PUBG Update 27.1 Patch Notes: Exploring the New Map, Weapons, Recall System Changes, and More

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) continues to evolve with regular updates that introduce new content and balance changes. The latest PUBG update, version 27.1, arrives on December 6th for PC players and later in December for console, bringing the long-awaited new map, Rondo, plus new weapons, vehicles, gameplay features and more. This article will provide an overview of some of the key additions and changes in PUBG Update 27.1 patch.

PUBG Update 27.1 Patch Notes: Exploring the New Map, Weapons, Recall System Changes, and More

PUBG’s latest update, version 27.1, brings a hefty dose of fresh content to the game, making it one of the most significant updates in recent times. At the heart of it is the introduction of Rondo, an expansive 8×8 km map that spans various landscapes, from bustling cities to tranquil bamboo forests and peaceful gardens. Explore this diverse terrain while trying out new equipment such as the JS9 submachine gun, Blanc SUV, and the stun gun secondary weapon – exclusive to Rondo for now.

Not limited to just the new map and weapons, the update brings changes to the map rotation system, the Recall loadout feature, and the Clan system, enhancing the overall gaming experience. If you’re keen on diving into the specifics, we’ve compiled a summary of the key highlights from PUBG Update 27.1 in this post. For those craving all the intricate details, the complete patch notes can be found by following this link.

Exploring the New Rondo Map

Among the fresh features in PUBG update 27.1, Rondo steals the spotlight as PUBG’s initial Battle Royale map since 2021. Unfolding across diverse landscapes, Rondo blends classic PUBG elements like cities and forests with distinct points of interest. Noteworthy locations such as the bustling Jadena City downtown, the tranquil Bei Li village, and the scenic Tin Long Garden showcase a visual spectrum spanning from modern neon cityscapes to ancient temples. Interactive additions spice up Rondo, featuring bamboo clusters ready to crumble, escalators weaving through structures, and turntables serenading players with classical tunes upon activation.

Rondo isn’t just eye candy; it introduces additional strategic dimensions. Two starting planes strategically deploy squads, and the expanded 8×8 km expanse provides more strategic wiggle room. The introduction of new items, such as the forest-camouflage ghillie suit tucked away in care packages, complements Rondo’s vibrant, lush aesthetic. Currently limited to regular and custom matches, Rondo might find its way into the ranked map rotation in upcoming seasons as players acquaint themselves with its intricacies.

New Weapons Shake Up the Meta

The armories of Rondo feature two new weapon additions for players to master. The JS9 submachine gun offers a modern bullpup design with excellent versatility. It shares ammo with other 9mm SMGs but boasts superior damage and stability thanks to its cutting-edge engineering. Skilled spray control will make the JS9 deadly even in mid-range engagements.

If you prefer non-lethal options, the new stun gun secondary temporarily immobilizes enemies by impairing movement and vision. It can be fired up to three times before breaking, giving players a reusable method to stun pursuers. The stun gun facilitates stealthier approaches and complements loud primary weapons nicely. Both new armaments spawn randomly around Rondo as ground loot.

Recall System and Clan Updates

In addition to physical items such as maps and weapons, PUBG update 27.1 also makes adjustments to some of the behind-the-scenes systems. One significant change involves the Recall feature, a topic that has sparked debates among players. The process of redeploying lost teammates now takes 2.5 seconds when grabbing a Recall Chip from a defeated opponent, introducing an element of risk that wasn’t there before.

Moreover, alterations have been implemented in the spawn rates of Recall Towers and Transmitters on maps like Rondo when the system is active. The goal is to enhance the overall pace and strategic aspects of using Recalls. Players are encouraged to share their feedback on whether these adjustments have resulted in a more balanced system after putting them to the test.

Lastly, a noteworthy improvement has been made to PUBG’s Clan feature, bringing about a significant enhancement in the quality of life for players. With Clan Training Mode, squads can now engage in private training sessions without occupying public server slots. This feature becomes accessible once a Clan reaches Level 3, allowing up to 32 friends to practice together. This upgrade is poised to assist competitive teams in addressing weaknesses and fostering team chemistry outside of regular matches.


PUBG’s latest update 27.1, brings a ton of fresh content and significant tweaks to the system. The standout feature is the Rondo map, which not only offers breathtaking landscapes but also introduces unique mechanics, setting it apart from the existing Battlegrounds. The addition of deadly new weapons like the JS9 and stun gun adds a refreshing twist to the meta. Simultaneously, improvements to Recall Chips and enhancements to Clan Training Mode enhance usability and teamwork features. In essence, update 27.1 highlights that even in its sixth year post-launch, PUBG continues to deliver. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer, there’s something in the patch notes to spark excitement for everyone.

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