Remnant 2 Update 1.000.017: Explore The Awakened King DLC And More

Discover all the cool new stuff in Remnant 2 with the latest update, Version 1.000.017. This big update adds exciting things, especially The Awakened King DLC. Get ready for lots of fun experiences in Remnant 2, with better gameplay and a cool story from The Awakened King DLC. There's so much to check out and enjoy as you play Remnant 2!

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Exciting gaming news! Remnant 2 has released a new update, version 1.000.017, creating a buzz among PC, Xbox, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 gamers. This Remnant 2 Update 1.000.017 brings lots of cool new stuff and fixes to make your gaming experience even better. But the real highlight is The Awakened King DLC. It’s a highly awaited addition that adds new challenges and adventures to the already awesome Remnant universe. If you’re a gaming enthusiast, this update is a must-see!

Remnant 2 Update 1.000.017 Patch Notes: Explore What’s New?

Dive into The Awakened King DLC

One of the most anticipated features of this update is The Awakened King DLC. As players embark on a journey through the Remnant universe, they’ll encounter new challenges, formidable foes, and captivating lore. The Awakened King DLC introduces an array of thrilling content, expanding the game’s narrative and providing players with an immersive experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

Matchmaking Regions for Seamless Connections

In response to player feedback, the Remnant 2 update 1.000.017 introduces a significant quality-of-life improvement—matchmaking regions. Now, players can easily connect with others in their region, ensuring smoother and more stable online gameplay. Whether you’re exploring dungeons or tackling challenging bosses, the matchmaking regions feature enhances the multiplayer aspect, making it more accessible and enjoyable for players worldwide.

Addressing Player Data Issues

The update addresses a critical issue where player data wasn’t consistently saved when a host exited or removed them from a session. This fix ensures that players’ hard-earned progress is securely recorded, preventing any unwarranted setbacks. With a more stable save system, players can focus on conquering the challenges that Remnant 2 presents without the fear of losing their accomplishments.

Bug Fixes and Gameplay Enhancements

A myriad of bug fixes and gameplay improvements accompany this update, demonstrating the developers’ commitment to refining the gaming experience. From addressing achievement acquisition issues to fixing the misalignment of the Engineer’s Flamethrower Turret projectile, the patch notes showcase a thorough dedication to quality and detail.

Gear and Items Tweaks

The Remnant 2 update 1.000.017 doesn’t just stop at bug fixes; it also fine-tunes various gear and items. For instance, the Fae Shaman Ring now works seamlessly with the Dense Silicon Ring, and the One-Eyed Joker amulet no longer interferes with projectile directions. These adjustments ensure that players can fully enjoy the benefits of their equipment without unexpected quirks.

Enemy Encounters and Environments

The gaming world of Remnant is rich and diverse, and this update ensures that players encounter a more polished and challenging environment. Fixes for aberrations’ spawn rates and addressing issues with specific enemy behaviors, such as the Cube Boss glitch creating a safe spot, contribute to a more immersive and dynamic gaming experience.

User Interface Refinements

The user interface (UI) receives some attention in this update as well. Descriptions for mods now accurately reflect damage changes when equipping rings, and missing health bars for some aberrations are now a thing of the past. These refinements contribute to a more user-friendly interface, allowing players to navigate the game seamlessly.

Miscellaneous Fixes for a Seamless Adventure

The developers leave no stone unturned, even addressing minor issues like players getting trapped on Yaesha due to collision problems. These miscellaneous fixes may seem small but collectively contribute to creating an environment where players can fully immerse themselves in the Remnant 2 universe without hindrances.


In conclusion, the Remnant 2 update 1.000.017 is more than just a patch—it’s a gateway to new adventures, challenges, and an overall enhanced gaming experience. With The Awakened King DLC at the forefront and a plethora of fixes and improvements, players can look forward to diving back into the Remnant universe with renewed enthusiasm. If this update is any indication, the developers are dedicated to providing a gaming experience that continues to evolve and captivate its audience. Stay tuned for further updates, and may your journey through Remnant be filled with triumphs and epic encounters.

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