll (anime), HiDive (anime), Rooster Teeth (outside the box), Geek and Sundry (non-mainstream), Nicksplat (old kid’s shows), Nerdist (non-mainstream), Cartoon Hangover, and numerous others. You get every one of them at a solitary month-to-month cost. With Crunchryroll simulcasting anime from Japan, this is at least somewhat close live TV for that genre. It’s generally an extraordinary wellspring of old and non-mainstream TV. We healthily prescribe it to all anime fans. We likewise suggest Funimation for anime fans. It regularly has simulcasts in English names of more up to date and mainstream shows.

VRV is accessible on iOS telephones/iPads, Android devices (counting Android TV), Fire TV, Apple TV, XBOX One, PS4, Chromecast, more up-to-date Roku devices and on the Web. We are attempting to make VRV applications for more devices. We can’t give out dates, however, watch for new declarations.

VRV has both a free membership where users can see advertisement bolstered content, and a paid premium membership where all content is free with ads. VRV Premium includes Boomerang, Cartoon Hangover, Crunchyroll, HIDIVE, MONDO, NickSplat, Rooster Teeth, VRV Select.

Price: Free / $9.99 per month

Download VRV: Different All Together

30). nexGTv HD

nexGTv HD is another well known Android Live TV channel app on the list which you can use in 2019. The app is totally allowed to download and utilize and you can enjoy Live TV, Latest Movies, TV shows on the app. On nexGTv HD, you can watch some mainstream Live TV channels like Pogo, News X, Aaj Tak, and substantially more. Aside from that, the app also keeps up an enormous library of video on request content exhibiting English and Hindi Movies.

Download nexGTv HD

31). Viki

If you like Korean drama and Asian Television, then you will love Viki for sure. The incredible thing about Viki is that it’s fueled by the network of fans, and the content is accessible in excess of 150 languages. There are loads of TV Series, movies, and so forth on the stage. Thus, Viki is another best Live TV apps which you can utilize at the present time.

Download Viki

32). Freeview TV

Freeview, the UK’s free-to-air digital TV platform, has discharged another app that lets you watch all its on-request content and a portion of its channels from one spot. Live TV streams from the BBC, ITV, and Channel 4 are accessible, as is on-request content from iPlayer, the ITV Hub, All 4, My5, and UKTV Play.

The app is free to download and there are no membership expenses. The main catch is that you have to have a handset running Android KitKat 4.4 or above, in addition to a functioning Wi-Fi or information association. At the point when you first sign in to the app, you’ll have to affirm your area and afterward you’re prepared to begin gushing.

Download Freeview TV

33). YouTube TV

YouTube TV is a super content (OTT) streaming membership administration accessible in the United States. It is totally discrete from YouTube, the free video services with in excess of two billion clients per month. It gives access to the channels like ABC, CBS, The CW, Fox, NBC and more. The administration offers Cloud DVR without DVR extra room limits. You can use 6 YouTube TV accounts with individual login and DVR. Although, it is a paid app that will cost you around $50 a month for almost 75 popular TV channels.

Sports – CBS RSN Channels, FS, Golf Channel, MLB Network, NBA TV, NBCSN, NESN, Olympic Channel, Tennis Channel, ESPN Network, etc.

Entertainment – BBC America, Bravo, AMC, Comet, Decades, Freeform, FX, FXM, FXX, IFC, Nat Geo, Nat Geo, Wild, MyNetwork TV, and some more.

News – CNBC, CNN, BBC News, Cheddar News, Fox News, HLN, MSNBC.

Kids – Disney, Cartoon Network, Universal Kids.


  • Get access to any channel from whatever place you are.
  • Capacity to record contents of a specific channel while you watch another.
  • Unlimited cloud storage.
  • Can share your login credentials with up to 6 other users and play contents simultaneously on 3.
  • Compatible with Google Chromecast.

YouTube TV | Paid

34). Hulu

As a result of its long existence, Hulu has gathered an extensive library of TV shows, Movies, Documentaries, and some more. Hulu Live TV services began in 2017, before that it used to simply feature old and new television shows, motion pictures, and other entertainment programs.

If you choose the low-cost bundle, you will receive content with advertisements, while the high bundle will offer Live TV without advertisement. In the USA, Hulus TV cost ranges between $7.99 and $39.99 every month depending on what you pick.

It generally requires just a smartphone running Android 4.0, and users must reside in the U.S. and territories.


  • Get access to all the movies and TV shows you want.
  • Watch the latest movies.
  • 6 different user profiles support.
  • Watch great documentaries and TV shows.
  • Just accessible in the United States and territories.

Download Hulu TV | Paid

35). AT&T TV (Live TV)

AT&T TV is one of the TV applications that does real live TV. The most reduced level flaunts 60 channels of live TV. The most noteworthy level gets up to more than 120 channels. Sadly, the application itself still needs a great deal of work. The developers are unquestionably turning out certain bugs. Consequently, this isn’t the principal decision we’d prescribe for an all computerized live TV administration. This was past DirecTV Now and just experienced a re-marking here as of late. The UI is still rather inconvenient and it has issues that need fixed. Be that as it may, it’s a functional live TV service.

Download AT&T TV | $50-$70 per month

36). DirecTV Now | Live TV

At&T’s direct TV service is rapidly expanding its subscriber base. Among the most renowned web TV Apps, TunerMedia offers more than 100 live channels along with an enormous media library. There are a few issues and bugs with the DirecTV App itself which would be worth mentioning, but aside from that, DirecTV’s App has an impressive selection of channels, including music, sports, news, and other entertainment.

Download DirecTV | $35-$70/Month

37). Sling TV

The Sling TV is pretty decent live TV Streaming App that offers over 100 live channels available to stream instantly on Android devices. With this app you can watch your favorite live sports like the NFL & college football, hit TV shows. It offers 65,000+ hours of on-demand tv shows and movies.

With Sling TV you can get Cloud DVR for just $5. There are three services this app has – Sling Orange service, Sling Blue service, and combined Sling Orange and Blue service.

The Sling Orange service priced at $20 for the first month and normally $30/month. It offers 30+ channels – including ESPN, Disney Channel, AMC, TNT, TBS, CNN, A&E, History, MotorTrend and many more.

The Sling Blue service priced at $20 for the first month and normally $30/month. It offers 40+ channels – including FOX and NBC (select markets only) Discovery, HGTV, E!, History, National Geographic, Comedy Central, Cartoon Network, TLC, ID and many more.

The Orange and Blue can be combined into one package for  $35 for the first month and normally $45/month.

Download Sling TV | Paid

Important Note:

There are so many online streaming apps on the internet whose main aim to inject malware into your device steal data from phone or make some fraud. These applications request permissions, which are not required for their typical working. For instance, applications may request contact permissions, which obviously isn’t required to stream your preferred channels.

The applications which are not downloaded from their official sources like Google Play Store or Amazon Store could be possibly unsafe and maybe contain some malicious codes. Along these lines, I recommend you to give the permissions which you accept is generally suitable for the working of the applications. You can find permissions under settings on your Android device.


VPN is a sort of online administrations which shrouds your information by sending your web use to another protected area. It frames a safe passage to give start to finish protection. Therefore, your ISP won’t comprehend what you’re doing. The information is actually sent to an outside country, so it’s hard for the specialist organization to determine the client’s behavior online.

You can stream securely by utilizing a VPN service. There are various VPN Apps and services covering a wide range of devices. The Apps above all have a lot of programming that contains large amounts of copyright infringement. For streaming a content that isn’t awaiting by law, you could be under scrutiny by your administration. Even so, considering the premise of the App, not many could oppose themselves to its use.

  • In the event that you wish to use the applications secretly, at that point you can attempt any VPN services like OperaVPN which is accessible on Google Play Store. You can also use any proxy server for the purpose to stream content and live tv online.
  • If application isn’t working or causing a few issues, at that point I prescribe you to Clear Data and Cache of the application to fix it.

Data Security and Privacy Concerns

Because of data breaches and privacy invasion issues, streaming free apps that aren’t legitimate content providers are consistently blacklisted. The digital rouges are consistent in a quest for blameless netizens who could fall prey. Streaming non-legitimately free movies may also lead to prosecution for breaking the law.

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