Spellbreak Chapter 1 Update 2.01 Patch Notes is out on February 8

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Spellbreak Chapter 1 Update 2.01 is now live. Today, the developers Proletariat has released the new update for Spellbreak which brings tons of fixes and gameplay improvement for game. Update 2.01 for brings some new stuffs in the store with new UI transition where player can see what items they own. There are some new audio effects, ability to “track” a quest, VFX to show when a player is restoring health or armor and so many other things added in this update. Along with many new items and UI changes, the update also brings tons of bugs fixes for the Spellbreak.

Below are the full patch notes for the Spellbreak chapter 1 update 2.01.

Spellbreak Chapter 1 Patch Notes 2.01


  • The Bewitching Glimmer Starter Pack has been removed.
  • Added Beguiling Rogue Starter pack.
    • We’ll generally be rotating Starter Packs over the course of multiple releases. We’ll keep you updated as they’re coming and going though so you don’t miss out.
  • Added a whole bunch of new stuff that you’ll see over the coming weeks, including some festive items for the upcoming holidays.
  • When previewing a bundle, all included items will be shown equipped at the same time.
  • New UI transition to show which items in the store the player already owns.
  • Added a sweet “cutscene” to show off a purchased item instead of the “1 reward(s) added to inventory” popup.
  • Added ability to zoom in on cosmetics in the store.
  • Added item frames in the store to show item rarity.

Art, animation, and sound

  • Players can now emote on the Play screen.
    • Dance off while waiting for your teammate to hurry back with a drink.
  • Added audio effects to a number of emotes.
  • Can now toggle sound on/off when Spellbreak is in the background.


  • Chapter UI now more readily shows your next chapter unlock.
  • Chapter level progress is now displayed on the map screen.
  • When a player makes progress on a quest in match, a notification now pops up to let them know.
  • Hovering over an item in collections will now give a preview of that item.
  • Added the ability to “track” a quest, which makes them show up on the in-match quest UI.
  • Gamemode will now automatically adjust to accommodate party sizes.

Mastery Overhaul

We’re reworking a few major things here to prepare for some future features.

  • The XP required to level classes to 20 is now significantly lower than it was previously.
    • Existing earned XP will transfer over to the new curve, which means players may find themselves at a higher level than they were pre-patch.
    • Eventually, the current class mastery system and rewards will be retired, so we wanted to give you a heads up that if the higher level rewards are appealing to you, you should focus on getting them now. It’s still a ways off and we’ll give you plenty of notice, but even with the lowered XP curve, grinding all 6 classes to 20 is still quite the undertaking.
  • XP is no longer generated by damage done and time survived. Instead, XP is awarded in discrete amounts from achieving accolades in match.
    • We’ve added a large number of new accolades. It’s possible to earn a lot more XP in a given match, especially if you have a ‘good game’ where you pick up a bunch of accolades. It’s important for us to test this system out as it’s going to be built upon for some other features in the future. More info on that soon!
  • New UI shows by class type.
  • Gold granted by mastery levels is now shown in the reward’s title.
  • Mastery screen has custom backplates that correspond to the selected class type.


  • Elemental shrines have appeared across the map and will always spawn their matching gauntlet…
    • I wonder why!
  • Added POI in Shadowgrace valley.

Balance/Gameplay Changes:

  • Added VFX to show when a player is restoring health or armor.
    • This lets you see other players healing so you can do something about it.
  • Vital Stone now (again) gives a 25% movement speed boost while invulnerable.
    • Vital Stone’s use has fallen off over the past few months, partially due to an evolving meta, but also because people would pop it and then not be able to get away making it pretty lackluster. We’re reintroducing the movement speed boost, so when you’re invuln, it’s time to run!
  • Reduced Flight Rune speed when traveling upward.
    • Going (straight) up with Flight is becoming too common, even in the early/mid stages of the matches. Instead of preventing it entirely, we’ve slowed the rate of ascent (not lateral movement) to keep things from going too sky high.
  • Increased height of line-of-sight check for Teleport rune destination, making “Invalid Target” failures less frequent.
    • This make TP much smoother to use, especially when it made no sense why it was calling the target invalid.
  • Toxic puddles that have been lit on fire can now be extinguished by Ice Lance or Flash Freeze.
    • Just minor consistency here!
  • The radius of Lightning Storm has been reduced slightly to better match visuals (600cm → 575cm).
    • You know all those times where you swear you shouldn’t have been hit? Those should hopefully be less!
  • Fix unintentional height nerf of Updraft. It now lifts characters the same amount as it did in the Prologue.
    • Yay!
  • Fixed Ice Lance and Lightning Bolts sometimes tunneling through flames or Flash Freeze instead of getting blocked.
  • Fixed some occasional rubber-banding when skating on ice trails.
  • Fixed inconsistent deceleration when no movement input is provided while mid-air after skating on ice trails.
  • Fixed bug where making a poison cloud explode with fire would continue to block projectiles for a couple seconds after the flame has dissipated.

Nintendo Switch

  • Added separate horizontal and vertical gyroscope sensitivity.
  • Adjusted smoothing of gyroscope input for improved responsiveness.
  • Fixed a bug where gyroscope aiming would sometimes cause large snaps in camera rotation.
    • Finally. Hopefully.


  • Fixed a bug causing a spinner to go on forever in the quests tab.


  • Fixed a bug that caused players to be unable to immediately back out of the “Add Gold” shop when canceling a purchase.


  • Previously, purchasing a Chapter Pass with gold that would level your class or mage rank, the purchase could fail. This has been resolved.
  • Fixed a bug where players would sometimes rubber-band for up to 5 seconds, especially when first entering a match.
  • Edited level of detail properties on characters to lower the amount of perceived rubber banding on players who are far away.
  • Fixed the ‘Buy Chapter Pass’ option briefly appearing after entering Quests menu when the player already has the Chapter Pass.
  • Fixed a bug causing the Hinterland outfit to not stay equipped.
  • Stormseeker Slipstream Cloudburst VFX no longer lingers after landing.
  • Stalwart outfit is no longer completely black when facing a light source or standing in shadows.
  • Dusken Wake afterglow no longer appears stretched in the collections screen.
  • Fixed a bug causing the Mage Rank icon to appear black on the Match Experience screen when the starter outfit is equipped.
  • Re-added stone particles to Stone’s Plummet cloudburst after being erroneously removed.
  • The player card is now displayed properly upon returning to Main Menu from Solo BR, Practice, or Tutorial.
  • Denying an item ping after accepting it now correctly makes the ping disappear quickly.
  • Spellbreak no longer crashes when switching between the tabs on the Main Menu after the quests roll over from the previous week.
  • Resolved a bug causing rare amulets from exiled enemies to count towards the progress of the ’Epic Collector’ Honor quest.
  • Corrected the “Top Fifteen” quest never completing but continuously providing rewards.
  • “Top Fifteen” Daily Quest has been fixed to be “Top Ten” (it would also only give rewards if you were in the top 10).
  • Progress now correctly updates for the ‘Eye of the Storm’ quest on entering the 4th and later safe zones in a match
  • The completion of the first step in the Tutorial is now correctly tracked in the progression of the “Initiation” tutorial quest.
  • Fixed quest completion notifications on the after match summary screen that were showing the Gold icon as a reward instead of an XP icon.
  • Picking up an item while using the Spellslinger talent now correctly progresses the ‘Collect X item’ quests.
  • Honor quests UIs no longer change their sizes while scrolling through them.
  • Text in Quest widget on Play Tab no longer overlaps with Rewards icons.
  • Fixed a number of instances of gaps in terrain that let players teleport to unintended areas.
  • Fixed instances of LOD popping around Timberrend.
  • Fixed a number of instances around the map where chests were floating.
  • Fixed many instances of assets clipping into one another all around the map.
  • Spamming the “buy” button to purchase a cosmetic item no longer results in a purchase redemption error.
  • Rapidly changing tabs on the main menu no longer creates unintended additional highlights.
  • Fixed a number of mismatched textures on structures.
  • Fixed a bug that caused players to see their own status as “In Match” while in a party on the main menu.
  • Loading screen art now correctly scales to resolution in windowed mode.
  • Fixed a bug causing the potion consume UI to remain on the screen if a player dies while consuming one.
  • Fixed a bug causing SFX in the quest tab to layer over one another and play extremely loud.
  • Fixed delayed audio on some emotes.
  • Fixed an issue causing ambient sounds to not play in the main menu.

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