[Solved] Runelite Not Display Full-Screen On Windows 11: Here’s How To Fix It

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Among the classic MMORPGs that continue to thrive today, RuneScape stands out with its dedicated playerbase nearly 20 years after launch. Both RuneScape and Old School RuneScape contribute substantially to developer Jagex’s revenue, as seen in their 2021 financial reports. With 2024 underway, anticipation for RuneScape and OSRS remains strong. OSRS, in particular, has exceeded expectations since its release in 2013, quickly surpassing regular RuneScape in popularity. The open-source third-party client RuneLite has been instrumental to OSRS’s success by providing enhancements absent from the base game, making the acquisition of OSRS gold more engaging for players. However, many OSRS players have encountered an issue with RuneLite failing to display full-screen on the latest Windows 11 update. This can severely impact the gameplay experience and user satisfaction.

In this article, we’ll figure out why RuneLite has full-screen problems in Windows 11 and provide step-by-step solutions to resolve this headache for OSRS gamers. With a few simple tweaks and settings changes, you can once again enjoy Old School RuneScape through RuneLite with flawless full-screen capabilities on Windows 11.

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Fix Runelite Not Display Full-Screen On Windows 11: Here’s How To Do

One common problem many Old School RuneScape players face is getting Runelite to run in fullscreen properly on Windows 11. No official solution exists for this issue, so give these alternative methods a shot and see if any help. Fortunately, there are a few potential workarounds while we wait for an official fix.

Set the Game Client Layout to Modern or Classic

One of the easiest things to try is changing the game client layout within Runelite itself. Open the settings menu and go to the Display section. At the bottom, you’ll see an option for Game Client Layout – change this from Fixed to Resizable – Modern. The Resizable – Classic layout is another option if you prefer that look. This tweak to the display settings often helps launch Runelite in fullscreen.

Utilize the Stretched Mode Plugin

Another handy plugin that can improve fullscreen performance is Stretched Mode. Open the Plugin Hub in Runelite and search for Stretched Mode. Make sure to favorite it after installing so you can easily configure the settings. Play around with the Resizable Scaling slider until you get the ideal fullscreen display on your monitor. The Stretched Mode plugin is especially useful if you want to use the Fixed layout.

Select the Maximize Window Option

If Runelite is opening in a small window, look for the Maximize button in the top right corner next to the X close button. Clicking this forces the app into fullscreen. However, some users report this doesn’t always work properly. Still, it’s worth trying before moving on to other methods.

Consider Switching to the Steam Version of Runelite

While not an ideal solution, switching to the Steam version of Runelite could allow you to run the client in fullscreen on Windows 11. Of course, this means starting over without your current plugins and settings. But if you just want basic fullscreen functionality, the Steam edition may work better than the standalone version.

Reinstall Runelite as a Last Resort

If all else fails, uninstall Runelite completely and reinstall a fresh copy. There’s no guarantee this will work, as it seems to be an issue with Windows 11 itself. However, a complete reinstallation has resolved stubborn fullscreen problems for some users. Just make sure your account and settings are backed up before taking this step.

We’ve wrapped up everything about runelite not full-screen on windows 11. While we wait for a proper fullscreen fix on Windows 11, try these troubleshooting tips to get Runelite running smoothly. If you want more like this, stay connected with themrpc.com. Look out for updates and new articles on the site to feed your curiosity and stay in the know!

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