Samsung Teases a New Vertical Foldable Smartphone Concept

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Samsung is working on a new form factor for foldable smartphone. On October 29th, Samsung revealed the new concept of vertical foldable smartphone at the SDC19 event. This was quite different than the horizontal folding designs we have seen in Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X. These were the smartphones converted into tablets when unfolds. But the new concept shows Samsung would adopt old flip style phone concept for the next foldable smartphone. The new design converts a regular smartphone into a clamshell phone when you fold it from the middle vertically. This is very much similar to the old Motorola RAZR phone design that is going to be resemble.

Earlier reports:

Back in September, a very popular tipster @iceuniverse leaked a poster of the Samsung W20 5G (W2020) smartphone which had a foldable design. The design matches the new concept shared by the Shout Korean company at the Samsung Developer Conference. Earlier this month, a leaked poster from a Chinese carrier showed the silhouette of a foldable phone said to be the “Samsung W20 5G.”

The recent rumored smartphone with model number SM-F700F and 256GB internal storage could be the foldable smartphone that Samsung is developing. But this is still not clear whether it will be Galaxy Fold 2 or Samsung W20 5G. For it, we have to wait few more days.

The next folding Samsung may get unveiled at the 2020 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February, if the company sticks to a similar launch time frame as this year.

Final Words:

We have to say, while the Galaxy Fold seems like a device that isn’t for everyone, this new vertical foldable smartphone could be the best product. After all, once you unfold it, you’ll have a regular smartphone.

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