[Solved] How To Fix The Finals “The Application Has Encountered an Unexpected” Error?

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As a passionate gamer, there’s nothing more disheartening than reaching the climax of a gaming marathon, only to be blindsided by an unforeseen error. This recently happened to countless gamers playing the popular battle royale game “The Finals”, who were gearing up for an epic showdown, only to be thrown off by a frustrating dialog box reading “The application has encountered an unexpected error. Please try again later”.

Understandably, this vague error message resulted in outrage on gaming forums and communities. Players who had invested hours honing their skills and strategizing felt robbed of a fair gaming experience. While the developers continue working on a permanent fix, gamers are seeking immediate solutions to resolve the error on their end and finally finish the grand finale they were anticipating.

By examining the potential reasons behind this unexpected crash and exploring troubleshooting techniques, players can equip themselves to fix the error prompt interfering with their enjoyment of The Finals.

The Finals “The Application Has Encountered an Unexpected” Error

In the fast-paced world of gaming, even experienced players can face unexpected issues from various sources like outdated graphics drivers and Windows files. Corrupted game settings and intense features like overclocking can also lead to instability. While the cause of The Finals error is still unknown, frustrated gamers should avoid quick reactions. Instead, a strategic and methodical approach to testing solutions is crucial. By identifying the factors behind the error, players can find the best troubleshooting path.

Starting with simple fixes like updating drivers before delving into advanced configurations improves the chances of stabilizing the game without risky trial-and-error.

How To Fix The Finals “The Application Has Encountered an Unexpected” Error?

Solution 1: Updating Graphics Card Drivers

Given their integral role in rendering complex gaming graphics and visuals, graphics card drivers provide a logical starting point for resolving unexpected errors. Gamers may be using outdated drivers that are incompatible with the updated gaming software. Graphics driver conflicts are a common source of errors like game crashes. Regular checks for newer driver versions and updates on manufacturers’ websites can prevent such issues.

For instance, Nvidia and AMD periodically release Game Ready Driver updates specifically optimized for recently launched titles like The Finals. Instead of waiting for automatic driver updates, proactive installation of these latest releases may resolve instability triggered by outdated drivers. Remember to carefully follow the guidelines while uninstalling existing drivers before restarting your system and installing the new drivers. Keep track of any changes in error occurrence as you test running The Finals application post driver update.

Solution 2: Update The Finals

Using an outdated version of The Finals can result in a range of issues, such as encountering the frustrating “The application encountered an unexpected error” message. It’s advisable to promptly update your game to the most recent version, especially given the early stage of development where numerous bugs may surface.

Solution 3: Updating Windows OS

Apart from hardware drivers, an outdated Windows OS can also impact gaming performance. Newer iterations of popular games harness features exclusive to recent Windows versions. The Finals game could be leveraging advanced media encoding or authentication modules only available in the latest Windows updates.

Hence, gamers should ensure they are running the most recent Windows version fitted to their machine’s specifications. Visit Microsoft’s update page to check for pending OS fixes and patches. While Windows updates bring vital security and feature improvements, some updates have unfortunately been notorious for introducing fresh issues. So gamers should closely examine post-update behavior of other applications to rule out any wider problems before zeroing in on The Finals error.

Solution 4: Deleting Game Config Files

Savvy gamers fine-tune options via game config files that control graphics, gameplay physics and other adjustable parameters for customized gaming. However, corrupted files or botched customization settings could certainly trigger unexpected errors.

Before reinstalling the entire Finals game as a last resort, players should first attempt resetting all custom options controlled by these config files. The location varies based on game and platform, but these files typically reside in default folders like Documents or AppData. Deleting or renaming these files can automatically restore default game settings which may stabilize its functioning.

Observe the game’s performance in this default state before attempting reconfiguration. If the error vanishes, you know one of the earlier customized parameters was the smoking gun.

Solution 5: Turning Off Xmp And Adjusting Overclock Settings

To maximize gaming PC performance for competitive titles like The Finals, enthusiasts often overclock system components like CPU, GPU and RAM. This extracts extraordinary capacity by pushing hardware beyond factory-tested safety limits. Similarly, the XMP or Extreme Memory Profile setting tweaks RAM to exceed standard specifications.

But peak overclocking paired with XMP profiles applies tremendous stress that could ultimately overwhelm and crash gaming software. The Finals may be triggering emergency shutdowns in CPUs and GPUs pushed dangerously beyond thermal thresholds by unrelenting gaming usage under overclocked conditions for extended durations.

Gamers should disable XMP settings and revert all overclocked components to default conservative settings using their system’s BIOS or UEFI firmware interface. If you observe The Finals now running smoothly sans unexpected errors, consider incrementally adding back overclocking one component at a time while stress testing for stability. This controlled approach localizes the specific overclocked component responsible for the error.

Solution 6: Check Firewall and Antivirus Software

To make The Finals game run super fast and smooth, the developers added some special security steps. But sometimes, these steps can make your computer’s Firewall and Antivirus software think there’s a problem when there isn’t. This might happen because the protection software sees something in the game as a threat and stops it from working.

If this is happening to you, check your computer’s security settings. You might need to tell the protection software that The Finals game is okay by adding it to a special list. Another option is to turn off parts of the protection software while you play, but don’t forget to turn it back on when you’re done to keep your computer safe.

Solution 7: Reinstall The Finals

If you’ve tried all the troubleshooting steps but still can’t get the game to work, you might want to uninstall it and then reinstall it. This can help fix problems with the game files that might be causing issues. So, if nothing else has worked, give uninstalling and reinstalling a shot—it could be the solution you’re looking for!


Even though gamers might feel annoyed about the Finals gaming tournament being delayed, taking proactive steps as suggested can help them defeat the “unexpected error” challenge. As gaming tech advances with VR and cloud services, developers grapple with growing complexities, making flawless initial versions tricky. Overcoming these early issues should inspire gamers chasing glory in tournaments like The Finals. Instead of waiting endlessly for official fixes, using the right tech skills ensures victory against unexpected errors for players eager to finish the final fight.

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