Samsung Galaxy Bloom will be the next foldable smartphone, might unveiled on February 11th

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Samsung has recently announced that the company is going to organize a big event in San Francisco on February 11 in which the company will present its new technology and products to the world. Samsung has named its event as ‘ Galaxy UNPACKED ‘. Although the company has not yet told which Samsung devices will be introduced on this day, but there is a discussion that the company will expand its ‘Galaxy S Series’ on February 11 as well as bring the brand’s next foldable phone to the tech world. At the same time, before the launch, it has been revealed that this new foldable phone of Samsung will be named Galaxy Bloom.

According to the information received, Samsung has unveiled the name of its upcoming foldable smartphone and this new device of the company will enter the tech market with the name Samsung Galaxy Bloom. South Korean Publications reported in its report that Samsung had a meeting yesterday during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020, which was attended by Samsung Electronics CEO DJ Koh as well as several senior officials. And at the same meeting, showing the slide show of Samsung’s upcoming foldable phone, the company has revealed that this smartphone will be launched with the name Galaxy Bloom.

Samsung Galaxy Bloom

A photo of Galaxy Bloom has also been leaked from the meeting organized by the company in which the phone is shown. According to media reports, the Galaxy Bloom will have a 13.3-inch long display which will fold inwards. In the photo, the camera setup is also visible on the back panel of the phone, which is located in the horizontal shape on the upper right. This camera setup is expected to include two camera sensors. After seeing the photo, it is being speculated that after folding the Samsung Galaxy Bloom, the upper part of its display will remain slightly out and perhaps the time and other notifications will be visible on it. However, it is still a little difficult to say anything concrete about Galaxy Bloom, for this Samsung will have to wait for the announcement.

Samsung Galaxy Bloom will be the next foldable smartphone, might unveiled on February 11th 1

Galaxy UNPACKED 2020

Talking about the event organized by Samsung on February 11, the company can launch its S series smartphone on this day with the name Galaxy S11 or Galaxy S20. It is being said about Galaxy Bloom that Samsung’s upcoming foldable phone will have Snapdragon 865 processor. At the same time, the front camera in the device will be 10-megapixels. Apart from this, information has come out that production of Galaxy S20 4G and Galaxy S20 + 4G smartphones offered inside the Samsung Galaxy S20 series has started in India. This means that the 5G version of the Galaxy S20 series will not be available in the Indian market.

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