[Solved] How To Fix Lethal Company Mouse Not Working Issue?

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With its creepy abandoned industrial landscapes and hordes of terrifying monsters, the new co-op horror game Lethal Company has captured the imagination of gamers everywhere. However, amidst the excitement, some players have faced an unexpected challenge the mouse not working issue in Lethal Company. Thankfully, there are a few potential fixes that should exorcise this demon and have you surviving space horrors in no time. In this guide, we explore the thrilling world of Lethal Company and provide a comprehensive solution to fix Lethal Company mouse not working problem that has left many players puzzled.

[Solved] How To Fix Lethal Company Mouse Not Working Issue

How To Fix Lethal Company Mouse Not Working Issue?

Restart Both Game And PC

Initiate a restart as your initial troubleshooting step. Begin by restarting the game and then proceed to reboot your entire computer. This will help determine if the problem persists. Should the issue persist despite the restart, proceed to explore the subsequent solution.

 Delete Everything In LocalLow Path

Consider attempting a potential solution recommended by a player – the idea involves removing specific game files. To execute this, navigate to the designated paths where the files are stored:

1. Head to the directory: C:\Users\ YourUsernameFolder]\AppData\LocalLow\ZeekerssRBLX\LethalCompany
2. Find the folder named “Local” and delve into its “temp” subfolder.
3. Inside the “temp” folder, you’ll locate the files associated with LethalCompany.

Give this method a shot, and see if it helps address the issue you’re facing in the game.

Turn Off The Startup Console

To solve the mouse issue in your game, try turning off the startup console. It seems one player fixed the problem that way. The console that appears when the game starts can mess with Steam Overlay and make your mouse stick. Just go to the game’s folder, find BepInEx > config > BepInEx.cfg, open it in a text editor, and set “Enabled” under [Logging.Console] to “false.” Save and launch the game. Here how you get do ity easily:


Enables showing a console for log output.
# Setting type: Boolean
# Default value: false
Enabled = false

Verify Integrity Of Game Files

The problem at hand might stem from the fact that some essential files are possibly missing from the Lethal Company game. To resolve this issue, the straightforward solution is to repair the game files. Here’s how you can go about it:

1. Launch Steam and navigate to your Library.
2. Right-click on Lethal Company and choose Properties.
3. Move on to the Installed Files tab.
4. Click on the option to Verify the integrity of game files.

Update Lethal Company To The Latest Version

Ensure that your Lethal Company is up-to-date with the newest version. Additionally, take the initiative to install any updates for both your mods and Windows operating system. In case the standard updating process proves unproductive, explore alternative methods for resolving the issue. It’s crucial to stay on top of these updates to optimize your experience and address any potential issues.

To sum it up, we’ve discussed the key elements of resolving the problem with Lethal Company mouse not working and offered the most effective solution available. If you’re looking for more in-depth information and detailed guides, be sure to keep an eye on themrpc.com.

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