New World: How To Fix In-Game & Steam Achievements Not Working?

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adviseThe “New World” game is a new MMORPG game that has recently been released in the Steam platform. The game has an exciting storyline, engaging gameplay, and wonderful graphics for its players to enjoy. However, the game has recently released some unexpected issues related to their achievements after it was launched on Steam platform. A lot of players have been getting trouble with in-game and Steam Achievement. Let’s not waste much time to figure out how to fix “in-game and Steam achievements” issue in New World game. Continuing reading this post will provide you with all the information to understand the issue if you are also experiencing it in the New World game and its solution as well.

New World

New World is an action packed strategy based on massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), set in a new and mysterious world. This latest title just released by Amazon Game Studios, which is their new game studio and Double Helix. This will only be available on Microsoft Windows.

This game gives a fresh experience, a push to a new direction in the development of MMORPG genre. With classic MMORPG features such as questing, loot collecting, and combat, this game is one of the most hyped up games released recently. If you like MMO game, then here’s no better way to get your hands on this new and exciting game by buying it through Steam.

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New World is a MMORPG set in “Aeternum”, a supernatural island where you can harness powerful supernatural forces, summon creatures of the night, and wield deadly weapons designed for war.

How To Fix In-Game & Steam Achievements Not Working

The latest New World video game that comes with an enormous amount of features and as well as bugs. Some glitches and bugs are not fun, while some can be really annoying. Some players found one such bug in the New World game while attempting to complete the achievement. They were not able to claim the reward for completing this achievement because of “in-game and Steam achievements” issue in New World game.

It is unclear whether this will be fixed. We will keep you informed. In any case, there is a temporary workaround that can be used, but as of yet, there is no permanent fix. Follow the instructions below and let us know if it worked for you!

There is not too much of a concern, because the developers are looking into it. So, there will be an announcement in the future. Until then, you should advise to use the workaround.

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Temporary Fix for In-Game & Steam Achievements Not Working Issue:

When you are having issues with your achievements in-game, go to the properties of the game in Steam Library and “Verify the integrity of the game files”. It involves deleting the game’s corrupted files and reinstalling it from scratch. However, not everyone can achieve success with this solution, but it could prove useful in some situations. So, you must give a try on this.

We’re hoping that this issue will get fixed and we’ll let you know if we hear about an official response to the problem.

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