[Solved] How To Fix Warhammer 40K Rogue Trader Crashing And Not Launching Issue?

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Warhammer 40k: Rogue Trader debuted On December 7, 2023, and dragged gamers into an eerie galaxy domination. A good choice in the context of those who want to explore deep lore and strategic game play in a diving setting. They provide an engaging and enjoyable experience owing to their divergent clans and profound character building. It might be difficult to understand its details initially, but once you put your time and effort into it, it will make you a hero on the battleground of the God emperor!

Despite its captivating setting and real-time tactics, Rogue Trader’s debut has been overshadowed by persistent crashes and launch failures, disrupting the otherwise immersive gaming experience. The stability problems are not solely attributed to mods; even when playing the unaltered base game, crashes persist.

As of now, an official patch is unavailable, leaving affected players on the quest for viable remedies to overcome these issues and fully savor the game.

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How To Fix the Warhammer 40K Rogue Trader Crashing And Not Launching Issue?

The development team at Big Ben Interactive has acknowledged crashing errors in the game’s official Discord channel. They confirmed being “aware of and investigating” crash reports while asking users to contribute relevant data through the reporting function. This indicates that an official patch could arrive later, but presently, players have to rely on makeshift fixes. The following sections discuss commonly recommended workarounds by players still enjoying the game despite crashes.

Staying Up-to-Date

Patches and updates for Rogue Trader could arrive without warning. Always install the latest patches when prompted by Steam to benefit from crash fixes deployed by Developers Big Ben Interactive. You can also regularly check the News section in Rogue Trader’s Steam forum for announcements of future updates.

Updating GPU Drivers

The most ubiquitous suggestion is updating to the latest Nvidia or AMD GPU drivers compatible with your system. Game crashes typically result from software conflicts and updating drivers establishes stability while delivering optimized performance.

Locate the hardware manufacturer website and download drivers issued over the last month. Follow the prompts to uninstall existing drivers and perform a clean install of the updates. Restart your system after the installation completes and check if Rogue Trader runs smoothly now.

Verifying Integrity of Game Files

Corrupted data files can also trigger crashes in games. Verify Rogue Trader’s integrity through Steam to identify such errors.

Right-click on Rogue Trader in your Steam library and select Properties followed by Local Files. Click the Verify Integrity of Game Files button and wait for the process to complete. Steam scans files and replaces any corrupted ones from its servers, resolving potential crashing issues.

Using Dedicated GPU

Laptop users, in particular, report fewer crashes when forcing Rogue Trader to use the dedicated Nvidia or AMD GPU. The integrated graphics processors on most laptops lack the robustness to run newer games.

Access the Nvidia Control Panel through the system tray icon and navigate to Manage 3D Settings. Select High-performance Nvidia processor as the preferred graphics processor for Rogue Trader under the Program Settings tab. Save changes and launch the game normally.

Tweaking In-Game Settings: Turn Off Vsync

Certain graphics settings negatively impact stability in Rogue Trader. Disable Vsync and instead limit the frame rate to 60 FPS or below. High FPS counts stretch system resources and contribute to crashes.

Open the in-game settings from the main menu before launching into a campaign. Turn off Vsync under Display and enable Custom FPS, setting this to 60 or lower. Tweak other settings like Anti-aliasing to reduce the graphics workload. Lower settings may impact visual quality but improve stability.

Reinstalling the Game

If you have tried all other troubleshooting methods without success, reinstall Rogue Trader completely and start afresh. This eliminates any remnants of outdated or corrupted files causing recurring issues.

Right-click on Rogue Trader in your Steam library again and choose to Uninstall it. Restart your system afterward and install Rogue Trader again through the Steam client. Test if crashes persist when launching a new game. If so, contact Big Ben Interactive support with details of your system specs and when the crashes occur.


In summary, Rogue Trader players frustrated by consistent crashes have several software tweaks available despite lack of a definitive fix presently. Updating GPU drivers, running Rogue Trader as the active app on a dedicated graphics card, verifying local game files, limiting FPS, turning off Vsync represent accessible workarounds with decent outcomes reported. Keeping the game updated also factors as an important crash mitigation aide. Though inconvenient, reinstalling Rogue Trader also resets all files to prevent instability. Hopefully the developers will prioritise a comprehensive crash fix soon.

We hope these fixes help you enjoy Rogue Trader’s compelling world and gameplay while we wait for permanent solutions from its developers. You can visit themrpc.com for more tips on running games smoothly or resolving crashes for other titles as well. Game on!

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