[Solved] How To Fix Sims 4 Weather Cheats Not Working Issue?

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Video games, like The Sims 4, are a fun way for people worldwide to unleash their creativity and enjoy interactive stories. However, when game glitches mess with our plans, it’s a major buzzkill. Take Sims players using cheat codes to control everything from weather to unlimited cash. But sometimes, these cheats just don’t play along, leaving players scratching their heads. Imagine trying to create a snowy paradise for your Sims, only to see no snow. It’s confusing and frustrating when your gaming tricks fail. Today, we’ll figure out why Sims 4 weather cheats misbehave and how to fix them. Let’s get back to making our Sims’ worlds exactly how we want them!

Possible Reasons For Sims 4 Weather Cheats Not Working

Before rushing to complex solutions, it helps to understand what simple oversights or snags could cause weather manipulations in The Sims 4 to fail. Reviewing two common reasons why cheats suddenly stop functioning can set the stage for effectively troubleshooting them:

1. Incorrect Entry of Cheats

With so many cheat codes in the game, it’s easy to mess up and use the wrong combination when trying to control the weather. A tiny mistake like flipping words or missing a comma can make the game not recognize our command, and the weather stays the same. Small errors are hard to catch, especially with similar cheat syntax. For instance, changing just one digit in codes like “weather.precipitation 0” and “weather.precipitation 5” can mess up the desired effect.

2. Game File Issues

Mistakes by players and glitches within the game’s files can both mess up weather cheats in The Sims 4. Just like any software, updates might introduce unexpected bugs, confusing the game and causing issues with cheats. Additionally, corrupted files or outdated player-made additions can throw off the game’s stability, leading to a breakdown in weather manipulation tools.

So, whether it’s a simple typo or a more complex technical glitch, there are various reasons why your reliable weather tricks might suddenly stop working.

Workarounds For Fixing Weather Cheats Not Working Issue In Sims 4

While the root causes may not always have simple solutions, players do have several practical troubleshooting steps to restore their weather-bending powers. We can methodically attempt each workaround to reestablish cheat functionality:

Fix 1: Restart the Game

After extended gameplay sessions, restarting The Sims 4 can clear out temporary glitches or memory issues interfering with commands like weather cheats. Completely closing then reopening the application forces key systems to fully reload. It’s one of the easiest early fixes to try when running into problems.

Fix 2: Repair Game Files

When other quick fixes like restarting don’t resolve weather cheat issues, file corruption is likely the culprit. Digitally verifying and restoring game data can set things right again. This process differs slightly depending on where you purchased the game:

1. EA Desktop App Method

For Windows users who bought The Sims 4 via the EA app, head to your game library and click the three dots by the Play button then select “Repair”. This scans files and restores any damaged ones automatically.

2. Epic Method

If playing the game through Epic Games, verifying file integrity is done through launch settings. Click the three dot menu by the Play button then Manage>Verify. Damaged data gets checked against the original.

3. Steam Method

For copies purchased via Steam, right click The Sims 4 in your library and go to Properties>Local Files>Verify Integrity of Game Files. Steam compares installed files against expected data to pinpoint and restore corrupt portions.

Fix 3: Manually Enter Cheats

Rather than relying on save files with cheats already activated, manually enter them again from scratch. This guarantees you input the right codes accurately yourself, bypassing any potentially faulty saved settings. Double-check the proper cheat formats from online references when typing them manually to avoid typos.

Fix 4: Ensure testingCheats is Set to True

Since cheats are considered testing/debugging tools by the game, players need to enable the proper permission first. Within the game, hit control + shift+ C to open the command console then type “testingCheats true” and hit enter first before attempting any other weather cheats. This toggle allows cheat functionality to work during that gameplay session.

Fix 5: Enter Cheats in Live Mode

To ensure cheats work correctly, activate them during gameplay, not from the main menus. Click the Play button after loading your saved game to enable testingCheats and weather codes.

If you encounter issues, fixing your game copy should restore affected files and resolve problems like unresponsive weather cheats.


The Sims 4, like any complex software, may throw unexpected challenges when players try to control weather or use cheats. However, following simple steps like restarting the game, checking cheat accuracy, ensuring game file integrity, and timing cheat entry correctly can restore players’ control.

With these solutions, players can avoid disruptions in gameplay caused by weather cheats not working. These insights empower fans to address unforeseen issues, fixing bugs and oversights so virtual families can enjoy the desired weather settings. Whether it’s orchestrating thunderstorms, creating serene spring days, or crafting winter wonderlands, unlocking The Sims 4’s weather customization is a game-changer. Game on!

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