[Solved] Lethal Company Lights Not Working Bug: Here’s How To Fix It

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Running through a spooky bunker in the dark with your pals, only to discover one of them is now a monster puppet. That’s Lethal Company, a co-op survival horror game. Explore haunted planets, grab loot, and sell it to eldritch bosses. It’s a blast, but the game’s still a work-in-progress with wonky graphics and no real story. Despite that, it’s gained huge popularity on Steam, hitting 170K players at its peak. But to keep the momentum, it needs to fix bugs like the Lights not working in Lethal Company, which messes with gameplay. Looking for a solution? Keep reading!

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Lethal Company Lights Not Working Bug: Here’s How To Fix It

Restart Both The Game And Your PC

Just take a moment to restart both the game and your computer – it’s a straightforward solution. Wondering why? Well, it’s a commonly employed method to troubleshoot problems. By doing this, you’ll be able to discern whether the issue is merely a momentary problem or if it persists. It’s a simple yet effective way to tackle glitches and ensure the smooth functioning of both the game and your PC.

Check LightSwitchNoMore Mod

Players on the Steam community suggest that if lights aren’t working in Lethal Company, check if others have the LightSwitchNoMore mod. This mod makes lights turn on for everyone when activated by a player with the mod. If lights turn off for everyone except you, ask others about the mod. If not, explore alternative solutions.

Boost Your Gamma/Brightness To The Max

Maximize your gaming experience by cranking up the gamma and brightness settings to their maximum levels. Enhance visibility and immerse yourself in the game by avoiding excessively low settings. Experiment with the highest brightness setting to assess its impact on visual clarity. If you find an improvement, great! If not, don’t worry—there are alternative methods and settings to explore and fine-tune for an optimal gaming display.

Fixing Game Files

Troubleshooting game issues often boils down to potential missing or corrupted files. If your game, like Lethal Company, is misbehaving, it’s possible that a key file is causing the problem. To address this, open your Steam client, navigate to the Library, and right-click on the game in question. Select Properties, go to Installed Files, and choose “Verify integrity of game files.” Let the process run its course. Once it’s done, restart your PC before relaunching the game. This verification and repair routine can often resolve issues stemming from file discrepancies, ensuring a smoother gaming experience.

Reinstall The Game

If the issue continues after trying the previous fixes, here’s what you can do: uninstall Lethal Company from your device, then download and install the game again. Check if the problem is resolved after the reinstallation. This thorough process should fix any lingering problems.

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