NBA 2K22: How to Fix Error Code 726e613d? Easy Guides

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As the popularity of online gaming is growing day by day, the number of users experiencing errors in these games is also growing. So many players are facing NBA 2k22 error 726e613d in every platform, including PC, Xbox One, PS4, and PS5. Many people are wondering why there are so many errors in NBA 2k22.

If you are facing NBA 2k22 error 726e613d while accessing MyCareer game mode, you are not alone. There might be a workaround to fix this issue.

What is NBA 2K22 Error 726e613d And Why it occours? 

As most of you know, this past weekend was the release of NBA 2k22. I know myself, along with thousands of others, have been playing since it came out. One thing that I have noticed is that there are a lot of reports on the Internet stating that people are getting the 726e613d error message in NBA 2k22 MyCareer. This is one of the many problems we encountered when playing NBA 2k22: abusing the tournament mode to make VC (virtual currency) and to boost tournament progress.

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The 726e613d error in NBA 2k22 is caused by the lack of knowledge of the playing system. Most gamers did not know that they can create unlimited characters in the game. They did not know that they may also get frozen and banned after creating 5 characters within 24 hours. The 726e613d error is a message presented to the user when they try to create more than 5 characters within 24 hours. This also applies to those who have been using hacks or farming Virtual Currency from the game. This error message states that you cannot create any other character before 24 hours ends.

How to fix NBA 2K22 error code 726e613d?

In order to fix NBA error code 2K22 726E613D as soon as possible, it’s important to wait patiently. The error can take anywhere from a few minutes to 24 hours to disappear. Don’t worry! You can play your way through our other modes, like MyGM and MyTeam.

But if you are looking for a way to get back into the game as soon as possible, you can run a experiments on your account. This solution is for Steam users by the way. Here you’ll find a helpful guide to bypassing your 24h ban so that you can keep playing characters as much as you want.

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Fix NBA 2K22 error code 726e613d on Steam

To fix this NBA 2K22 error code, launch your steam first. Go to the ‘Features’ option, select the ‘Settings’ option and then scroll down to locate your email address. Delete your email address, enter nothing in the box, save the changes and exit the game.

Now, if you relaunched NBA 2K22, you will be able to continue playing MyCareer mode again. But make sure not to edit player’s face in MyCareer mode, because the game will “ping” your account for any Face Scan data. After clearing the error 726e613d, you can go back and edit the drive again.

If you want to start playing MyCareer immediately instead of waiting up to 24 hours, an easy fix can be implemented. However,we can’t promise this will perfectly but in most of the case it works.

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