Predator Hunting Grounds Patch 2.23 released on July 19

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PlayStation 4 players have received the update 2.23 patch notes for Predator Hunting Grounds. As detailed in the official patch notes for Predator Hunting Grounds 2.23, this update added new trophies, City Hunter Rebreater, and a variety of fixes for maps, weapons, and characters. In addition to this, Predator version 2.23 introduces a new Fireteam weapon – NRV-E.

A major update in the past couple of weeks corrected several bugs and introduced new features. There are several performance issues still plaguing some players after the last patch. Version 2.23 of Predator Hunting Grounds will fix several of these issues. Below you can find more information.

Predator Hunting Grounds 2.23 Patch Notes

In this update 2.23, we have both changed and fixed several things to Predator: Hunting Grounds. Here are the full changes and fixes that were added in this update. There are four new Predator trophies and some balance changes in this update. In addition to unlocking the gold and platinum shaders for Elder and Alpha Predators, you can now unlock the rebreather mask for City Hunter as well. The Predator and Fireteam have both been updated. The Predator and Fireteam have both had a number of bugs fixed for various weapons. Update 2.23 for Predator: Hunting Grounds includes plenty of new content.

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  • Trophy for Predator is now obtainable in four different ways.
    • Broken Ancient Sword
    • Indonesian Kris Dagger
    • Gold Medal
    • Unidentified Alien Skull
  • For the Elder and Alpha Predator, it is now possible to unlock Platinum (Level 100) and Golden Shaders (Level 150).
  • Now you can unlock the City Hunter Rebreather Mask (was early access before).


  • The Headquarters map has been updated to fix several exploit locations.
  • A problem with an intro cinematic on the map of the Headquarters has been fixed.
  • The issue with some O.WL.F. tapes not being playable in certain languages has been resolved.


  • General
    • Isabelle’s downed limit is now three (instead of two).
    • While Isabelle is falling, an issue with her VO has been corrected.
    • Now Isabelle has the appropriate head size when playing in the Big Head Mode.
    • As of now, Isabelle’s statistics are correctly displayed in the customization panel.
    • Resolved an issue with the incorrect subtitles appearing for Isabelle.
    • There was an issue where Last Man Standing would not trigger if the other Fireteam members were kicked from being idle.
  • Weapons
    • NRV-E
      • Corrected shader issues on the NRV-E sniper rifle.
    • Plasma Rifle Prototype
      • Fixed several missing shaders for the Plasma Rifle Prototype.


  • General
    • The exclusive armor and skin tints for Vikings and Valkyries Predators were not being properly granted.
    • A problem with City Hunter Predator playing certain audio has been resolved.
    • There was a problem with the Predlocks when the Frame Cap option was turned off.
  • Weapons
    • Combistick
      • Fixed an issue where the Combistick could sometimes become permanently stuck in a tree.
    • Katana
      • Added a fix for a bug where it was possible for an attacker to stack damage by switching between different attack types.
    • Smart Disc
      • Now fixes an issue that caused the Predator player to lose input sometimes when using Smart Disc.

You can check out the official Predator Hunting Grounds 2.23 Patch Notes here.

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