Lost Ark’s Rethramis Adventure Tome Guide: Everything You Need to Know

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While Lost Ark: Rethramis is a great game altogether, it’s designed with the RPG gamer in mind. It means that the story mode of the game can be very challenging for a newbie, in which case you need our help — and thus, the Lost Ark: Rethramis adventure tome guide was made.

Dive into the land of Rethramis with a helpful walkthrough of the Lost Ark: Rethramis adventure book! You will also get detailed maps to guide you through every dungeon, boss, and monster that can be found in the tome.

Learn the secrets of Finding Adventure Tome Collectibles in Rethramis guide. This guide will give you a map of the whole region and all the locations to collect each item.

Rethramis Adventure Tome All Collectibles Guides

In this article you will find the maps and explanations for all of the Lost Ark Adventure Tome Collectibles in the Rethramis Region. The Rethramis Region contains these maps:

  • Ankumo Mountain
  • Loghill
  • Prideholme
  • Rethramis Border

Collectibles You Will Need in Adventure Tome

The Adventure Tome is another collecting adventure within Lost ark, similar to the Mokoko Seeds we cover extensively. In these guides you will find all you need to get to the locations of any collectibles in the Adventure Tome. These include:

  • Hidden Stories
  • Unique Monsters
  • Vistas
  • Field Bosses
  • Cooking Items
  • Ingredients

You will also want to run each dungeon at least once on normal difficulty, and once on hard difficulty, to complete your adventure tomes. In addition, you will need to kill monsters in the region for chances to drop unique collectible drops. These are not bound to certain areas and therefore there will not be a map shown here for those random drops.

Map Credits

The maps provided on these pages are created and credited by Papunika.com. We provide this post as it will be easier to reach us through Google Search. Unfortunately it is hard to find them on google when you search these terms due to the design of the interactive maps. Papunika has a great interactive map that you should use if you are looking to navigate these maps often. Otherwise, feel free to browse and use our search function for more maps.

Ankumo Mountain Adventure Tome Collectibles

On the Ankumo Mountain map, you can find:

  • 2 Hidden Stories
  • 4 Unique Monsters
  • 1 Vista Location
  • 1 Dungeon to Complete

Ankumo Mountain Lost Ark

Loghill Adventure Tome Collectibles

On the Loghill map, you can find:

  • 2 Hidden Stories
  • 2 Unique Monsters
  • 1 Ingredient
  • 4 Vista Locations
  • 1 Dungeon to Complete

Loghill- Lost Ark

Prideholme Adventure Tome Collectibles

On the Prideholme map, you can find:

  • 4 Hidden Stories
  • 2 Food
  • 1 Ingredient
  • 1 Vista Location

Prideholme- lost ark

Rethramis Border Adventure Tome Collectibles

On the Rethramis Border map, you can find:

  • 3 Hidden Stories
  • 3 Unique Monsters
  • 1 Field Boss
  • 1 Food
  • 1 Ingredient
  • 2 Vista Locations
  • 1 Dungeon to Complete

Rethramis Border-Lost Ark


If you’ve ever taken a stroll through Rethramis, you know how overwhelming it can be to find specific collectibles. It’s also not exactly huge, so you don’t even have that as an excuse. Fear not! We’ve got a full map right here to help you navigate the entire region, including the locations of all the Rethramis Adventure Tome collectibles within it. We wish you the best in your adventures and hope that this guide helps you to get off to a quick start in the world of Lost Ark.

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