Reliance Jio launched VoWi-Fi calling service across India, make voice and video call without network

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Recently, Airtel has introduced Voice over Wi-Fi (VoWi-Fi) service in India. We all well aware from the battle between Jio and Airtel in the telecom sector in India. Now, carry forwarding this battle, finally, Reliance Jio has also officially introduced VoWi-Fi service. Another technology for calling before the beginning of 5G network is viewed as the appearance of new era for voice calling.

This Voice over Wi-Fi (VoWiFi) feature can be utilized where there is a network issue. Users without a network can make a call to anybody through a Wi-Fi connection. With the use of Jio Wi-Fi calling feature, Jio subscribers will have the option to make voice and video brings over the Wi-Fi network.

This service was being tried for quite a while, after which it has been presented officially. Jio has declared to present this service the across India. In this service, users will have the option to make voice calls just as video calls.

By the way, this service will be launched in all territories by January 16 on a stage premise. The company claimed that Jio VoWi-Fi calling service supports 150 handset models. Then again, the benefit of this service of Airtel is just for a few users of brands like Apple, OnePlus, Samsung and Xiaomi.

What is VoWi-Fi?

VoWi-Fi means Voice over Wi-Fi. In VoLTE service, voice calls are made through the Internet via the SIM network. Also, even in the event of a call, the internet speed in the phone does not decrease. Similarly, for making voice calls in VoWi-Fi, the SIM network and its Internet is also not required. That is, a call can be made through a Wi-Fi network even if the phone does not have a signal. Through this technology, voice service is delivered over a Wi-Fi network via IP.

Because of this special technology, users can call even without a mobile network. The greatest preferred position of VoWi-Fi will be in remote territories and rurals regions where telecom organizations don’t have towers and networks are less. With this technology, regardless of whether there is a powerless sign, better calling can be enjoyed and indoor or underground and cellar will likewise improve network.

Here’s how to make calls with VoWi-Fi

To use the VoWi-Fi feature, you must first go to the Call Settings menu of your handset and turn on this feature. You can see this in the Wi-Fi Calling settings. This service can be activated even if the device does not have a network. Airtel key requires an active Wi-Fi network. It works like FaceTime, WhatsApp and Messenger calling.

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