[Solved] Madden 24 Steam Deck Wine Is Not Supported Error: Here’s How To Fix It

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Football fans eagerly anticipate the latest Madden NFL game each year, hoping for exciting new features. Unfortunately, recent versions have been just okay, much like the Cincinnati Bengals under coach Marvin Lewis. Madden NFL 24 aims to change that with significant improvements, but Steam Deck users are facing a frustrating “Wine is not supported” error. Thankfully with a few tweaks, you can get Madden running smoothly and experience all the hard-hitting football action. In this article, we’ll explain why this error happens and provide easy steps to fix it, so you can get back to enjoying the game on the go. From the root causes of the error to step-by-step fixes, this guide has everything you need to troubleshoot and correct the Steam Deck “Wine is not supported” issue. Let’s solve this frustrating error and get you back in the game!

Madden 24 Steam Deck Wine Is Not Supported Error: Here’s How To Fix It

The Steam Deck is an impressive handheld gaming PC that allows players to enjoy AAA titles on the go. However, Steam Deck users reported seeing a “Wine is not supported” error message when trying to run Madden NFL 24. This cryptic error understandably left many players scratching their heads, wondering why the game refused to cooperate with Valve’s Linux-based OS.

As it turns out, the error stems from an incompatibility between EA’s anti-cheat software and the Proton compatibility tool that enables Windows games to run on Linux. With Proton unable to launch the game properly, players receive the perplexing “Wine is not supported” message instead.

While disappointing, this setback is not insurmountable. With a few adjustments, Madden fans can enjoy the latest entry on the Steam Deck after all.

Dual Booting Windows 10

The most straightforward workaround is to install Windows 10 alongside the default SteamOS via dual booting. This involves creating a Windows installation on a MicroSD card and rebooting the Steam Deck into Windows when you want to play Madden.

Here’s a step-by-step overview of setting up dual boot (full details below):

  • Get a microSD card and a PC.
  • Download the Windows 10 ISO file.
  • Install the imaging tool Rufus on your PC.
  • Use the Media Creation Tool to make a Windows 10 ISO.
  • In Rufus, select your MicroSD card and the Windows ISO.
  • Complete the Windows install onto the MicroSD card.
  • Download Steam Deck Windows drivers from Valve and extract them.
  • Copy the extracted driver folders to the MicroSD card.
  • Eject the MicroSD card and insert it into the Steam Deck
  • Boot into BIOS and select the MicroSD to install Windows
  • Complete Windows setup and install the Steam Deck drivers
  • Install Steam and download Madden NFL 24
  • Enjoy your game!

Is This the Only Way?

Getting Madden 24 running on the Steam Deck via Windows dual boot is an unofficial workaround. The game is not fully supported on the platform. Some may find the process overly complex for one game.

Hope remains that EA will update the anti-cheat software to be Linux compatible, providing official support for the Steam Deck. Until then, this workaround at least provides a way to enjoy Madden on the go.

The game’s stubborn refusal to work on SteamOS highlights limitations in compatibility when mixing proprietary software and Linux. But with some tech know-how, even unfixable-seeming problems can be overcome. Dual booting Windows is like having two PCs in one, ready to play whatever Steam game you desire!

Here’s what you should do to have a good time with Madden 24 on the Steam Deck at the moment. If EA decides to back the game for the Deck in the future, we’ll definitely keep you informed. Until then, stay tuned for updates!

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