Fix PS4 Error Code NP-31970-0 With Quick And Simple Steps

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If you’ve been having problems joining or creating a party on the PlayStation 4 network, this article is for you. If you’ve been trying to join a party on your console, you may have encountered Error Code NP-31970-0. Unfortunately, Sony hasn’t provided any details about what this specific error means — but there are a few things that have worked for other players that have had the same issue.

The error code NP-31970-0 is not present on its troubleshooting page of official PlayStation site. This is a rare PlayStation error code, which applies when attempting to create, join, or open a party on PlayStation. While there is no specified context on how to fix the problem, the instructions suggest restarting the PlayStation system as a possible solution.

4 Solutions to Fix PS4 Error Code NP-31970-0

The NP-31970-0 error code is a PlayStation 4 specific error code, and it’s one of the most common issues today. The PS4 Error Code NP-31970-0 is caused by several factors and the cause of this error is unknown. But there are some simple fixes you can do to get past the problem — all of which we’ll discuss in this guide.

Removing the error code is easy, but first you need to track down what’s causing it. Here are a few effective steps on how to fix the PS4 Error Code NP-31970-0. For gamers with the PS4 Error Code NP-31970-0, it’s important to understand how to resolve this error as soon as possible before it causes an issue.

It’s crucial to learn how to repair the PS4 Error Code NP-31970-0 in due time. If ignored for too long, this error code can bother you over and over again without your knowing it.

Solution #1 – Restart PlayStation

PlayStation 4 Error Code NP-31970-0 can be a frustrating experience. To fix the NP-31970-0 Error Code, we recommend you restart your Playstation 4. The Playstation 4 Restart is an effective and easiest way to clear up corruption and optimize your system as well as to fix error codes. It’s quick and simple, and you won’t need to replace or repair anything on your PlayStation 4. You may experience NP-31970-0 Error on your PlayStation 4 system due to a variety of reasons, and there might be more than one issue.

You might be able to fix the problem by restarting your PlayStation console. Most of the time this will solve your problem. Try the next solution if this does not work.

Solution #2 – Keeping An Eye On The PlayStation Network

PS4 error code NP-31970-0 is an error code that occurs when you try to trying to join or creating a party on your PlayStation . If this happens, check online to see if the PlayStation Network (PSN) is working for other people. If the PlayStation Network (PSN) is down, you can’t play any games through your PlayStation 4 (PS4). Thankfully, Sony is aware of the issue and you’ll eventually be able to gain access to your account or continue playing when they fix the problem.

To resolve this issue, please plug your PlayStation directly into an ethernet cable instead of using WiFi. It’s likely that the problem is coming from your network, not the PlayStation itself.

Solution #3 – Always Check The PlayStation Network

Chances are that if your PS4 error code NP-31970-0 is due to a problem with the PS4’s Wi-Fi, you will be able to fix it by switching the frequency band of your wireless connection to either 2.5 gigahertz or 5 gigahertz (If it is available in your router model). But if changing the radio band does not solve the issue then automatic should also work fine.

Solution #4 – Change DNS Settings

For the correction of the error code NP-31970-0, you will have to access the Wi-Fi settings of your PS4. Then, associate the device to your network again. The next few simple steps will help you fix the problem. First, go to your Wi-Fi network settings and select the Advanced Settings.

Make sure to change your DNS settings to ‘Manual’ and set both Primary DNS to and Secondary DNS to” Taking these steps will hopefully help you resolve PS4 Error NP-31970-0, and you should not face any further issues.

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