Private Story Names: Snapchat Funny, Good, Creative, Cool, Offensive Names Ideas For Boys and Girls

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Are you searching for some of the best Funny, Good, Creative or Cool private story names ideas for your Snapchat profile. If it is so, then you are at the right place. Snapchat is one of the leading social networking apps right now, especially among the younger crowd. Many users use this app to share their important moments with others by sending photos and videos, which are deleted after few seconds. However, Snapchat also offers cool features like good, funny, good names for stories. It’s like signing up for an Instagram account but sharing more than just pictures.

That’s the reason why it has become very popular among many people of different age groups these years. Check out our amazing list of good, funny, creative, or cool private story names ideas for Snapchat to give you some inspiration before creating your very own unique profile name.

Snapchat Private Story – Do You Know What It Is?

The social media app Snapchat has seen a lot of changes in the recent time over its performance. One important change which was released in October 2013 was “stories” feature. This feature basically allows you to share videos and images with anyone for 24 hours.

Private Snapchat Stories are the same as the regular stories except they are only visible to your best friends. Unlike public or private snaps, a story can be viewed by anyone among friends, but will only remain visible for 24 hours before it dissipates. Only you and your friends can see it. It’s like having your own TV show on Snapchat, but it’s more fun because people can watch what you want to share with them at any time period you choose – day, week or month.

How To Create Private Story On Snapchat? Simple Guides

If you are quite new to Snapchat. Then it is a pity for you. Because this unique social network is gaining the popularity globally. The most important feature of Snapchat is that it is allowed users to share their stories for 24 hours with their friends and followers. Let me show you how easy it is to create a private story on snapchat. To create a Snapchat story, follow these steps which is given below:

  • To start, click on your bitmoji from the app’s top left.
  • In the next step, you will need to select ‘Custom Story’ then ‘Private Story.
  • In the third step, you need to add friends on your friends list who will have access to the private story.
  • Once you’ve completed the steps, click the tick icon in the bottom right corner.
  • Create a name for the private story at the top of the screen and select it from the list.

Now, you might have some Snapchat Private story ideas or public as well, but I’m sure you’re looking for some funny, cool, or creative suggestions to really make your Snapchat story stand out. The following list contains several good, funny, creative ideas to create your Snapchat private story names.

A List of Ideas for Snapchat Private Story Names

Have you ever been running out of Snapchat Private Story Names ideas? I’m sure you must have! Especially when you have a lot of friends on snapchat who post a lot. Also, a lot of Snapchat users are using the same old private stories names with boring messages. That is why we created the most complete Snapchat Private Story Names list. Let’s check it out.

Funny Private Story Names For Snapchat

Nobody wants to follow a story that’s bland or lame. And even though you might have a good story, you have to come up with a great name for it so people will want to add your story. It’s a good thing you found this list! Here are some ideas for funny private story names for Snapchat.

1. 24 Hours of Madness
2. Adult nappies
3. Apple Beer Burp
4. Atomic banana
5. Bad Medicine
6. Bag Me To Hell
7. Balls of Steel
8. Banana Phart
9. Basket Space
10. Bearded dragon
11. Beavis and Butt-Bed
12. Because I’m worth it
13. Better when I’m with you
14. Big agenda
15. Billy Goat Beard
16. Bingo
17. Blue Oyster Bar
18. Boss time
19. Bottomfeeder
20. Boyfriend & Chill
21. Braces Off
22. Bread Sheeran
23. Bull Monty
24. Buttery plate
25. Camp Boxer
26. Cheeto Fingers
27. Christmas is Cancelled
28. Chunky eyebrows
29. Circle of Trust
30. Congrats, would you like a medal?
31. Creepy Crawly
32. Crispy bread
33. Crunchy cereal
34. Crying Monster
35. Daily GaGa
36. Daily Mug
37. Day of the Bed
38. Dirt Brag
39. Doctor Blue
40. Dog Trip
41. Dog’s breakfast
42. Doom and Room
43. Easy Spider
44. Ewwwww
45. Extra large
46. Eye of the Idiot
47. Fail Life
48. Fan Club
49. Feather in one’s Snap
50. Female Diversity
51. First Degree Chicken
52. First time for everything? 😉
53. Fluffy Duck
54. Follow the Leader
55. Fun funeral
56. Get in my belly
57. Green breast
58. Hail Damage
59. Hairless Monkey
60. Hairy Mole
61. Hannah Ray
62. Headhunter Daily
63. Heavy Breather
64. Hey daddy
65. Hot and sticky
66. Ice bear
67. Ideaaat
68. Imaginary Life
69. In da house
70. Inside the womb
71. It’s a Sad Story
72. It’s Personal
73. Jam on toast
74. Just Did It
75. Legends of Snapchat
76. Lights On, Nobody Home
77. Limp Handshake
78. Lip bench
79. Living Story
80. Lose Grace
81. Low gas
82. Lunch in Prison
83. Me-TV
84. Mememe
85. Mental Surgeon
86. Meoww
87. Mona lot
88. Moose-up
89. Mother Monkey
90. Mr Lazy
91. Naked truffles
92. Need For Weed
93. Nipple clamp
94. No Fat Bois
95. No fat chicks
96. No filter needed here 😉
97. No Trolling
98. Norfolk & Chance
99. On Proud nine
100. Out-Takes
101. Pen Pals
102. Piano Tuner
103. Picture This
104. Pillow talk
105. Plant pot mad
106. Poodle in a Bikini
107. Pratt Story
108. Prison Warden Nightmare
109. Private Self-destruction
110. Put the kettle on
111. Reeeee
112. Rock the bed
113. Rotten egg
114. Sellout
115. Sex And The Lily
116. Shaggy Dog
117. Shrooms
118. Sistine Apple
119. Skipped a Beat
120. Smell the Coffee
121. Smelly Lion
122. Snap hoc
123. Snap Life
124. Spade in Chelsea
125. Spare Me The Details
126. Star in the making
127. Steaming
128. Synchronised Slimming
129. Talk to the Lamp
130. That’s all, Folks
131. The ‘Should have deleted’ ones
132. The 12th Man
133. The Daily Afro
134. The Ironic Moosep
135. The Morning After
136. The Secret Turtle
137. The Stupid Factory
138. The Survivor
139. The Ugly Stuff
140. The Ways of a Wild Drunk Mess
141. Tortoise Salad
142. Trash Snap
143. Trouble Makers
144. Two Bevs are better than one
145. Vincent Man Gogh
146. Wannabe
147. Warm toast
148. Whiteboard dreamer
149. Whoopee Woman
150. Won’t believe this
151. Worst. Story. Ever.
152. ZZ plop
153. “It’s complicated” with a smile. 🙂
154. “Reality” is overrated
155. “Shut up and take my money” – said no one ever!
156. “Strangers” with a smile
157. “The best of the worst” with a smile
158. “Whatever” with a smile. 🙂
159. “Yes” to everything today
160. [Name]’s boring life
161. [Name]’s little secrets
162. Bad girl 😉
163. Balls of steel
164. Bearded dragon
165. Biggest clown in town
166. Boyfriend and chill
167. Catch me if you can!
168. Could be worse 😉
169. Coz I’m worth it
170. Crying Monster
171. Daily Gaga
172. Designated drinkers
173. Don’t be afraid to live
174. Don’t judge me
175. Don’t mess with the best
176. Don’t tell my mom
177. Don’t try this at home
178. Drama queen
179. Everything is awkward
180. Eye of the Idiot
181. F*ck it; I’ll try again tomorrow
182. First time for everything? 😉
183. Goodbye to boring stories
184. Goodbye, cruel world (or office)
185. Growing up is overrated, right?
186. Hairless monkey
187. Haters gonna hate
188. He has no lips
189. Here we go again
190. History repeats itself
191. Hot and sticky
192. How I actually feel about life 😉
193. How not to be an adult
194. How not to parent
195. How to be an adult
196. How to get away with murder
197. Hungry for trouble
198. I am from mars
199. I can’t believe I did that
200. I can’t help it
201. I don’t want to be alone tonight
202. I don’t want to grow up
203. I have a secret 😉
204. I know it’s not a good idea
205. I really need your support
206. I Spy on You All the Time
207. I wish I could do that
208. I woke up this way
209. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours
210. I’m a mess without coffee
211. I’m a rebel without a cause
212. I’m a terrible adult
213. I’m a terrible dad (or mom)
214. I’m an adult now
215. I’m just a lazy little slacker
216. I’m just telling you this for your own good
217. I’m not a celebrity, but
218. I’m not a good person
219. I’m not an animal
220. I’m Not Laughing
221. I’m not perfect
222. I’m not perfect but could be worse
223. I’m not perfect but I try
224. I’m sorry for being so perfect
225. I’m the best “me” that I know
226. I’m the best of my worst 😉
227. I’m the only one who knows
228. I’m too old for this sh*t
229. Inside the womb
230. It izz what it izz
231. It’s just a story
232. It’s not my fault
233. Jam on toast
234. Just like all the other girls
235. Just like that
236. Keep it real
237. Kissing in public – yea or nay?
238. Lazy pazy
239. Legends of Snapchat
240. Life’s a laugh and death’s a joke
241. Lights on, nobody home
242. Loser
243. Mr lazy
244. My first time
245. My life in a nutshell
246. My life in five words or less!
247. My life is a waste of time
248. My Snapchat story from a different angle
249. My stubborn days
250. Napping in the rain
251. Naughty and nice
252. Need4Weed
253. No drama, please
254. No fat boiz
255. No fat chicks
256. No filter needed here 😉
257. No need to apologize for my story
258. No need to be a hero today 😉
259. No need to be perfect
260. No private story name for this Snapchat
261. One of the few things I’m good at
262. Only my dog can understand me
263. People I tolerate
264. Shaggy dog
265. Smelly lion
266. Smile for the camera
267. So much for the camera
268. Straight out of bed
269. Takes one to know one
270. The ‘should have deleted’ ones
271. The best content
272. The best of the worst
273. The best story ever
274. The chamber of secrets
275. The life and times of me
276. The makings of a story
277. The most interesting man
278. The new daddy
279. The not so happy ending
280. The one with the huge secret
281. The only one who knows
282. The only story worth checking
283. The only way to live
284. The rest is history
285. The story of my life (or first day)
286. The truth hurts
287. The worst of the best
288. These are just my thoughts, ok?
289. Tired of being the good guy
290. Trash – just like me
291. Troublemaker
292. Watch me go from worst to first!
293. What a mess I am! 😉
294. What happens in public, stays in public
295. What happens on Snapchat, stays on Snapchat
296. What’s Up, Privates?
297. Why are you here?
298. Won’t believe this
299. World’s greatest storyteller
300. Worst story ever

Good Private Story Names For Snapchat

Are you looking for a few good private story names for Snapchat? Here we’ll discuss some of the good and unique private story name ideas for Snapchat.

1. “I live” for the good times 🙂
2. “I’m free” at last!
3. “I’m living” without regret 🙂
4. “Life” is a beautiful thing
5. “Me” time with myself!
6. “My life” is just too cute 🙂
7. “Yes” to everything today
8. A dreamer is never bored
9. A little more of me 🙂
10. All that matters is where we are
11. aters are my motivators 🙂
12. Be kind to one another
13. Best things in life are free
14. Blessed with bad decisions
15. Captain of my ship
16. Don’t forget to smile today
17. Don’t get it twisted
18. Don’t judge a book by cover
19. Every day brings smthng new
20. For me and you only. Private story 😉
21. Good vibes only
22. Happiness isn’t always easy
23. Happy, healthy, and loved
24. Haters make me stronger
25. I can’t stop the feeling!
26. I don’t like Mondays
27. I’ll be there even when I’m not
28. I’m a free spirit. Deal with it 😉
29. I’m a spontaneous human being
30. I’m here coz I love myself
31. I’m just living life
32. I’m not perfect but I have fun
33. I’m not perfect but I try
34. I’m the one and only me!
35. It feels better when you laugh
36. It feels good to be happy!
37. It is what it is 🙂
38. It takes courage to love
39. It’s all smiles now
40. It’s always giggles with me 🙂
41. It’s always just me and you 😉
42. It’s so hard to be good all d tym
43. Just be happy, baby!
44. Just being me
45. Laugh now cry later!
46. Laughter is d best medicine
47. Leave it all behind for a while
48. Life is a journey
49. Love is all you need 🙂
50. My cat’s name is Chubby
51. My life in photos & videos!
52. My life is always an adventure
53. My life, my rules
54. napchat is like my diary
55. No filter needed here!
56. No filters here. It’s all me 😉
57. ood things happen
58. Play with life
59. Stay petty
60. t’s always good to be yourself
61. The magic of me!
62. The story of a life time
63. The story of ME! 😉
64. This is a private story for me only
65. This is my happy place!
66. This is my world of color 🙂
67. This world needs more love 🙁
68. Try not to be hard on urself
69. Who am I? Meet the real me!
70. You are uniquely special

Private Story Names For Girls

This post will talk about the Best Snapchat Private Story Names For Girls, and that is exactly what we’re going to do this here.

1. “Bad” Girls
2. “Good” Girls (Male Version)
3. Best Present: Peeing My Pants!
4. Don’t Cry: Smile Instead
5. Every Breath You Take, I’ll Be Watching You
6. Here Comes Trouble
7. How Did I Get So Fat
8. I Hate My Job. Why Do I Love It?
9. I’ll b Back, I’m Jss Pooping
10. I’m a Girl Who Stays Up Late
11. I’m Cool, Seriously
12. I’m Going to Be Famous
13. I’m Growing Up
14. I’m Just a Grown Woman
15. I’m Not Trying To Be Mean But…
16. I’m Too Cool for School
17. If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em
18. It’s Too Late To Apologize Now
19. Just a Girl in Love with Her Man
20. Just A Girl Saying Hi
21. My Mom’s Favorite Child
22. No I’m Not Pregnant (Kidding)
23. Oops! I Forgot My Pants. Again.
24. Pizza Pizza! Let’s Eat!
25. Snapchat Queen
26. So Emotional
27. Sorry, I Forgot to Wear a Bra
28. Superwoman
29. Sweet Potato Toast: A Love Story
30. The Girl Who Got the Date
31. The Girl Who Hates Herself
32. The Girl Who Lost His Smile
33. The Girl Who Wears All Black
34. The Girl with Crazy Haircut
35. The Sweet, Smart & Sexy
36. This Girl is a Cat Lady
37. We Can Be Heroes Together
38. You’ll Be My Next Boyfriend

Private Story Names For Boys

Looking for the best Snapchat username for boys? Look no further. We have the top names that are being used right now.

1. 100% Single and Available
2. Aliens Exist & Want To Date Me
3. Can I Have Your Number?
4. Crazy And I Know It
5. Dating Material: If U Want Some
6. DND; Doing Important
7. Fashionista Extraordinaire
8. Ghost Story. Do Not Read Alone!
9. Girl in Love with a Bad Boy
10. Haters Gonna Hate
11. Here Comes Trouble
12. Hey, Girl. I’ll Buy You Some Tacos
13. I Just Really Like Girls
14. I Know I’m Hot
15. I Scream, You Scream, Ice Cream
16. I’m a Bully
17. I’m A Nerd
18. I’m Just A Boy Trying to B Cute
19. I’m Just A Kid, I Swear
20. I’m Not A Player
21. I’m So Lazy
22. I’m So Sorry, Really I Am
23. I’m Too Flirty
24. I’m Too Good To Be True
25. I’m Too Young To Die
26. Just A Grown Man Crying in His Beer
27. Just Kidding 😉 No More Dates!
28. Ladies Man Extraordinaire
29. Loose Lips Sink Ships
30. Mood: Up For Anything
31. Mr. Cool, Calm and Collected
32. My Next Girlfriend
33. Party On, Dude. Party Harder.
34. Scooby Doo’s Mystery Machine
35. Sexy and I Know It
36. Snack Time, Boys and Girls!
37. Snapchat King
38. Superman, But Too Shy
39. Suspiciously Sweet Guy
40. The Boy Who Can’t Dance
41. The Boy Who Hates Mondays
42. The Boy Who Likes to Laugh
43. The Boy Who Lost His Smile
44. The Boy Who Wears All Black
45. The Boy With The Fuzzy Face
46. The Boy With the Messy Room
47. The Constant Complainer
48. The Coolest Guy Ever
49. The Joke Machine
50. The Kisser
51. The Most Interesting Boy Ever
52. The One With the Crazy Friends
53. The One With the Pretty Face
54. The Prom King: Charming & Classy
55. The Shy Guy Nobody Knows
56. The Shy One
57. The Silent Type
58. This Is How I Roll
59. What’s Up, Ladies?
60. Why Am I So Dumb?
61. Young, Dumb and Bored AF

Best Snapchat Private Story Names

Snapchat Private Story names are one of the most important things about your Snapchat. They let you express yourself, and they give your Snapchat a unique flair. Here are some of the best Private story names for snapchat. Just look at those that is given below.

1. A Day in My Life
2. A Day in the Life
3. A Face You’ll Never Forget
4. Best Thing I Bought This Week
5. Cute Animals Around d World
6. Escape from Reality
7. From a Dog’s Point of View
8. Holiday Traditions
9. I’m Just the Camera
10. I’m Not Crazy
11. Kitten Adventures
12. Monday Blues
13. My Crazy Life
14. My Day with the Kids
15. My Favorite Foods
16. My Firsts & Lasts on Snapchat
17. The Challenges of Parenthood
18. The Most Important Lesson
19. The Reality of My Life
20. The Story Behind That Photo
21. The Story of Us
22. The Voice of Reason
23. This Morning on My Mind…
24. What I Love About My Life
25. What I’m Feeling Today
26. What I’m Grateful For

Offensive Private Story Names Idea For Snapchat

There are plenty of people who like to use some offensive names for their snapchat stories. If you are one of those, here are the some great list of offensive private story names idea for you. let’s look at these names.

Numbered List
1. A little respect, please
2. Don’t make me get up & leave
3. Hey there cutie patootie
4. How dare you ask that!
5. I can’t even believe you said that
6. I don’t even want you in my life!
7. I don’t need you in my life anymore
8. I got 99 problems but a b!tch ain’t one
9. I need a few minutes to myself
10. I put handcuffs on my phone!
11. I’ll take care of you later
12. I’m going to go get drunk now
13. I’m not a plaything
14. I’m not a toy
15. I’m sorry, I can’t hear you
16. I’m sorry, I don’t care
17. I’m such a bad boy
18. I’m the boss, I make the rules
19. I’ma need you to get a life
20. No, I’m not ok with that
21. Nope, nuh uh!
22. Not today, maybe tomorrow
23. Snapchat: way 2 stay untouched
24. Take it or leave it!
25. This is my personal space
26. What is your damage?
27. Yo, what’s up dog?
28. You can’t break my heart
29. You can’t handle me right now
30. You’re a terrible person
31. You’re kinda rude, huh?
32. You’re making me so mad!
33. You’re not too bright are ya?

Cool Private Story Names For Snapchat

Everyday we catch people talking and telling stories through Snapchat. People love to take snaps and post them on Snapchat for their friend to see. But what happens if someone copies your story name? It’s nobody’s business! The best way to gain attention is to use a cool Snapchat Story names, as that will make your friends want to swipe up every time they see it. Cool Snapchat names can be hard to come up with on your own, so let me help.

1. “My life” is a pretty cool story 🙂
2. “My story” on loop forever 🙂
3. [Name]’s life is lit
4. [Name]’s little secrets
5. Betcha think this is it
6. Can’t stop, won’t stop
7. Cool story, bro
8. Dammit, officer! What’s ur name?
9. Don’t hate me coz Im beautiful
10. Good hair don’t care!
11. Growing up is overrated, right
12. Here’s my life on replay
13. I don’t need a man
14. I need to get my swag back!
15. I think I see Jesus
16. I was expecting more than this
17. I woke up like this
18. I’ll never grow up!
19. I’m a beautiful disaster
20. I’m a boss bitch, y’all hatin
21. I’m a cool kid
22. I’m from the ghetto
23. I’m just being me
24. I’m just hanging out, being cool
25. I’m just here to look cool
26. I’m not a hipster
27. I’m so basic
28. I’m so hot right now!
29. I’m sorry not sorry
30. I’m that guy. U knw? That guy!
31. I’m the shizzle
32. It’s taco time
33. Laugh now cry later 😉
34. My hair is on fire & I don’t care
35. My life is dope & that’s the truth
36. My life is lit
37. My life is so glamorous
38. No makeup, no problem
39. Perfect blend of class & swag
40. Selfie queen
41. Snapchatter of the Year
42. Straight out of bed
43. Swagger on over here
44. What’s up? I just woke up!
45. Who doesn’t want to be famous?
46. Work hard. Play harder.
47. You can’t have my swag
48. You’re only as old as you feel!

Creative Private Story Names For Snapchat

Some people have a tough time coming up with a creative private story for Snapchat. Maybe you’re friends don’t really care about it and you want to make a good impression. Or, there may not be a lot of stories going half which is enjoyable to watch. Whatever the reason, I decided to create a list of creative private story names for you to swipe through at your leisure.

1. Bold & beautiful like it shd b
2. Dare me to be your favorite?
3. Every day is a blessing
4. I know I look good, just sayin’
5. I know when to keep it cool
6. I make the ice cream melt
7. I put my heart on the line 4 U
8. I’ll be your best work of art
9. I’m a low-key baller
10. I’m a real live wire
11. I’m a social butterfly
12. I’m a space cadet
13. I’m a total rockstar?
14. I’m a unicorn with wings
15. I’m like the perfect cup of tea
16. I’m living in the moment
17. I’m so fly, my shoes r jealous
18. I’m so full of energy!
19. I’m so on trend, it’s scary
20. I’m the queen of awesome
21. I’m way too happy
22. I’ve got it all under control
23. Look at this vogue goer
24. Lyf is a neverending adventure
25. My attitude is so bad, it’s gd
26. My life is just too wild
27. My life is like a work of art
28. My life is such an open book
29. My life’s like an epic story
30. My smile’s contagious
31. My style game is on point!
32. My style’s like, so hot it hurts
33. No one can take my joy away!
34. Perfect dose of sugar & spice
35. Sassy and sweet, that’s me!
36. The coolest girl you know
37. The more the merrier
38. The world is my catwalk
39. This is going down in history
40. This is my jam for the night
41. You know that’s my fav pose?
42. You’re like, totally my type

Baddie Private Story Names Idea For Snapchat

Baddie Snapchat names usually related to some kind of thing that is going on with the world. Here are a few of the types of names you may come up with for your baddie private story on snapchat.

1. Baby, you’ll be mine tonight?
2. Come over & watch Netflix 🙂
3. Come over for some hot cocoa? 😉
4. Do you need to be saved?
5. Hi, I’m a crush for you
6. I might be ur newest addiction
7. I see your lips
8. I wish I was your blanket
9. I’ll be your love guru
10. I’m a certified bad girl
11. I’m feeling kind of naughty!
12. I’m lost without you
13. I’m straight up not good for you
14. I’m wild and I know it
15. Kiss me & make it better
16. Let’s do something bad together
17. Mister big stuff
18. My kisses are like fireworks!
19. U make me go all night long!
20. U make my heart beat faster
21. Wanna walk on the wild side
22. You’re hotter than the sun
23. You’re like a drug to me
24. You’re my favorite bad guy
25. You’re my favorite place to visit
26. You’re the air I breathe


Snapchat’s private story names section is a vital part of the platform. In the sea of stories on Snapchat, it is difficult to get attention from viewers. It is equally hard to get more views on your private snap story. A good private story names attracts viewers and boosts views for your snaps. Many a times, a catchy story title can be a catalyst of a huge number of views for your snaps. Hopefully these provided list of names help you get you name for your snapchat story. Keep coming if you like this article.

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