Have you been grappling with the Finals MISSING_ANGELSCRIPT_CALLSTACK error and seeking a solution? Well, you're in luck because we've successfully addressed this issue. Wondering how to fix it? Let's delve into the steps to resolve the MISSING_ANGELSCRIPT_CALLSTACK error that might be bothering you during your The Finals Gameplay.

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Game crashes and errors can be super annoying, messing up the fun of playing. This is a big deal in story-driven games like The Finals. Imagine getting a sudden Blue Screen of Death or a weird MISSING_ANGELSCRIPT_CALLSTACK error – it totally ruins the experience.

In this guide, we’ll go step by step to fix the MISSING_ANGELSCRIPT_CALLSTACK error that’s bothering excited Final players. We’ll figure out the possible issues, like outdated graphics card drivers or too much overclocking, and help players get back to enjoying the game’s awesome stories and worlds.

With these solutions, The Finals fans can kick those error messages and crashes to the curb. Let’s check out the different ways to get rid of MISSING_ANGELSCRIPT_CALLSTACK errors and BSOD crashes once and for all.

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Fix 1: Disable GPU Overclocking

Much like CPU and RAM overclocking, pushing your graphics card performance to the extreme can introduce game crashes while seeking peak frame rates. Using the GPU control panel or your third-party overclocking software, reset your graphics card to standard default clock speeds and power limit. This eliminates GPU overclocking instability as the culprit.

Fix 2: Verify You Have The Latest Graphics Card Drivers

Outdated graphics card drivers are a common source of game crashes, compatibility issues, and error messages. To rule out any driver-related causes, first confirm you are running the absolute latest drivers tailored specifically for your graphics card model.

Visit the official website for your NVIDIA, AMD, or other GPU manufacturer. Input your graphics card model to download drivers guaranteed to feature support and optimizations for The Finals. Carefully follow the installation instructions. Once updated, relaunch the game to see ifUpdated graphics drivers frequently patch bugs and improve how games utilize your hardware.

Fix 3: Perform a Full Operating System Update

Alongside graphics card drivers, an outdated Windows operating system can also introduce performance issues and instability in games. Press Windows Key + I to access Settings, then navigate to Update & Security. Click Check for Updates and install all pending Windows and driver updates.

Scheduling regular operating system updates is vital – new patches continuously address vulnerabilities, improve compatibility across hardware and software, and smooth over game performance. Stay vigilant in keeping Windows up to date.

Section 4: Revert Any Overclocking and Enable Default BIOS Settings

Aggressive overclocking of components like RAM and the CPU can impart dramatic boosts in benchmark performance. However, intemperate overclocking also risks game crashes and errors like MISSING_ANGELSCRIPT_CALLSTACK.

Upon startup, rapidly press the BIOS access key – Delete, F1, F2, F10, or F12 depending on your system. Now locate settings like Extreme Memory Profile (XMP), Precision Boost Overdrive (PBO) and revert any overclocking to default conservative settings. This will provide greater system stability for smooth Final sessions.

Fix 5: Enable PBO Enhancement in BIOS

If you’re rocking an AMD CPU, you’ve got a nifty trick up your sleeve called Precision Boost Overdrive (PBO) to give your system a performance boost. To kick things into gear, head over to your BIOS or UEFI settings and hunt down the PBO option.

Flip the switch to activate it, save your changes, and voila! This little tweak might just be the fix for that pesky MISSING_ANGELSCRIPT_CALLSTACK error, making your system sail smoothly, especially when you’re deep into The Finals gameplay.

Fix 5: Remove Old Configuration Files

Corrupted or outdated Final configuration files lingering from previous playthroughs can also interfere with stability. Press Windows Key + R to open the Run dialog, then enter “%APPDATA%\\Local\\Discovery\\Saved\\SaveGames” and press OK.

This will open your local Final game data folder. Delete all files present to fully clear old config files and force them to regenerate from scratch. With aged configs removed, launch the game again to see if error messages have been resolved.


Solving annoying game crashes and errors, like the tricky MISSING_ANGELSCRIPT_CALLSTACK, involves carefully identifying potential issues. We’ve covered updating graphics drivers, Windows, BIOS tweaks, removing overclocks, and deleting old configs—addressing each aspect methodically to pinpoint and eliminate problems for long-term stability.

By being patient and dedicated to the troubleshooting process, fans of The Finals can enjoy uninterrupted gameplay, free from BSODs and error messages. Dive into the immersive storytelling without worrying about sudden crashes. Stay vigilant for smooth performance, and with the provided guide, experience error-free adventures in The Finals fantasy realms.

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