PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Update 1.61 is now live, Patch Notes 10.3 on February 23

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) update 1.61 is now rolling out on console platforms on February 23. This is same patch notes 10.3 that was released for PC earlier. The latest PUBG update 1.61 brings many new features, bug fixes, and more to the game.

This new update 1.61 adds ability to select specific weapon sounds and can now use squad emotes to sync a few different in-game taunts on PS4 and Xbox One.

Below you can read the full patch notes details. Check it out.

Console Update 10.3–Patch Notes

Live Maintenance Schedule:

  • February 23 1 PM–7 PM KST
  • February 22 8 PM–February 23 2 AM PST
  • February 23 5 AM–11 AM CET

Live maintenance schedule may change. We will update you if any changes occur.

Hello Survivors,

Update 10.3 is here with an assortment of new features and performance upgrades including a new Weapon Sound Selection system, some lighting improvements for Karakin, and even the ability to emote with your teammates! Dive into the full patch notes below for details on everything new!

11.1 Update

In consideration of the PGI.S tournament schedule, the next monthly update will be held later than usual. In addition, starting from the next season, it will proceed in a different manner from the previous seasons. Details will be announced through a separate notice.

Weapon Sound Select System

We’re happy to be implementing the Weapon Sound Select System. This feature allows players to select between the original and remastered versions of certain weapon sounds.

Supported Weapons:

  • M249
  • M416
  • Kar98k
  • SKS

Select your preference from the Settings Menu, under the Audio tab.

Karakin Map Improvements

  • Karakin Lighting Improvements
    • Karakin has received lighting pass, improving overall lighting and giving each area its own unique feel and tone.
  • General bug fixes across the map to improve the player’s experience.
  • Overcast Weather
    • Added an overcast weather variant to Karakin, adding additional variety to the tone and feel of the map.

Kicking AFK Players in Training Mode

  • Much like in TDM, players who AFK in Training Mode will be removed from the session, with a 10-second warning prior to removal.
    • Players will receive a message after being kicked, to let you know why you’ve been removed.
  • Players who AFK in Training Mode after queuing for Ranked with our Dual Matchmaking will be removed from the Training Mode session, but remain in their Ranked queue.

Emote With Your Squad Mates

Certain emotes can now be used together, in sync with teammates! Emotes which support this feature are displayed with two characters in the emote image.

  • Sync-up your emotes with players within a 15-meter radius of your character or in the lobby on the main menu.
    • You can choose to stop emoting at any time, independent of the person who had initiated the emotes.
    • Free-look camera is supported while emoting in TPP only.
  • View each emote and the maximum number of players who can sync-up with you at once under Customization, Emotes, on the main menu.
  • You’re unable to use other interactions while emoting, such as vaulting or picking up items.

Improved Store Experience

  • Improved G-Coin messaging on purchases to ensure players understand the value of their G-Coin purchase.
    • Previously, any bonus G-Coin was bundled into one G-Coin total. Now, bonus G-Coin is also displayed as an independent figure.
  • Added Currency Filter
    • You can sort and browse the items by BP or G-Coin.

Season 10 is Soon Wrapping Up

Haven will only be around until the end of Season 10, enjoy the most out of it while it’s here!

Survivor Pass Schedule

Survivor Pass: Breakthrough comes to an end. You still have two weeks from that point to claim all your rewards and access the coupon shop.

Although, you’ll no longer be able to purchase or use Level-Up Tokens, purchase the Premium Survivor Pass, or complete missions from that date.

  • March 31, 7 PM PDT
  • April 1, 11 AM KST
  • April 1, 4 AM CEST

In regards to the Ranked Season schedule, stay tuned and we’ll keep you updated with specific Ranked announcements.

Reputation System Update

The Reputation System introduced is one of our newest features, implemented in Update 10.2 and is designed to encourage positive player interactions within the community. We have received lots of player feedback so far and a common trend we’re seeing is that some players feel certain penalties are too harsh.

We hear your concerns and are making the following changes with Update 10.3:

  • Normal Matches: Exiting a match while in the starting area, prior to boarding the plane will NOT negatively impact your reputation.
  • Ranked Matches: You will lose reputation for exiting Ranked Matches, even if exiting while in the starting area prior to the plane leaving. There are some exceptions, which you can read below.
    • You can leave a Ranked Match up to 5 minutes after (but not before) the plane has taken off without losing reputation, in situations where matchmaking has provided you with a random teammate who has then exited the match.
    • Additionally, the same applies if matchmaking fails to provide you with at least one random teammate after queuing for Ranked Squads.

We’ll continue reading your feedback and make additional improvements in the future. Please, let us know your thoughts on these change.

Inventory Improvements Follow Up

With update 10.2, we introduced a new in-game inventory experience to help players navigate and manage their inventory more efficiently. After this, we collected feedback through continuous community monitoring and saw that some of you would still like to use features from the previous inventory system.

Based on this feedback, we’ve reverted some of the changes and introduced additional improvements. The changes are as follows.

Inventory Management Changes

Auto Tool-tip Popup Feature

  • The tool-tip pop-up feature will now appear after focusing on specific items after 2 seconds.

Changed the order of Key Guides

  • Repositioned the inventory key guide to prioritize buttons used alongside different actions.
    • General use buttons such as confirm/select/use are placed at the bottom, buttons used most often will be placed in the middle, and buttons used for specific actions are placed at the top.

UI Improvements

  • Modified unintended dark color settings, deleted some transparent backgrounds and changed the white tool-tip pop-up to a darker color.

Changed the Key Binding for quantity adjustment

  • Pressing D-pad left/right and R-stick left/right will increase/decrease selected items by one.
  • Hold D-pad left/right and R-stick left/right will increase/decrease selected items by one. However, once it reaches ten, it increases by tens.
  • Press/Hold D-pad up/down will increase selected items by ten.

Reverted the popup confirmation button

  • Reverted the pick-up/drop confirmation buttons to the same used before Update 10.2 (Xbox: A key/PS: X key).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that caused the jump button (Xbox/Stadia: A button/PS: X button) to work simultaneously with the item selection button (Xbox/Stadia: A button/PS: X button) when the jump keybinding was changed.

Performance Enhancements

We have made multiple improvements to various pipelines and processes to improve overall performance.

  • Optimized the pipeline for lighting calculation methods to improve performance.
  • Improved CPU performance by processing both character animation and vehicle physics calculations in parallel.
  • Improved memory optimization of character models through memory cache optimization.
  • Improved memory and processing optimization cost.
  • Optimized CPU/GPU performance with improved character creation/deletion logic.
  • Optimizations have been made so that objects such as furniture and stairs, can be viewed normally while ADS even at medium/long distances.
  • Introduced Item Preloading
    • Objects load in faster when a player approaches them.
    • Reduced instances of hitching
  • Optimized memory resources to resolve a memory leak when match sessions are repeated.
    • The results from internal tests showed a reduction in the frequency of crashes when match sessions are repeated.

PUBG Labs: Zone tag

A whole new way to play PUBG is coming to LABS!

In Zone Tag, players will compete to gain and keep possession of a ball that spawns into the match. From this point on, the entire blue zone will center on the player holding the ball, bathing them in a pillar of light and following them until they are knocked and the ball is dropped. All players in that squad also benefit from an unlimited boost gauge! If not held by any player, the ball will seek an eligible target nearby or begin making its way towards Pochinki in the center of the map, dragging the Blue Zone with it until it is picked up again.

This mode is meant to be fast and furious, so land vehicles will spawn at every possible point on the map, are invulnerable to weapon damage and tire puncture, and provide players with unlimited ammunition while inside. Your gun will still have a capacity and require a reload when empty, but reloading it will not consume your ammo stockpile.

Once phase 6 of the game begins, the ball will disappear and the circle’s location will be set. From this point on, zone settings will be like any other match, and squads will have to battle it out to be the last ones standing.

A few more quick notes on the rules; water, the small islands around Erangel, some generally inaccessible rooftops, and ferries are all no bueno. Entering one of these restricted areas will automatically detach the ball, and players in these areas are not considered eligible targets for it to attach to. Players will also receive damage just by entering the water, so keep those boots dry as you plot out your route.

A detailed breakdown of the rules can also be found below. LABS: Zone Tag will be available from February 23–March 1st for Console. This is something pretty different for us, so drop in and let us know what you think! Get the ball, fend off your attackers, and set up your own end circle to finish off any who remain in Zone Tag!

The Ball

  • The Ball spawns on a random player at the start of the match.
  • The Ball drags the center of the circle along with it wherever it moves.
  • The Ball grants special visual effect to the carrier.
  • All players in the carrier’s squad receive a full boost.
  • The player with the ball will be lit up by a pillar of light visible starting from 100m distance.
  • The Ball cannot be manually dropped or passed but will drop automatically if a player is knocked, killed, or enters a restricted area.
  • When not attached to a player, The Ball will slowly rise into the air for 5 seconds or until it is no longer blocked by a structure.
  • The Ball will then seek a new eligible target within 30m and begin to home in on them.
  • If no eligible target is found, The Ball will remain stationary for 15 seconds before it starts to move towards the center of the map.
  • A system message will appear for all players when The Ball is dropped or picked up.

The Circle

  • “The Ball” drags the center of the circle along with it wherever it moves.
  • There are still circle phases, which shrink the circle and increase damage.
  • At Phase 6, the Ball disappears and the center of the circle is locked until the end of the match.

Restricted Areas

  • Entering a Restricted Area will detach the ball and make players ineligible to receive it.
  • Restricted Areas include:
    • Small islands off the mainland
    • Inaccessible Rooftops and High Ground
    • Ferries
    • Water
      • Players who step into water with a ball will receive damage and have the ball detached.


  • Land Vehicles will spawn at every possible spawn point on the map.
    • Boats and the Motorglider will not spawn.
  • All vehicles are immune to weapon damage and cannot have their tires punctured.
    • However, we cannot guarantee damages from crashing into objects!
    • Spike traps are not spawned.
  • While inside a vehicle, reloading weapons will not deplete your ammo reserve.

Service schedule

  • Console: February 23rd – March 1st


  • Erangel- Sunny
  • TPP & Squad Only
  • Minimum number of players:  32
  • Maximum number of players: 100
  • The ball has blocked all access from bots. No bots will be available in this mode.

Notes when playing in LABS

  • LABS games do not provide XP for gameplay rewards.
  • LABS gameplay will not be applied to Career.
  • LABS gameplay will not count for your Survivor Pass missions.

Items & Skins

PGI.S 2021

  • Sales Period:
  • 1st:
    • January 21 2 PM KST–March 27 5 PM KST
    • January 20 9 PM PST–March 27 1 AM PDT
    • January 21, 6 AM CET–March 27 9 AM CET
  • 2nd:
    • February 27, 11 AM KST–March 27 5 PM KST
    • February 26,  6 PM PST–March 27 1 AM PDT
    • February 27, 3 AM CET–March 27 9 AM CET


  • Victory Dance 39
  • Slow-dodge
  • Victory Dance 40
    • Sales Period
      • February 10, 2021 11 AM KST–February 22, 2022 11 AM KST
      • February 9, 2021 6 PM PST–February 21, 2022 6 PM PST
      • February 10, 2021 3 AM CET–February 22, 2022 3 AM CET

Valentine’s Day Skins

    • Red’s Scar
    • Red’s Hood
    • Red’s Jeans
    • Red’s Gloves
    • Red’s Boots
    • Big Bad’s Hood
    • Big Bad’s Jeans
    • Big Bad’s Boots
  • Bloodlust Weapon Skins
    • Bloodlust–SKS
    • Bloodlust–Vector
  • Emotes
    • Victory Dance 41
    • Victory Dance 42
      • Sales Period:
        February 23, 2 PM KST–March 23, 2 PM KST
        February 22, 9 PM PST–March 22, 10 PM PDT
        February 23, 6 AM CET–March 23, 6 AM CET

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed the issue where sometimes respawns wouldn’t work correctly in TDM.
  • Fixed a clipping issue when Racy Reindeer Top and Lv. 2 Vest is equipped at the same time.
  • Fixed a clipping issue when a female character equips Sinister Skull Mask and PGI.S Hood.
  • Fixed a clipping issue when a female character equips Gen.g Jersey and Madsy Utility Belt.
  • Fixed the issue where the female character’s hair disappears when wearing Shiba Crew Hood Jersey and a hat.
  • Fixed the clipping issue when Christmas Party Jacket clips with the main weapon.
  • Fixed the issue where reporting a player in Custom Match–Observer didn’t function.
  • Fixed the issue where when using a controller, the r-stick and d-pad on didn’t scroll or change focus when navigating the inventory in certain occasions.
  • Fixed the issue where certain vehicle parts were sticking out too low onto the ground.
  • Fixed an issue where Schwizard’s Hypno-eyes Glasses and other types of glasses could be worn at the same time.
  • Fixed an issue where Schwizard’s Hypno-eyes Glasses and other types of glasses could be worn at the same time.
  • Fixed a clipping issue when masks and glasses are worn together.
  • Fixed an issue where the FPP is not supported when wearing PGI.S Tactital Hoodies on a female character.
  • Fixed an issue where the first-person animation distorts when viewing around the screen in FPP.
  • Fixed an issue where the color of the PGI.S Hoodie is not properly displayed.
  • Fixed an issue where items would be dropped after using the Gas Can on a vehicle even without accessing the Inventory.
  • Fixed an issue where the player character’s feet weren’t displayed when wearing the PUBG ONESIE.
  • Fixed an issue where the player character could fit into the ceiling of a certain building.
  • Fixed an issue where the weapon is moved to the center of the player character’s back while in the second seat of the Motorglider.
  • Fixed an issue where the waypoint was displayed on the map even when it hasn’t been set.
  • Fixed an issue where the News Boy Hat wasn’t displayed in the Starting Island.
  • Fixed an issue where the weapon doesn’t render fired bullet effects when equipped with a scope.
  • Fixed an issue where the main weapon and the Christmas Party Jacket clipped.
  • Fixed an issue where the Reward screen is displayed when pressing the L2 button from the Pass–Battlebride tab to jump to the Mission tab.
  • Fixed buildings with walls behind doors.
  • Fixed an issue where brightness settings sometimes didn’t save on Xbox after closing the game.
    • This fix will, unfortunately, require Xbox players to set up their brightness settings again.


  • Fixed an issue with an out-of-date Key Guide on the loading screen.
  • Fixed the issue where when selecting Emotes in the menu, the wrong sound effect played..
  • Fixed an issue where the size of a character in the PASS 10-2 loading screen was too large.
  • Fixed a translation setting issue for Japanese in the Reputation System.
  • Fixed the issue where other players’ reputation levels were not displayed correctly.
  • Fixed the issue where the number of daily/weekly missions did not match the actual number of missions.
  • Fixed the issue where the previous season points are incorrectly displayed.
  • Fixed an issue where the weapon icon in use was displayed as a steering wheel when the observer is watching a player who is shooting while driving.
  • Fixed the issue where certain nicknames are displayed in the wrong position when the observer zooms in on the map.
  • Fixed the issue where the visible/invisible hat icons in the inventory weren’t aligned correctly.
  • Fixed the issue where the Hero section in the News Page wasn’t displayed properly under certain conditions.
  • Fixed the issue where the attachment UI disappears when switching back and forth fast between the driver’s seat and the passenger seat in a vehicle with the inventory window open.
  • Fixed an issue where the notification was continuously re-received when reconnecting to the lobby even if the expiration notification of the customized preset slot was deleted.
  • Fixed the issue where the ‘Move’ button UI in the event screen of the sports overview tab is shown with the X button.
  • Fixed an issue where partially accomplished missions would not appear in the mission list.
  • Fixed an issue where the CS0004 error code was displayed instead of the maintenance message during maintenance.
  • Fixed an issue where the vehicle moves slightly to the left in the store preview.
  • Fixed an issue where the “ROTATE” UI isn’t displayed in the bottom right corner of the screen under PASS – REWARDS.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Preview” button was displayed in the G-Coin purchase screen.
  • Fixed an issue where the Item Tool-tips were covering the Inventory screen.
  • Fixed an issue where if the “Don’t Show Again Today” is selected on the News page, it is affected across all accounts.
  • Fixed an issue where the Frying pan emblem was cut out at the bottom in the Mastery.
  • Fixed an issue where the UI shakes when the player moves in Observer, Free cam mode.
  • Fixed an issue where the popup under the Match History was abnormally displayed.

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