Starfield Update 1.7.36 Unleashes FOV Slider and Bug Fixes

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Bethesda has rolled out a new update for Starfield, the epic space adventure game, on Xbox Series X|S and PC. The update version is 1.7.36 and it brings some important changes and fixes to the game. The most noticeable feature is the FOV (Field of View) slider on the PC version, which lets players customize their view in both first person and third person modes. The update also improves stability for Intel Arc GPUs on PC and fixes a quest bug that could stop you from progressing. Here are the full patch notes for Starfield update 1.7.36:

Starfield Update 1.7.36 Patch Notes: Unveiling October 9’s Stellar Improvements

General Improvements

Experience enhanced gameplay with the introduction of FOV sliders in the Settings menu, catering to both first-person and third-person players, offering a personalized Field of View adjustment.

Performance and Stability Boosts (Exclusive to PC)

Specifically addressing Intel Arc GPUs on PC, this update brings improved stability, ensuring a smoother gaming experience. Additionally, various other performance enhancements contribute to a more refined and stable gameplay environment.

Quest Perfection

Embark on the “Echoes of the Past” quest without hindrance. The update resolves an issue where tunneling creatures could choose locations that impede progression, ensuring a seamless quest experience for players.

Bethesda assures eager gamers that this is just the beginning. More patches are already in the pipeline, promising continuous improvements. Stay tuned for updates as Bethesda unfolds more enhancements.

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