Rainbow Six Siege Update 2.64 Patch Notes Details: Explore What’s New

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Ubisoft has released Rainbow Six Siege update 2.64, kicking off Year 8 Season 4 Operation Deep Freeze. This major title update brings the new defender Tubarão alongside gameplay changes, balance updates, bug fixes, and quality of life improvements. Let’s explore the key details in the patch notes for Y8S4.

Rainbow Six Siege Update 2.64 Patch Notes Details: Explore What’s New

As Siege keeps growing, this season focuses on making the game more balanced and enjoyable for players. Meet Tubarão, a nimble defender who anchors the team and uses a cool gadget to freeze areas strategically. His presence adds a fresh twist to the game dynamics, introducing new ways to collaborate and counter opponents. The latest update also reflects Rainbow Six’s commitment to reducing toxicity by enhancing the reputation system.

Additionally, the patch notes give insight into Ubisoft’s balancing philosophy. The frag grenade changes showcase how they approach tweaking overpowered elements—promoting gadget diversity through potency reductions but availability increases. We’ll break down these and other notable additions below. For the complete set of patch notes, you can click here.

New Defender: Tubarão

Tubarão is a new ferocious defender who uses cryotech equipment to deny areas for planting and area control. Quickly freezing floors in an effort to create a trap and trap his foes by marking them. These give insights into enemy location despite walls and ceilings.

Team members are not spared while the enemies’ gadgets stuck in the area of effect can be disabled by the canisters. The tubarão is equipped with MPX and AR-15.50 for both close up and long range combat. This is supplemented by his nitro cell and alarms, completing a potent defensive array. Yet his low 2 speed rating nullifies his strength.

Ranked Map Addition: Lair

Rainbow Six Siege spreads the competitive battlefield with the new ranked map Lair. As the base of operations for Deimos, Lair offers opportunities for varied attack and defense strategies across its multi-level layout. The exterior features unique entry points to all three floors as well, challenging players to master both interior and exterior navigation.

Overall, Lair shakes up ranked bomb with more experimentation options. Teams must calculate control of the distinct areas, from cold storage warehouses to office spaces, for seasonal success.

Player Protection Upgrades

Ubisoft continues expanding player protection systems to cultivate R6’s community. This update previews the upcoming reputation system changes through a grace period. During this season, players can learn about reputation standing penalties before they go live later to give time for improvement.

Additionally, the commendation system now rewards positive players with increased Alpha Pack drop chances. Combined efforts shape Siege’s interactions towards encouraging cooperation and limiting toxicity.

Frag Grenade Updates

Patch 2.64 also overhauls frag grenades to better situate them as supplements to primary gadgets rather than must-picks. The main adjustments remove grenade cooking and reduce initial fuse times. This lowers their overall power for splash damage while retaining usefulness.

Additionally, fuse times now reduce further after bouncing off surfaces, adding skill expression for expert use. Coupled with distributing more frag grenades to operators, the changes aim to promote picking them situationally rather than universally.

Onboarding Improvements

Lowering Siege’s learning curve for new players is a constant battle. New AI options allow practicing against bots replicating human behaviors rather than predictable patterns. Friendly matches present safer environments for getting familiarized without pressure.

The new guided map learning tools also help operators memorize layouts at their own pace. Ubisoft explains these learning focused changes will better onboard players than the removed situations, letting them better transition towards authentic multiplayer matches.

Ongoing Quality of Life Updates

While the above covers some highlights, update 2.64 contains many more impactful changes:

  • Full controller remapping for more customization options
  • Controller stick deadzones can now be reduced to 0 for refined aim inputs
  • Upcoming controller leaning and battle pass improvements
  • Over 50 bug fixes addressing exploits, gameplay inconsistencies, UI oversights, and visual glitches across modes, gameplay, and operators.

The extensive patch demonstrates Ubisoft’s commitment towards expanding Siege post-launch. Core gameplay integrity via bug fixes coincides with new toys for veterans and accessibility for newcomers alike.


Rainbow Six Siege’s latest update, Deep Freeze, brings a bunch of cool new stuff and aims to create a better, fairer playing environment by constantly improving the overall gaming experience. The game’s tactical aspects get a boost with Lair and Tubarão, introducing new ways to control and deny bombs. Plus, backend upgrades for player protection tackle bad behavior, making matches more enjoyable.

But that’s not all – the update also enhances accessibility with better tutorials. Version 2.64 reveals a matured Siege that’s all about long-term viability. It adds some simple yet enjoyable features and continues to strengthen the game’s foundations, making it more appealing to both competitive and casual players. Seasoned players get new toys to play with, while newcomers have a smoother onboarding process. In a nutshell, the Y8S4 update brings something exciting for everyone, thanks to Ubisoft’s thoughtful efforts in balancing various aspects of the game.

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