Reinforcements Achievement Guide For The House Of The Dead: Remake

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The House of the Dead: Remake is a fun, challenging arcade game that returns to the old school zombie shooting like you haven’t seen in years. Here are tips and strategies that you can use to unlock the Reinforcements achievement in The House Of The Dead.

Double Check Your Settings

You want to start off by opening the settings and opening the “Controls” tab, you will unplug ANY controller that could be used for Player 2 until the Controller Type reads “NONE”. This way once you load the game it won’t activate a second player til you want it mid-game.

Start A New Campaign

You will want to open a New Campaign with Cooperative Multiplayer, remember that we currently do not have a second controller so when you hit PLAY you’ll be alone.

if you hit the loading screen and you’re asked to press SHOOT to ready on 2 controllers, you will have to start over.

When you load into the game you will be alone.
After the first enemy, plug in a controller of any kind and hit start.
At this point you should have the achievement! Hope this guide was easy to follow and VERY clear. Happy Hunting!

Video Guide for Visual Learners

I figure some people are visual learners, and you want to see it done in motion.
(loud controller rumble accidentally picked up on mic, apologize)


I hope you enjoy the guides we have provided, and hopefully they will help you in some way. If you find that any of it has helped you or if you would like to add anything please feel free to leave a comment below or share with other people on social media if you enjoyed this now. Good luck



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