[Solved] Runelite Crashing On Steam Deck: Here’s How To Fix It

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The Steam Deck has been a great thing for Old School RuneScape fans who like to play on the move. But, there’s a pesky problem – the Runelite app keeps crashing on Steam, making gaming on the Deck a headache. Don’t fret though! This guide breaks down why Runelite acts up on the Steam Deck and gives simple fixes. We’ll look at potential issues with the game, hardware, or software and offer easy solutions. From updating drivers to tweaking in-game settings, we’ve got you covered. Read on to fix Runelite crashes on your Steam Deck and get back to your adventures hassle-free.

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How To Fix Runelite Crashing On Steam Deck

The Steam Deck is a powerful new handheld gaming system, but some users have reported issues with the popular Runelite client crashing frequently. Though there is no official fix available yet, creative Runescape players have discovered several effective workarounds. With a few simple tweaks, you can get Runelite running smoothly on Valve’s exciting new device.

Relocate to Internal Storage

If Runelite and SteamOS are fully updated, next try moving the client files. Many users install Runelite on a microSD card to save space on the Steam Deck’s internal drive. However, this external storage can sometimes cause stability issues. Copy Runelite over to the built-in SSD and launch it again from there. Many users have reported this eliminates frequent crashing.

Switch to Desktop Mode

If relocating Runelite doesn’t help, boot your Steam Deck into Desktop Mode rather than the standard Gaming Mode interface. For some unknown reason, this simple change allows many games and apps that crash frequently in Gaming Mode to run perfectly in Desktop Mode. It’s worth a shot if all else fails!

Try An Update

Before attempting any major changes, first check both the Steam Deck and Runelite for pending updates. Download and install any available patches. Major crashes are often fixed in newer versions, so this simple step could resolve your crashing problems.

Add as Non-Steam Game

Another option is adding Runelite as a Non-Steam Game in Desktop Mode. Open the Steam client and find the “Add a Non-Steam Game” option. Browse to the Runelite executable, add it, and try launching it through Steam. This tricks the Steam Deck into better compatibility, even with external apps like Runelite.

Clean Reinstall as Last Resort

If Runelite still crashes relentlessly, your last option is completely uninstalling and reinstalling a fresh copy. This isn’t guaranteed to work, but wiping the slate clean has resolved similar issues for some users. Make sure to delete any leftover Runelite files before reinstalling.

Seek Community Support

If all else fails, don’t give up hope! Ask for help on the official Runelite Discord server. Fellow players may have uncovered additional fixes or workarounds that could get Runelite running smoothly. The Runescape community is filled with avid fans happy to help fellow adventurers!


While Runelite crashes are frustrating, several proven methods exist to resolve this common Steam Deck issue. Don’t settle for a subpar experience. With a few simple tweaks, you’ll be scaping in Gielinor without stability issues or interruptions. Keep trying each workaround, and you’ll eventually find the right solution. The vast world of Runescape awaits – crash free at last!

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