R6 Siege Y8S4 Update 1.000.068 Patch Notes Details: Explore What’s New

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Rainbow Six Siege’s latest season, Operation Deep Freeze, has arrived with update Year 8 Season 4 (version 1.000.068 on PS5). This major patch brings a wide array of changes, including a new defender operator, map reworks, gadget balancing, and Quality-of-Life improvements. Let’s dive into the details.

R6 Siege Y8S4 Update 1.000.068 Patch Notes Details: Explore What’s New

Ubisoft has delivered one of its largest patches ever for Rainbow Six Siege, reshaping core gameplay elements alongside new content. Headlining this update is Operation Deep Freeze, introducing attacking-focused changes that should make gunfights more dynamic. Most notably, frag grenades have been reworked to enable more operators to equip them, tweaking their power level to be less dominant.

This update also continues Ubisoft’s push towards better onboarding, removing Situation missions in favor of AI teammates across multiplayer modes. Combined with the new Lair map and defender Tubarão, competitive and casual players alike will need to relearn strategies coming into Year 8 Season 4. To access the full patch notes, simply click here for the comprehensive details.

New Defender: Tubarão

As a new addition to Rainbow’s expanding operator roster, Tubarão brings a unique gadget to lock down chokepoints and spot sneaky attackers. His Nitro grenade can freeze areas upon detonation, slowing movement and disabling gadgets caught within its radius. This includes friendly equipment, requiring coordination to avoid hindering your own team.

What makes the Nitro distinctly powerful is its ability to stick to ceilings and mark enemy footsteps above Tubarão. Clever placement near hatches or common rappel points will alert your team to attackers’ positions. An explosive with global gadget disruption couples nicely with his secondary Proximity Alarm to watch his six.

When it comes to loadouts, the MPX submachine gun offers a fast firing rate for close encounters, while the AR-15.50 DMR provides longer-range poke with high damage. The P226 MK 25 handgun rounds out his kit as a last resort. While his speed may be low, Tubarão’s intel gathering and area control will likely make him an anchoring menace.

New Ranked Map: Lair

Rainbow Six Siege now features 21 maps, providing a wide battlefield for competitive playlists, and Lair looks to shake things up as a new addition for Ranked. Set in the Rocky Mountains, this high-tech bunker extends across three floors with a distinct mood per level. Multiple balconies, roof access points and a central atrium provide unique attack paths.

Defenders can intercept rappels through second-floor windows or ambush main staircases. Meanwhile, attackers have exterior access to all floors and can pressure top-down with roof control. As Tubarão’s main base, expect clever gadget synergy across bomb sites. Lair promotes adaptable playstyles, but meta defensive setups will undoubtedly emerge within the Pro League.

Operator Frag Grenade Changes

In terms of balance, frag grenades have dominated primary gadget picks due to their flexibility and raw killing power. Reducing their prevalence helps distinguish operator roles rather than having generic fraggers. As such, cook timers have been removed alongside tweaks to blast radius variables.

To offset the nerf, more attackers now carry frag grenades by default. IQ, Lion and Sens trade their secondary gadgets for frags, joined by Blackbeard and Osa. These combo opportunities shake up potential team compositions, but IQ and Lion become particularly deadly. Competitive players will keep an eye on their performance and ban rates after the rework.

Onboarding Improvements

With situations gutted in favor of AI teammates across all PVP and PVE modes, Ubisoft aims to modernize Siege’s learning experience. Veterans will need to adapt to bots replacing empty player slots, while new players gain basic training through matchmade games. This helps onboard players into Siege’s complex gameplay more quickly.

New drills have also been added to explore map layouts, angles and landmark recognition. While aim trainers still reign supreme for mechanical skill, these tools help develop game sense. It will be interesting to see their impact on the wider player base in terms of map knowledge. Perhaps we’ll see less relies on fragging operators.

Additional Patch Notes

Minor changes fill out the rest of Y8S4’s patch notes, including Quality-of-Life tweaks, map exploit fixes and UI upgrades. Controller deadzones can now be fully disabled for precise aim on next-gen consoles. An interactive battle pass has been deployed for easier progression tracking. Plus, the Reputation System provides more transparency for player standing calculations.

While bug fixes may seem insignificant individually, eliminating fringe cases improves overall gameplay integrity. Fair gunfights determine skill more accurately without glitches interfering. This helps competitive integrity at high levels but also alleviates frustrations during casual play.


Operation Deep Freeze brings a fresh twist to Rainbow Six Siege’s ever-changing landscape. By sidelining frag grenades, the game opens up opportunities for other gadgets to shine, and the introduction of Tubarão and the revamped Lair adds new layers to the experience. Coupled with a revamped onboarding process, Year 8 Season 4 aims to make it easier for newcomers to get into the game without sacrificing the depth that seasoned players enjoy.

The Rainbow development team is vigilant about balance, so if necessary, additional adjustments may roll out during the season. Currently, Siege feels revitalized, with attacking operators leading the charge in gunfights. Expect a potential shift towards a more deliberate approach, emphasizing intel gathering and map control. Regardless of the strategy, the game continues to demonstrate why it remains a dominant force in the competitive shooter genre, even six years after its initial launch.

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