OnePlus new Optimized Charging feature is coming for OxygenOS to save battery health

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You would probably know about OnePlus’s Warp Charge technology, one of the best charging solution for the OnePlus device. It is formerly known as Dash Charge and now a rebranded version as OPPO’s SuperVOOC charging technology. Not at all like USB-PD and other fast charging strategies that increase voltage, Warp Charge increases the current of the charger, and it takes into account madly fast charging rates while as yet keeping up the security of more slow charging techniques and continuing overheating under control at whatever point conceivable.

But the tragic reality about our phone’s battery is that it outlast the batteries that power them. A newly bought phone can keep going over a day on a single charge, following a couple of years the battery will loose its capacity resulting in far less stellar battery performance.

OnePlus new Optimized Charging feature

OnePlus joins is developing a new charging technologies to take care of a phone’s battery. But before that company is putting some effort in improving the software experience. The simplest explanation of what its new Optimized Charging does is that it intelligently hold-off on charging your phone’s battery to 100% until you need it.

OnePlus new Optimized ChargingThe best example you can take is overnight charging where a phone gets overcharged. So, with the new technology, instead of going all the way to 100% after you plug your handset, it will charge to 80%. After reaching the limit, the phone charging will stop and only pump the remaining 20% 100 minutes before your wakeup time. OnePlus is currently estimating that wake-up time through “user sleep cycle detection”. It relies on any upcoming alarm you have set on your phone.

In any case, in time, OnePlus will be attempting to improve its algorithms and furthermore consider things like staying in bed on ends of the week or time zone changes while you are voyaging.

Currently, this new feature has been rolled out as part of last month’s beta Oxygen OS builds for the OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro. Users who are part of this beta program, can enable the feature in the Battery Menu in Settings.

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