Sons of the Forest: How to Fix Cloud Save Not Working Issue In Multiplayer Mode

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Sons of the Forest is a survival horror game developed and published by Endnight Games. It is the sequel to the highly acclaimed The Forest game. The game has been praised for its graphics, sound design, and the ability to play both single-player and multiplayer modes. However, some players have reported that the Cloud Saves feature is not working in multiplayer mode.

Cloud Saves is a feature that allows players to save their game progress online and access it from any device. The Cloud Saves feature is beneficial for gamers who use different devices or computers. But in Sons of the Forest, it seems that some players have encountered issues with the Cloud Saves feature while playing in multiplayer mode. This problem could be frustrating for players who want to keep their progress intact. Therefore, it’s important for the game developers to address this issue promptly and ensure that the Cloud Saves feature works correctly in all game modes.

Sons of the Forest Cloud Save Not Working Issue In Multiplayer Mode: Any Fixes?

The Sons of the Forest Cloud Saves not working in Multiplayer mode issue has been causing frustration for players who have been eagerly anticipating this game. Despite attempts to reach out to the developers about this bug, no solution has been provided yet. The issue is not limited to just losing multiplayer mode save files, as some players have also experienced issues with loading their single-player progress.

As players know, saving progress in Sons of the Forest is a manual process, and the save folder is located somewhere on your PC. It is worth noting that in multiplayer mode, only the host’s save data is saved. This means that in order to continue playing with your friends, they will need to join your game by loading the world on their PC.

With no official fix available, some players have been attempting to use a workaround. This involves manually copying and pasting the saved files to another system in order to resume progress. However, this method is not always successful and may require some trial and error.


In conclusion, the Cloud Saves feature in Sons of the Forest is currently not working in multiplayer mode for some players. Endnight Games is aware of the issue and is working on a fix. In the meantime, players can use the workarounds mentioned above to continue playing with their friends. Hopefully, a fix will be released soon, and players can enjoy the game without any issues.

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