Need for Speed (NFS) Unbound: How To Fix Audio/Sound Error On PC?

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“Need for Speed: Unbound” marks the return of the Need for Speed series following a long absence since its last installment, “Need for Speed: Heat,” released in 2013. This game, since it was developed by Criterion, features a lot of its trademark gameplay implementations. Its interface is reminiscent of Codemasters. Comic-style animations are new and players are going to love them. As interesting as the game is, there are also some issues related to it. These issues can prevent the player from fully enjoying all the features of the game as well. The PC version of NFS Unbound has been experiencing No Audio/sound issues since its release. There are several ways to fix the NFS Unbound No Audio Issue. However, if you want to learn how to solve it successfully, you must carefully read this article through to the end.

How To Fix NFS Unbound No Audio Issue On PC?

In most cases, newly published games encounter a problem such as no audio, which is one of the most common problems. There is a good chance that this problem will be caused by a missing or corrupted game file, but it can also happen for a range of other reasons in certain situations as well. For the purpose of resolving the NFS Unbound No Audio issue, it is recommended that you try the following methods.

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Solution 1. Restart your PC

You should always restart your computer the moment you notice any error or glitch on your PC when playing games or doing other tasks on your computer in order to solve the problem. When a game displays No Audio issue, it is usually because of a problem with Windows or with your computer itself and not because of the game itself. Thus, restarting your computer is always a good idea if you are having trouble playing your game. The other solution may also be a good option in case this one does not work for you or if you are not interested in using it in any way.

Solution 2. Run The Game as an Administrator

In the absence of administrator privileges, you might experience problems starting your video game. The startup may crash, or the game may experience the No Audio Issue. For this reason, if you are encountering problems running NFS Unbound .exe file on your Windows computer, it is recommended that you run the .exe file as an administrator. Check whether it solves the problem this way.

Solution 3. Verify Integrity Of Game Files

When you prepare to play an online game, you should ensure that all the game files are in good condition before you begin playing. If there are issues with file integrity, the game may show error such as NFS Unbound No Audio issue. The best way to determine if you have any corrupt files on your system is to perform a file integrity check on your file system.

This can take some time so please be patient while you wait. To verify the integrity of the game files, you will need to open Steam, go to Library, right-click on NFS Unbound, and select Properties. Under the Local Files tab, select “Verify Integrity of Game Files” to get started.

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Solution 4. Update Audio Drivers

If none of the steps above were successful in resolving the issue on your computer, you may need to reinstall the audio drivers on it. Getting this done is very simple, and only requires a few steps. First, hold down the Windows key and press R to open your Device Manager. Then type devmgmt.msc into the box and click “OK.”

Select “Sound, video, and game controllers” from the new window that appears. You need to find the audio driver that matches the audio device that you currently have on your computer and then right-click it. Select “Uninstall device.”

Upon uninstalling, right-click again on “Sound, video, and game controllers,” and choose “Scan for hardware changes“. Any missing drivers will be automatically reinstalled (including your sound driver). Try another method of resolving the issue if you are still experiencing issues after this step.

Solution 5. Turn up the volume

The error “No audio” can typically occur in games due to a low volume. You can increase the volume of your PC by clicking on the sound icon on the taskbar and dragging the slider. In this way, you can alter the volume level by increasing or decreasing it according to your preferences. Additionally, if you wish to increase or decrease the volume level on your computer, you can press the volume button on the keyboard.

Wrapping Up:

Audio/sound issues when playing NFS series game has been a common issue for gamers around the globe. If you find that Need for Speed: Unbound is crashing due to some No Audio error, you can try the solution listed above and see if it helps. It should enable you to run the game without any problems which are caused by the audio driver. Nevertheless, sometimes PC gamers just have to cross their fingers and hope that updates will fix the problem one day soon. Happy Gaming!

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