(Solved) Lethal Company Random Disconnecting From Server Issue: Here’s How To Fix It

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In the world of scary co-op games, there’s a game called Zeekerss’ Lethal Company that’s become really popular. It’s challenging other big games like Phasmophobia. Lots of people are excited to play it because it’s full of intense moments. But, like any game that gets famous fast, Lethal Company has some problems. One big issue players are facing is the Random Disconnecting From Server problem. This article is here to help you understand this problem better. We’ll talk about how common it is and give you some temporary fixes until the game makers can solve it for good. Plus, we’ll share important tips so your game time stays fun and not frustrating. Get ready to keep enjoying the spooky world of Lethal Company without any interruptions!

A Big Issue That Many People Are Facing: Lethal Company Server Disconnect Issue

Imagine you’re playing a video game, and suddenly, you get kicked out for no reason—that’s the “randomly disconnecting from the server” and it is a big deal. Lots of players have been talking about it on Steam forums, showing how many people are facing this issue. The gaming community is working together to find ways to fix it. It’s becoming clear that solving this problem quickly is not just something for the short term but is really important for the long-term success of Zeekerss’ Lethal Company. Fixing this issue right away is crucial to make the gaming experience better and keep the game popular and enjoyable.

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Quick Fixes for Lethal Company Server Disconnect Problem

While the game developers have yet to officially acknowledge and address the disconnection problem, players are not left entirely in the dark. Here are some proposed workarounds to tide you over until an official fix is released:

Check Your Internet Connection:

Before delving into game-specific solutions, it’s essential to ensure the stability of your internet connection. Simple actions such as restarting your router or performing a reset might help in alleviating the Random Disconnecting issue.

Restart the Lobby or Game:

A quick and straightforward remedy involves restarting either the lobby or the game itself. While this may not be a foolproof solution, it often serves as a temporary fix. If the problem persists, fret not; we have more tricks up our sleeve.

Switch to a Wired Connection:

In the age of wireless connectivity, sometimes reverting to the tried-and-true wired Ethernet connection can make a world of difference. Switching from Wi-Fi to a wired connection enhances stability, minimizing interruptions during your intense gameplay sessions.

Allow the Game Through Firewall:

Firewall issues can often be the culprit behind unexpected disconnections. To tackle this, follow our step-by-step guide on allowing Lethal Company through the Windows firewall settings. This might just be the key to a smoother gaming experience.

Change Server Status:

For those eager to stay proactive, checking the game’s server status is a valuable step. Direct yourself to the official Discord server for Lethal Company, where real-time updates on server maintenance are provided. Being in the know can save you from many a gaming hiccup.


In summary, while Zeekerss is actively working to fix the issue of getting randomly disconnected from the server in Lethal Company, players have some tricks to keep playing. These tricks are like short-term solutions, so fans can keep enjoying the spooky co-op adventures until the official fix is ready. Checking the game’s server status on the official Discord server is important, giving players a sense of control in the gaming world that can be a bit unpredictable.

While the developers are doing their best to stop these random disconnections, this article is here to give players hope. It guides them through the temporary fixes that can make their gaming experience smoother. And for those eager for more game tips, a future guide on using a compass in the game is on the way, promising to keep readers interested and encouraging them to explore more in the spooky world of Lethal Company.

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