New World: How To Fix Fishing Pole Stuck Bug Issue | Easy Fix & Workaround

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Fishing is a popular feature in the video game, and one of the main ways to obtain fish is through fishing pole. However, for some unknown reason, players have been encountering a bug that causes their fishing pole stuck in the hand permanently. Until now, no bug in New World has been as funny and unpredictable as the Fishing Pole bug.

Often pressing the wrong button can cause your fishing rod to become stuck in your hand. We have discussed this issue briefly here in this article and also provided a temporary workaround, so if you are experiencing this issue in your New World game, please read this article to the end. In this article, we will provide the available solutions and workarounds to fix the fishing pole stuck bug in New World.

About New World 

Step into the world of New World, a massively multiplayer online role playing game that trapped its players and forced them to fight for survival. Uncover dark secrets, band together to defeat terrible monsters, make friends to aid you in your adventures, and create or join guilds to conquer foes in battle.

New World is a brand new, PC-only, MMORPG, and to predictable fanfare, it has already been plagued with bugs and glitches. It’s not an uncommon occurrence — we often see new games face problems with performance and technical issues — but it does leave players frustrated.

This game comes with a whole bunch of complexities and challenges. Living in a unique supernatural setting, you can choose from an array of powerful elements to create your favorite experience in the New World. Immerse yourself in a classless combat system with real-time action, amazing graphics, smooth controls and countless possibilities. Blaze a trail into a new frontier and battle the supernatural in New World, the MMORPG reimagining of Aeternum. Battle beasts during dangerous expeditions while exploring an open world together with your friends.

The New World offers players the opportunity to manipulate an array of supernatural forces or wield deadly weapons in a classless, real-time combat system. The game takes place on the island of Aeternum.

Okay, that is enough information about the New World PC game. Well, this article is about the Fishing Pole Stuck issue, that happened in all games and prevented players from catching any fish. Here’s everything you need to know about the issue and a temporary fix.

New World: Fix and Workaround Fishing Pole Stuck Bug

As noted earlier, this bug can be quite funny — but disappointing, too. The Fishing Pole, however, is frequently damaged by gathering actions such as mining or logging, and players become unable to collect anything when it breaks. As such, this issue can also be frustrating. You’d think that fishing with a broken pole would still let you catch fish. After all, it’s still a pole. But no, the game uses gathering as a form of durability. When your fishing pole breaks, you can’t gather anything from the ground at all. We have, however, provided you with a temporary workaround in order to ease your concerns.

Temporary Workaround:

If you are fishing, it is possible to repair your damaged fishing rod at the crafting table. To fix any damage, simply head to a Crafting Station and click “Repair all”. However, keep in mind, this doesn’t permanently repair your equipment, and you will need to continue gathering materials. This will allow you to resume your quest to get fish.

This bug will remain until it is fixed by the developers. You can continue damaging and repairing the stuck fishing pole while waiting for the developer to fix it.

This is how to deal with the fishing pole glitch in the New World. We hope our method will help you overcome the annoying phenomenon. If you like more such articles, check out below.

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