NHL 24 Update 1.21 (PS5 version 1.021) Patch 1.2.1 Patch Notes Details: Explore What’s New

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EA Sports has just released a major update for NHL 24, known as version 1.21 on PS5 (also labeled as version 1.021). This latest patch, marked as version 1.2.1, introduces a myriad of adjustments and fixes that promise to enhance the gaming experience for hockey aficionados on PlayStation and Xbox platforms. Scheduled for release on November 23, the update addresses various gameplay elements, including hip checks, penalty calls, and introduces a new Tuner Set. Let’s take a closer look at the virtual hockey world and discover the important fixes, improvements, and new features that come with this exciting new patch.

NHL 24 update 1.21 (PS5 version 1.021) Patch 1.2.1 Patch Notes Details: Explore What’s New

The new NHL 24 update 1.21, which is also called Patch 1.2.1 for the PS5 (PlayStation 5) version 1.021, includes many cool changes to make your gaming time even better. This recent update, labeled as Patch 1.2.1, has lots of enhancements and new things for players to check out. If you’re interested in all the details about what’s in this update, you can click here to read the full patch notes.

Key Fixes and Improvements:

One of the standout fixes in NHL 24 update 1.21 addresses an issue that caused players to load into games wearing a default black EASHL jersey instead of their own. This attention to detail showcases EA Sports’ commitment to providing an immersive and personalized gaming experience.

Hip checks, a favorite among players for their effectiveness in delivering big hits, have undergone significant adjustments. The update introduces default interference logic for hip checks, ensuring more consistent penalty calls. To succeed in executing a hip check, players must now be fully engaged in the animation, adding an element of skill and precision to this powerful move.

Community Feedback on Hip Checks:

Taking into account valuable community feedback, the developers recognized that while hip checks are fun and impactful, they needed tweaking in non-authentic situations. As a result, the update requires a higher relative speed between the hip checker and the opponent for more substantial reactions. Additionally, players on the receiving end can now mitigate the impact by slowing down before contact, introducing a strategic element to this dynamic move.

Total Control Scheme and Reverse Hits:

For players utilizing the Total Control controller scheme, the update addresses accidental triggering of Reverse Hits while attempting dekes or shots. Now, Reverse Hits will only activate when the puck carrier is in a neutral skating or gliding state, preventing unintended actions and providing a smoother gaming experience.

Tuner Set and Shooting Dynamics:

In response to community feedback regarding the effectiveness of shooting post R2/RT glitch shot removal, the update introduces changes to goalie accuracy and X-factor triggers. The distance required to trigger Thunderclap and Heatseeker has been reduced, allowing skaters to get closer to the net for powerful shots. Moreover, the update aims to make shooting a more viable threat, especially in optimal locations, by increasing max accuracy error for tired goalies.

Full Pressure and Penalty Kill Adjustments:

Addressing concerns about the overpowering impact of Full Pressure, particularly during Penalty Kill situations, the update reduces the time the puck needs to be out of the zone to end Full Pressure. This adjustment, coupled with changes to attribute multipliers, aims to balance the gameplay and provide a more authentic experience.

Goalie Stamina and CPU Teammate Penalties:

The update acknowledges frustrations regarding goalie stamina and CPU teammates taking penalties. Goalies will no longer experience energy drain when the puck is in their defending end, and the probability of CPU teammates taking penalties has been significantly reduced across all game styles. These adjustments contribute to a smoother and more realistic gaming environment.

Other Gameplay and Game Mode Fixes:

Beyond gameplay adjustments, the update brings fixes and improvements to various game modes. In Be a Pro, issues with line change button callouts and player aging during edits have been resolved. In Franchise mode, the speed of salary scroll and auto-sign free agents settings have been addressed.

Creation Zone, Audio, and World of Chel Enhancements:

The update extends its reach to the Creation Zone, fixing issues related to player creation and equipment presets. Audio updates include changes to goal horns for Buffalo Sabres and Detroit Red Wings, along with various fixes for soundtrack and announcer speech.

In the World of Chel, numerous issues, such as jersey loading errors and problems with goalie control settings, have been rectified. The update also addresses concerns about UI breaks, missing tabs, and coin displays during the end-of-game screen flow.

Hockey Ultimate Team (HUT) Tweaks:

Fans of Hockey Ultimate Team (HUT) will be happy about the improvements made to the way goals and objectives are shown in the pause menu while playing. There are also several upgrades to the overall look of the game interface, making the HUT experience even better and more enjoyable by creating a smoother gameplay.


The gaming community is excitedly looking forward to the launch of the NHL 24 update 1.21. This update comes with a lot of improvements and fixes that are expected to make the virtual hockey experience even better. EA Sports is working hard to enhance different aspects of the game, such as the way it’s played and the various game modes available. This shows their dedication to providing fans of the franchise with a gaming experience that is smooth and captivating. Keep an eye out for more news as we delve into how this significant update will influence the world of NHL 24.

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