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Rogue Company Update 1.49 Patch Notes released on February 6th

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Hi-Rez Studios is rolling out a new update 1.49 for Rogue Company. The latest update is now live from February 6th and there are lots of features are added and also fixes some other issues with the game. The Rogue Company Update 1.49 is now live, and the player can be able to download it. The download size of the file can be different for different platform. For the PS4 players, it is about 296MB in size. The size of the download can vary depending on the platform. The update adds the new sabotage LTM mode, among other things.

New Mode: Sabotage for Rogue Company Update 1.49

In this new update 1.49, Hi-Rez Studios is coming with a new limited time mode (LTM) called Sabotage. Each round of this 4v4 match will last for 4 minutes. Both teams fight to take control of a neutral bomb and plant it in to the enemy team’s zone. There is no defense time once you plant the bomb. The team will win by planting the bomb or having the most tickets left when the round ends.

The respawn time is 7 second and you can respawn as many times as you like until you ran out of tickets. A best of five rounds will be picked which decide the winner. Each time team side will change. Below is the complete detail about Rogue Company update 1.49 patch notes.

Rogue Company Patch Notes 1.49 / 0.56

LTM Sabotage

  • Each round lasts 4 minutes.
  • Each team has 40 tickets.
  • The respawn time is 7 seconds.
  • A team wins by planting the bomb or having the most tickets left when the round ends.
  • There is no defend time once you plant the bomb.
  • While a player is holding the bomb, they are revealed to friendlies in green and enemies in gold.
  • The bomb will reset where it spawns if it gets thrown off the map or is idle for 30 seconds.

General Fixes

There are some general fixes also have been made in this update:

  • The developers have fixes for some crashing issue and also some glitches.
  • With Rogue Company Update 1.49, the developers have made the Matchmaking improvements.
  • The audio-related issues have been addressed with this update.
  • The developers have also made the issues related to UI with this update.

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