(Solved) Lethal Company Jetpack Not Working Issue: Here’s How To Fix It

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Going astray in Lethal Company is an adventure full of unlimited thrill for anyone who dares to venture into outer space. Seeking for deserted settlements of mankind on moon is extremely risky as risk can be found at every step. Survival in this situation is based on talent, good planning, and trustworthy jetpack that can make crossings through deep pits and climb up extraterrestrial rocks. While jetpack has been one of the best ways to navigate efficiently through the game, many people have reported that their jetpacks do not work well lately. As a result, this article will focus on the importance of the jetpack in lethal company, explain why it tends not to work correctly for some players, and suggest possible workarounds a player may try to fix full jetpack functionality. Unleash these solutions and your journey back to Lethal Company’s airspace begins here.

The Importance of the Jetpack In Lethal Company

Jetpack remains one of the essential items in Lethal company since it can be used for fast movement and accessing remote places. Contrarily, the use of a jetpack provides a wide range of advantages over conventional on-foot travel since it enables flying vertically thereby exposing multiple strategic options. Observant players should take to the air so that they can see valuable objects found in the environment or find high locations where one can plot for an attack. Daredevil jumps in between platforms seem possible only while wearing jetpack.

The player ships Terminal console, which is this game changing piece of tech, is where it may be acquired. It is also very expensive- it takes 700 credits for just its first purchase.” Nevertheless, smart players realize that they get better flexibility by using it up. The jetpack plays an important role as a trump card which overturns many physical hindrances prevalent on planet surface in the hand of a strategic gamer. When appropriately used, it can facilitate quick evacuations as well as meticulous penetrations. A properly used jetpack can quadruple a player’s chances of success.

Potential Workarounds: How To Fix Lethal Company Jetpack Not Working Issue?

Recent player reports indicate the jetpack has mysteriously ceased functioning for some users mid-game. This may be due to bugs, glitches or other unforeseen software issues that manifest differently on individual systems. Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. However, players can try various workarounds which may resolve their jetpack dilemmas on a case-by-case basis. The following tips highlight playing practices that mitigate common jetpack malfunctions. Pay heed to these words of wisdom and you may once again take to the skies jetpack-first.

Workaround 1: Prevent Excessive Load or Overheating

The jetpack, for all its power, has limitations in its fuel capacity and operating thresholds. Attempting death-defying feats like sustained vertical climbs or prolonged max-speed flights will deplete its fuel rapidly. This stresses the system and risks shorting out the jetpack’s circuits. In extreme cases, the strain will detonate the fuel cell in a spectacular mid-air explosion. To avoid this embarrassing fate, exercise restraint in your flights. Monitor your altitude, fuel levels, exterior temperature and flight speed. If the jetpack shows signs of overexertion, make an emergency landing to prevent catastrophic overheating. Let it cool down fully before attempting more flights. Think of your jetpack as you would a real-world helicopter. Pay exceedingly close attention to its status readouts and operational limits. This safe playing style reduces the chances of fatal jetpack failure.

Workaround 2: Make Sure You’re In A Wide, Open Area

The jetpack lets you zip around at incredible speeds in Lethal Company, but be cautious—the game world is filled with rocky overhangs, vines, and other obstacles. Trying to pull off fancy aerial moves in tight spaces might result in a disastrous collision with these hazards, possibly causing serious damage to your jetpack. To play it safe, only activate your jetpack when you’re in open areas. Before you take off, carefully look around to spot any obstacles that could get in your way. Seasoned Lethal Company players eventually develop a knack for distinguishing between jump-friendly zones and no-fly zones. If you’re unsure, it’s better to walk a bit to find a safer spot for takeoff than to risk your jetpack in hazardous terrain. Over time, this heightened awareness of your surroundings becomes second nature, reducing the chances of mid-air accidents.

Workaround 3: Ensure Your Jetpack Is Powered Up When Necessary

The jetpack offers great mobility, but you’ve got to keep its power cells charged for it to work at its best. If you forget to juice it up after using it a lot, the jetpack might go into power saving mode until it builds up enough energy to fly again. This could be why it suddenly cuts out during flight, even if you thought you had enough fuel. To avoid those awkward moments when your jetpack unexpectedly powers down, plug it into the charging stations on your ship after coming back from missions on the planet. Let it gobble up some electrons so it’s good to go for the next adventure. And don’t forget to check its charge level on the ship’s console before going on a marathon of flights. Starting with a fully charged jetpack reduces the chances of running out of power in the middle of the sky.

Workaround 4: Get The Jetpack Again If It’s Not Working

Even if you’ve done everything you can, your jetpack might stop working because of serious damage, an expired warranty, or manufacturing issues. Don’t worry, though! If that happens, you have the option to buy a shiny new jetpack from the Terminal Console. Just hop on there, type “Store,” then enter “Jetpack,” and give it the green light. But keep in mind, you’ll have to cough up another 700 credits for the replacement.


The jetpack is a crucial tool in Lethal Company, offering strategic advantages. However, some players face sudden malfunctions, making their jetpacks unusable. Solutions vary, but these tips might help: use the jetpack moderately, be aware of surroundings in tight spaces, always keep it charged, and consider getting a new one. With persistence, you can overcome jetpack issues and soar in Lethal Company. Visit themrpc.com for more tips, guides, and tricks. Armed with your trusty jetpack, victory is within reach. Game on!

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